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Kim K Lines Up

NEW Photo Shoot with Cosmo

4/12/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is a woman of forgiveness -- TMZ has learned she's already agreed to do a brand new photo shoot for Cosmo ... putting aside her problems with the mag after they splashed her picture on the cover of the Turkish version.

Sources close to Kim tell us she struggled with the decision to work with Cosmo again -- because even though she has an "amazing relationship" with the magazine ... she's very passionate about her Armenian heritage.

Kim was upset because Cosmo didn't ask her permission to run the controversial cover -- it's controversial because Kim is Armenian and the Turks committed genocide against her people nearly 100 years ago ... and still refuse to acknowledge it.

Fact is, Kim didn't even know about the Turkish magazine cover until TMZ posted it yesterday.

We're told Kim's team and Cosmo talked things out Monday and Kim decided to let bygones be bygones ... and another photo shoot could take place as early as this week.



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Like ANYONE who is not Armenian knows it's genocide April month? It was just a mistake and I seriously doubt it was intentional... Kim is just happy for more press :)

1258 days ago

Talat Pasha    

Hey Kim are you trying to sell your new porn tape? You don't know anything about Armenia and Turkey. You Don't know anything about history. DUMB BIG ASS MIDGET!!!

1258 days ago


Ok, so now the TRUTH came out of her mouth. It wasn't really about her "passionate conviction" about her heritage and the "sufferings" of her forefathers but of her PHOTOS BEING PLASTERED AGAIN IN COSMO MAG, that's what she's really bagging for. She should just have admitted the truth that she was ACTUALLY FLATERRED that Turkish COSMO took the time to put her photo in their edition, instead of AGAIN MAKING SOME NOISE TO PUT HER ONCE MORE IN THE LIMELIGHT.

What a hypocritical beyotch.

1258 days ago


I guess the almighty dollar speaks louder to Kim than any moral issues she may say she has with the magazine. Shame on her!

Posted at 1:20 AM on Apr 12, 2011 by Sophie


Nailed it!

1258 days ago


So she cares about her "heritage" and is offended by the cover but she'll get pissed on in the face, screwed in the butt and act like a horrible tramp in the U.S.? sheeshh.. Turkey can have her!! Please! Tired of this trifling hoe! Enough already TMZ!

1258 days ago


" PASSIONATE ABOUT HER ARMENIAN HERITAGE???" K K and her worthless mother created their own Armenian Genocide by dragging every Armenian through mud, slime, filth and every other description for the Love of Money! Only those who HAVE NOT picked up a book, or two, are those who do not believe in the Genocide. Admit it, or not, it happened as if it were YESTERDAY!!! K K is an educated woman??? Since WHEN??? The only education she can claim is SEPARATING HER KNEES to thrill filthy minded people by opening herself for a generous "PEEK!" THAT, ladies and gentlemen is, KIM KARDASHIAN. She and her NOTHING mother have proven, over and over, it is TIME TO THROW THE TRASH, OUT!!! Complain to their sponsors to STOP funding their "taking up air space" so-called reality show. NOTHING would hurt the Kardashian bunch more than in their pockets. DO It!!!

1258 days ago


God I wish OJ could have killed Robert Kardashian before he produced any children. Why must we be punished?

1258 days ago


It's sooooo funny that tmz reporters became historians, claiming a genocide when they don't even know the meaning of the word. Kim is as lame as the genocide claim she makes (by the way not proven by ANY historian-other than the armenians themselves) And its a shame that Tmz reports on a sensitive historical issue just to make Kim's pocket fuller!!!!

1258 days ago


If only the Turks could have made it 1,000,004!

1258 days ago


HAHAHA I love this. She's a stupid money hungry whore! Of course she wasn't actually angry about the cover being in a turkish magazine. As long as she got the money!

1258 days ago


She's passionate about her Armenian heritage but would she date one??? HELL NO!!!!

1258 days ago


should Kim forgive Cosmo?.. what did Cosmo do? publish a picture she agreed to take... umm why are we mad at cosmo again? should Kim be asking Cosmo to forgive her for throwing a public tantrum and leaving their current 'cover girl' looking like an idiot? oh wait... the magazine doesnt care if you look stupid as long as you look hot doing it...

1258 days ago


she'd sell her dead father's bones for publicity! What a fame hungry woman!

1258 days ago


I am an American who was born in Armenia. For all those who believe events that took place a hundred years ago don't have any residual long lasting effects on society today are the same individuals who could only be so passionate in commenting about Kim K. Whether it be positive or negative, only those who are as ignorant to dismiss history can find themselves reading and typing for hours upon hours about a self loathing individual. Everyone's ancestry has some history of immigration. Whether your western european, eastern european, irish, polish, german, italian, israeli, etc. You are not a native to this land! So stop it with the whole go back to where you came from deal, because if that's true then the only inhabitants of the US would be Mexicans and Indians (not PC). I am a huge advocate of recognizing history, because as we are taught growing up, you must learn from your mistakes so that they are not repeated. Raphael Lempkin, the famed Jewish Professor who invented the word holocaust and genocide never referenced the Jewish holocaust when defining those words. Rather he put it in the context of what the Ottoman Empire (not turks) did to the armenians greeks and kurds in the early 1900's. He was'nt taken seriously so history repeated itself in Nazi Germany. For those who say armenia supported germany against the jews, are speaking so far out of Kim K's AZZ, that they have overlooked history to know that armenia was in alliance with Russia in fighting the Germans during ww2. So please stop with all this ignorant chatter and do yourself a favor and follow what your local representative or gov. official is doing in trying to improve the district you live in right now. In the ever so eloquent words of the guy that played the dad on that 70s show "DUMB ASS!"

1258 days ago


Did anyone really think she would pass up the chance to make more money? Come on now, money means much more than morals to this chick.

1258 days ago
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