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O.C. 'Housewife'

Ordered to Pay Ex-BF


4/11/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of O.C." star Gretchen Rossi's ongoing defamation suit against her ex-BF just BACKFIRED royally,TMZ has learned, after a judge ruled SHE has to pay HIS lawyer fees.

According to documents filed in Orange County Superior Court -- the judge ordered Rossi to fork over $40,799.38 in attorney's fees for ex boyfriend Jay Photoglou ... after several of the claims she made in her lawsuit were dismissed.

As we previously reported -- Rossi and Photoglou have been embroiled in a protracted court battle ... after she sued him for defamation, claiming he trashed her in the media.

Jay's attorney, Bryan Freedman, tells us Gretchen has until next week to pay up ... or else.


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I wonder if she even have the money to pay. She thinks she hot so I know she was surprised when she lost this case, probably thought she had the judge and others in the palm of her hands..LOL.

1259 days ago


In every picture I see of this whore she has her mouth open. She never made a dime in her life that didn't involve spreading her legs. Her BF Slade is just as bad. They both belong in porn, not on cable tv.

1259 days ago


HA HA!!! Can they cancel the show now on these snobby, slutty, gold-digging bitches, plz?!? I don't even need to watch the show to get the general idea of what it's all about.

1259 days ago


It was obvious from the beginning he was telling the truth. She should have just let it go and everyone would have forgotten about it by now. He had pics, there was no way she could deny it all.

She has a great body but she is looking pretty worn in the face. She needs to dump Smiley and stop wasting what she has left of her youth with him. He is ugly and has nothing going for him.

Regarding these housewives. Why does Tamera run around bragging that she is a cougar? Her boyfriend is almost 40. That hardly qualifies as a hot young guy. She is only 5 years older then him. She is making a fool of herself.

1259 days ago


Gretchen.... I guess you better start whoring out your White Trash Make-up line a little MORE.... that's quite a tab you ran up because of your own STUPIDITY!!! You DEFAME yourself EVERYDAY... HELL look who you are "dating", DEAD BEAT DAD, FAME WHORE, HOUSEWIFE EFFING, Slade! Even IF Photoglou was a s*** to post or sell all those porn tragic photo's of you... you POSED for them WILLINGLY.... AND you were cheating on Jeff with him.... ponder THAT... Missy.....

Karma's a Bitch.... Bitch....

1259 days ago


She looks like Carrie Prejean in this pic

1259 days ago


makes you glad that Jeff did not leave her a bunch of cash in his will
he did't get rich by being stupid!

1259 days ago


... This news actually make me happy!

Hopefully, more rulings like this will happen in the court system, so succubitches like Rossi gets what's coming to them - yep, we're all looking at you, Oksana...

Posted at 5:15 AM on Apr 11, 2011 by MightyMad

I had the same thoughts! Nice.

1258 days ago


haha no wonder she is selling all her used crap on her website. she needs money bad. too bad slade owes like 200,000 bucks in back child support! and he wants ANOTHER kid with gretchen? he can't even take care of his other kids from a previous relationship. GROW UP! get a life. even the judge told him to look for a real job, not make money off gretchen by being on tv. these people are s***.

1258 days ago


agree with post 15
she definitely had something done to her face since last season ended
saw it right away
you wouldn't think she'd feel the eed to start so young
just one more phony thing about her
the entire group is the same

not sure if we were supposed to envy their lives or pity them
I for one have little tolerance for them now that I see who they all really are

1258 days ago


This woman is a joke, her boyfriend owes child support to his young son that has brain cancer and these two flaunt their over the top lifestyle! The people that live in the O.C. should grow a pair and when they see these two in public (eating out or shopping) call them on it! Try something like "while your child is battling cancer and you for his child support your sitting here eating a fancy meal" Believe me if everytime they went out in public and they were embarrassed like that he'd start paying or she would do it for him!

1258 days ago


Jeff left her 2 and a half million dollars.

1258 days ago


oh it doenst look like her life is all peaches and cream as she clames. Go Tamra!

1258 days ago


What a bunch of haters you people are. She is the only gorgeous woman on the show. Gold digging? Who cares!!!!

1258 days ago


Gretchen the witch is the epitome of a gold-digger. She doesn't work, she moves from man to man. They're all losers in my book. Have fun forkin over $40k, lol

what an idiot

1258 days ago
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