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Super Lawyer Outraged

at Kim K Cosmo Cover

4/11/2011 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Famed lawyer Mark Geragos -- one of the most outspoken people in the L.A. Armenian community -- is furious that Cosmopolitan ran a picture of Kim Kardashian on the cover of Turkish Cosmo, saying it's another example of Turks rubbing salt in the wound of the Armenian people.

Geragos -- a friend of Kim K's -- tells TMZ ... Turkey seems to be on a campaign to co-opt L.A. Icons.  First, Geragos says, the Turks used Kobe Bryant's image to promote Turkish Airlines, and now Kim.

Geragos says he believes the Kim K cover is a combination of taking advantage of a celebrity and rubbing salt in the wounds of a people who are the victims of genocide.

Geragos says, "Anyone who has synapses firing would never do such a thing."


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Well I'm armenian-American and find it really disturbing. Especially since the 1st issue of Armenian Cosmopolitan launched last month with the same photo of Kim.

But Maybe Kim gave permission, she hasnt been vocal about the genocide besides posting on her twitter to recognize it and have fans sign the genocide bill. But shes never explained what it is anywhere, reccomend books, movies, etc or explained the history.

She brags about wearing "turkish delight" lip gloss and has stated that she is part turkish because her family comes from there.I never heard any armenian say that besides her. I wish the Armenian community who are supposed to be "conservative" would stop putting her on a pedastel. In my opinion she gave them the permission or her Mom did.

1259 days ago

Mike Sarasota    

Enough with the Ethnic strife...This is American conform to being American or go home enough said...Leave the problems back where they originated..

1259 days ago


ATTENTION, #22, by what HE said. Your comment really caught my attention. I have never heard or read about, "Armenians kill more people with the billion dollar payout by the government and fraudulent medical schemes." This is an extremely serious matter which, evidently, has been swept under "oriental rugs" and kept from the general public. PLEASE ELABORATE by producing legal do***ents for interested parties so we can fully understand how and why this terrible thing happened. Please answer as soon as possible. I will be waiting, impatiently! Thank you!!!

1259 days ago

just me    

first the blacks then the jews, now armo's ??? c'mon, get over it already. you are a WORLD know celebutaint. stfu and act like one already!

1259 days ago

Glory Bee    

Oh my, who'd have thought.. for once I agree with Geragos. Don't care one way or the other about the K family, but for Ms. K to once using her fame, however achieved, to make this stand, is a GOOD thing.

1259 days ago


You want to piss off people
just play Kim's song

Ray J's in my clam

1259 days ago


Oh boo hoo Kim Kardashian posed for a Turkish Magazine. Boo hoo, you Armos are the only ones who ever suffered in history and the world is entitled to be your slaves for your hatred against the whole entire Turkish race (100% of them). Armos get over your genocide w/e stuff and move on with your lifes. If you guys are so sure your thing is a "so-called" genocide, why are you guys so-scared of a Nuremberg style trial. Becuase it wasn't a genocide, that is why!

1259 days ago


"who are allegedly the victims of Turkish genocide"

Imagine using the word allegedly for the Holocaust. Shame on you TMZ!

1259 days ago


Why do these people think they are special and different because of their country of origin, only losers who worship Hitler and some Jews think they are special breed.

1259 days ago


I they were American's

1259 days ago


It was nearly 100 years ago. It's not like any of the people who participated are still alive. Shall all black people refuse to go see a Laker's game because the team is owned by a white guy? Times change, people learn from their mistakes and move on. It's called progress.

1259 days ago


#45 my grandparents were survivors of the genocide, their in their 90s now, you should say that to them and see how they feel.

1259 days ago


you people have got to be jokers. are there any jews driving mercedes benz.azz wipes anything for a picture in the paper....

1259 days ago


Is this why we never see any Native American people on the cover of the U.S. Cosmo? Seriously Kim K, don't be an idiot.

1259 days ago


Give me a break!!! What a bunch of crap!!! Kim wants publicity plain and simple!!!

1259 days ago
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