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NJ Senator RIPS Snooki -- She's a 'Degenerate'

4/8/2011 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New Jersey state Senator Joe Kyrillos is waging war with Snooki from "The Jersey Shore" -- first proposing a law because of her ... then saying she's "a degenerate." NJ politics at its finest!

Kyrillos wants a law in place that would prevent student funds from being used to finance events some students find objectionable ... this, after Rutgers forked over $32,000 to Snooki for an on-campus Q&A session. 

Kyrillos went to describe Snooki as "a degenerate reality television star who offers neither useful advice nor any appreciable talents."

Ok, maybe he has a point.


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weird al yankovich    

Actually he has a point but he's still an ass
Him and And snooki should go to dinner they're made for eachother

1294 days ago


Finally ! Someone has the balls to say it like it is. I am so sick of that little DitchPig. I am positive that stupid show has done nothing for the tourism industry in New Jersey. Blame it on the idiots who actually watch it.

1294 days ago


Not for nothing, why are they ripping on her? She is who she is? Rutgers University is the one they should be ripping on for wasting money. She's just doing her thing, making money. She's being called all kinds of names and horrible things for something Rutgers did.

1294 days ago


Hes got my vote. Shes the last person who should be allowed to speak to students about anything. Shes a drunken mess and just because she gets payed lots of money to make a fool of herself on tv DOES NOT make her successful. Shes a neanderthal.

1294 days ago


Oh no you di'ent!
Snooki is gonna come to you at night and smoosh smoosh you

1294 days ago


Snook, I don't blame you for making a buck, butt[large] learn some class..............SKANK

1294 days ago


I show that I do not support them by not buying anything from or associated with them. Nor do I watch there stupid programs.

1294 days ago


Good for Kyrillos...he's 100% correct. And that goes for the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. It's sad this group of idiots have become something kids aspire to...pathetic.

1294 days ago

the truth    

doesn't this man have anything better to talk about or do then talk about SNOOKI?!
I'm more embarrassed for this SENATOR even thinking about snooks.
go save the world jerk off!

1294 days ago


I agree...I hope others will stand up and want the same kind of action.

1294 days ago


Im considering running for Rutgers Student Gov under the platform "Anyone but Snooki". She got paid more than Toni Morrison, who is speaking at our commencement. UGH. This is why I have to pay 200$ a semester for parking on campus!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

1294 days ago


"I finally watched a season of Jersey Shore on NetFlix just to see what it was all about and was horrified!"

It took watching an ENTIRE SEASON to reach this conclusion? Did you fall asleep while watching? Experience selective amnesia? I could barely sit through one episode. If you can't hook me with one, there's no way you're getting me to watch the entire season before passing judgement. I have better uses for my time.

1294 days ago


I love how Snookie is a degenerate yet the entire state in NJ had such love for the Sapranos. It is like they think Snookie is so much more dangerous than graphic images on the Sapranos of wacking strippers, having a mistress and doing coke and all the other wacked out stuff on that show. Yeah The Sapranos don't hold a candle to the treacherous impact a 4 foot 11, bouffant wearing, spray tan loving, hard partying Jersey girl. I bet if Jaimie Lynn Sigler came to talk about the Sapranos that we wouldn't even know who this guy was. Or wait I bet it is an election year in New Jersey.

1293 days ago


Yes!! Someone is finally talking some sense. I for one could give a flying turd what she does. She actually is a waste of the media's time and energy. Good Grief! Enough of her already.

1293 days ago


#!109 UR argument is WEAK...first of all it's SOPRANOS...second...the sopranos are FICTION...did you not know this? Jamie lynn Sigler is an ACTRESS...Snooki is a talentless midget...err small person...The Jersey Shore is supposedly NON yeah it's much more serious GLORIFING SNOOKI to TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS...everyone has seen movies..Goodfellas....and understands violence, sex, bad language is needed in them to create a story...but again THE JERSEY SHORE is Snookie...ALL Snookie running around acting like...well a degenerate...if you cant see that or understand that she is NOT helping anyone with anything...thats not my problem...but I thought I might shed some light on the subject...for what its worth! Plus...have you ever noticed the people that DEFEND Snooki...are DOING SO...BECAUSE SHE NEEDS you see people DEFENDING LARRY KING...OR TOM BROKAW? NO...because they dont make ASSES of themselves IN THE PUBLIC EYE.

1293 days ago
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