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Katherine Jackson: The Declaration is a FRAUD!

4/12/2011 9:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson is furious about a declaration filed with the court -- purportedly signed by her -- in which she attacks the Executors of the Michael Jackson Estate.  TMZ has learned ... Katherine insists she never signed that declaration.


TMZ reported this morning ... a declaration filed in the Estate's lawsuit against the Heal the World Foundation makes shocking allegations against John Branca, calling him a thief.

But Katherine's lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells TMZ, "Mrs. Jackson categorically denies signing any statement to the court that makes accusations against the executors of any wrongdoing with respect to her son or his estate."

Streisand adds, "She did not and would not make any such statements about the executors."  And Streisand says, Katherine told him, "These are not my words."

Check out the signature on the declaration in question, dated April 6, 2011, and compare it to Katherine's signature from a legal doc on February 3, 2010.

As for the Heal the World Foundation lawyer -- Edgar Pease -- who filed the declaration in question, he tells TMZ someone from the Foundation faxed Katherine's manager the final copy of the document and it was then sent on to Pease with the signature in question. 

Pease says if the signature is a fraud, "Heads will roll."

UPDATE:  Pease just called us back to say Trent Jackson -- Joe Jackson's nephew and Katherine's caregiver -- told him he personally saw Katherine sign the declaration.  But sources connected with the Estate say the declaration is suspicious, because the last page ONLY contains the signature, without any accompanying text.  In other words, someone could have inserted the signature into a declaration Katherine never saw or approved.



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Correction I meant #45 Great Post if I said #47.

1290 days ago


It's pretty close. The initial and terminal strokes are almost identical. There are few minor discrepancies but the majority of them can be attributed to the different scales as the second signature is slightly larger. However, the crossed "t"s and the way the "J" flows into the "k" are pretty consistent and don't show the tell-tale signs of someone trying to copy letters exactly. It's much too fluid. No one signs their name exactly the same way each time so it's never going to look like a carbon copy. That's why the loops are similar but not identical.

I think it's hers but as TMZ said that doesn't mean she knew what she was signing.

1290 days ago


@#47 Great Post!

1290 days ago

PRO US    

Katherine Jackson: "That paper I signed...I didn't sign it."

1290 days ago


It obvious that Rebbie and Janet need to step-up and look after their mother's affairs; she's an elderly woman who is being manipulated and taken advantage of!

1290 days ago


Caregivers are assigned ahead of time, by you, BEFORE you need one.

Posted at 6:39 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by CECESO23

That is true, of course, but not necessarily years before you think you will be incapacitated and it wouldn't just be sitting in a drawer someplace.Do we know for certain whether or not she has actually signed a power of attorney, or are we just speculating? And, even if she had signed one, it would be identified in some form on the signature page.

1290 days ago


Michael Jackson Estate vs. Melissa Johnson - Updates
Updates from the above titled case:

- The MJ Estate requested for a non-jury trial, that Johnson's lawyers wouldn't take. They say they prepared for a jury trial, and this change might make their work harder. There is still no decision in this matter.

- Trent Jackson declared the followings as the witness of Johnson: he worked for MJ for 7 years as the executive assistant of his mother, Katherine Jackson. His responsibilities includes being with Katherine 24/7, interacting with the staff around her and MJ's kids, overseeing the activities and environments they live in, etc.

He and Katherine first met with Johnson in July 2010, when they had a lunch talking about Heal The World Foundation and their volunteer work. Trent insisted that MJ and Raymone Bain told him and Katherine that Johnson is taking care of the charity and will preserve it.

Trent is responsible for mentoring the MJ kids within the foundation, as well he was there with them this February on the HTWF charity event. He tells in the declaration that MJ's kids shortly after his death picked up some clothes and visited a homeless shelter in Los Angeles. Later they went back to the same shelter again without the press.
Trent claims that since MJ's death John Branca didn't visit either Katherine or the kids.

- Raymone Bain declared the followings as the witness of Johnson: She had been contacted by Johnson in 2006 and in the coming years about concerns related to MJ. Bain asked MJ if Johnson is entitled to do anything in the name of the charity, and MJ confirmed that he granted Johnson's request to take over the charity in early 2005. According to Bain, MJ's intention with letting Johnson handling the charity issues was because he wanted to focus on his upcoming trial.
But he strongly warned Johnson that he doesn't want again what happened in 2001 with his charity, and won't take responsibilities for anything. If this would happen then he will ask Johnson to close it down. MJ was furthermore concerned that his charity money will go to administration costs and not to the ones needed.

- Katherine Jackson declared the followings as the witness of Johnson: She asked the MJ Estate to take part in selecting the charities that would benefit from the 20% of the estate incomes. However she said she has been excluded from this and any other decesion regarding the MJ Estate. She said that she and Joe Jackson joined to the charity to express their concern about the MJ Estate executors destroying it.

Katherine claimed that MJ told her on many occasions that he is afraid of Branca, because he stole from him. She says the estate executors tried to intervene with what they are doing with the charity, including in the Oprah and the GMA interviews where segments has been cut off due to their demand.

1290 days ago


These signatures are NOT the same at all. The first signature has tons of script error...not the sam siggy...

1290 days ago


he was more psychotic than you could imagine. having a mom with no brain controlling his kids. rebbie, debbie, and janet couldn't care less.

1290 days ago


#25 MichaelJackson
I am in complete agreement with you. Both signatures are KJ’s.

#36 Ric
Your humor is fantastic......the fendi bag and cap. I needed a good laugh today. Thanks.

#50 Ric
Excellent point about it “blowing up in her face.”
Notice how TMZ posted the 2 articles earlier today and within hours her “fraud” statement appears??? Hummmmm

#53 Chic....thank you very much. You are kind.

#56 Pro Us – Great humor also. “ "That paper I signed...I didn't sign it."

I thought of something else from what the bloggers here are stating about signature only appearing on the last page without any body context being carried over. If a legal office/person typed KJ's declaration, he/she would know that wasn't valid by law to have the signature on a blank sheet of paper. Therefore the person who typed KJ's declaration was NOT aware of that legal technicality. Who created that do***ent? Why does that direct me back to Mann or Melissa again, primarily Melissa? Hummm

MichaelJackson blogger:
When Branca was terminated in 2003 and requested to return MJ's files would not have any impact on MJ's Will/Trust. If MJ decided to remove Branca/McClain as executors, all he had to do was write an amendment with the new date & notorize or create a new Will/Trust with other executors. In Probate Law, the only cir***stance for a Will/Trust to be void is to write a newer one. Opinions or entitlement are void in court. Intent will be heard by a probate judge, but it's harder than hell to prove.

1290 days ago


well if katherine really didnt sign this,then it should show her she is surrounded by some real characters.
and she should tell them to hit the bricks..

if she does keep them on , after supposedly forging her name it would be a pretty good indication that she either is on board with them or is is being taken advantage of due to her age,,,she should ask the authorities to investigate this....

1290 days ago



I know the transcript by heart, you don't need to get me. The disclaimer was due to the fact that investigation was NOT completed! Konitzer hired David LeGrand but Legrand started drilling Konitzer and investigating him too so Konitzer ordered the investigation to end!

The fact that Michael TERMINATED Branca upon the results of the investigations SPEAKS VOLUMES!

Beside, no matter the reason, Branca was fired in 2003 and he was asked to return ORIGINALS of ALL MJ do***ents. So there is NO WAY that Branca should have in his possession in 2009 MJ Will or Barry Siegel resignation letter! These were doc***ents he was supposed to return to MIchael in 2003!!!!!

Regardless of why he was fired of if he was rehired in 2009, BRANCA IS NOT THE LEGAL EXECUTOR OF MJ WILL!!!!! Even if he was rehired, that does NOT reinstate him to be MJ's 2002 Will!!!


Posted at 6:54 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by MichaelJACKSON

Huh - could MJ have fired Branca based on false information provided by LeGrange, most likely, so don't feel so confident there sweetheart, especially given MJ rehired Branca!

Also, just because MJ fired Branca has zero to do with releasing him as executor of his estate which is did not do. If so, then where is the amended Will?

1290 days ago


The signatures don't match,

And the kid is NOT my son.

1290 days ago
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