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Katherine Jackson -- MJ's Executor STOLE From Him

4/12/2011 11:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's mother says one of the guys in charge of the MJ Estate is a crook who stole from the singer ... and to top it off, she claims Michael never even liked the guy ... this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.


Katherine Jackson just filed a declaration in a case involving MJ's old charity -- the Heal the World Foundation.

According to the docs, Katherine is FURIOUS the estate is going after HTW for using MJ's image and likeness without permission ... and insists, "Michael would be very upset, if he knew that our charity was being torn down by people who say they are doing what he wanted."

Katherine then goes after MJ executor John Branca -- saying, "Mr. Branca was a man that my son was very worried about."

She adds, "Michael told me on more than one occasion that he did not like this man and did not trust him, he told me that John had stolen from him."

Katherine continues, "This lawsuit is exactly the type of awful thing that Michael said he was capable of doing."

UPDATE: We just got this from the Executors:  "We know that certain ludicrous statements were made recently that we won't personally dignify with a response.  We will continue to do our best to uphold and further the memory and legacy of Michael with the same passion we have always held for him."


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Glory Bee    

I believe she is getting senile. Family vultures, (from her own nest, acting as she raised them) are circling, get ALL the children away from this. Emancipate the kids, give them the money and get them the heck away from these child abusing paracites

1285 days ago


Thank You!! HumanNature, for that informative news update!!

1285 days ago


Personally I think there's more predators in that family than there are victims. I mean, how much damned money do these people need !

1285 days ago

Barry D    

The trouble is while MJ was a musical genius(THRILLER is still largest seller in history),he was naive and trusting and possibly could be ripped off!Catherine and joe should let lawyers fight it out and use their time raising Michaels children.

1285 days ago

Mary White    

In Kathrines words:"Mr. Branca was a man that my son was very worried about." "When they are suing Howard Mann, they are Suing me." Kathrine and Michael both knew that these lawyers can not be trusted. It is not that easy to just fire lawyers that are into something this big but Michael knew something was not to be trusted. I really wish the Media and the Estate would leave Mrs Jackson and Howard Mann alone. Howard Mann is going up against the wrong doings of the Estate lawyers for the family. THATS why they won't leave he and Kathrine alone. So what if Kathrine found someone she likes & trusts to help her afford to raise Michaels kids decently. There is a reason that Kathrine likes this man. He can't be a bad guy if he is going through all this nonsense to help Kathrine and the kids. He is already rich with other profitable business. He doesn't seem to need any money and all these law suits- that's for sure. Kathrine genuinely likes this man and says he has her best interest. I believe her. Kathrine is not a dumb woman. She has been in the entertainment game for a long long time. There is something we may not understand going on with the estate. Something bad.

1271 days ago


MJs Mom and this Mann guy are on the right track. They are sniffin something out with the estate guys. GET EM!

1264 days ago


"Spike" what an intelligent name..." Anyway....
I believe Kathrine Jackson. I believe they are crooks plain & simple. My hope is that Howard Mann will help her to prove this. He is the one guy that can do it.

1250 days ago


it seems the only passion people with the exception of the fans have for michael is his money ... and people stealing or embezzling from michael is not news or surprising its just sad.. and i have deep sympathy for all the persons trying to enhance their finances off of michaels name.. with the exception of his parents.. i mean really,, come on now they gave birth to him ,, without them there would be no michael.. i'll be greatful to them for the rest of my life.. and i'm a senior citizen.. michael is beloved and warm and caring not to mention extremely generous.. how can anyone help but to love him..the corrupt and greedy may think michael is finished ,, but boy have they got a surprise in store for them !!

1249 days ago


Janar wrote: "She's lucky the estate isn't suing HER! She's been using his image with her criminal partner but they haven't gone after her for her copyright infringements."
All I have to say to your comment is: Well well, wern't you completely incorrect. lol!! If Mrs Jackson had a criminal partner they would have done something by now. Howard Mann is a Saving grace for Mrs Jackson and Michaels kids (whom the estate cares nothing about)Sorry you were so incredibly mistaken in your comment Janar. If Kathrine and Howard Mann were doing anything wrong they would be nailed to the cross by now. But they are not. Why? Because justice will always prevail. Bless the Jacksons.

1246 days ago


I agree also. Michael Jackson's estate has taken very good care of her. I think that was the smartest thing that Michael could have done by making John Branca and John McClain executors of his estate.
John Branca helped MJ over many years in MJ's career and financial investment. He is the brain behind the Beatles catelogue MJ got back in 80's and also making of Thriller and smart business package for MJ's concert tours. Branca is very successful even without MJ. He got many famous and successful clients besides MJ; Branca was thriving without MJ for many years. Matter of fact, Branca is one of the best entertainment lawyers in USA. It is MJ who contacted Branca in 2011 after several years. Branca also benefited by working with MJ, after all it's a business relationship. 10% of estate for estate executors is standard practice, not because Branca is greedy ( he got 5 %). One thing I was very surprized is MJ did NOT pay his lawyers from 2005 trial (the lawyers who saved him from going to jail for long time) until MJ estate paid in full this year.

1227 days ago


I meant 2009 not 2011....

1226 days ago


Branca's a sweetheart.. If it wasn't for him, making all of the deals he is doing at the moment to generate money for the Estate, his mommy would not be pulling a income. Michael's problems stemmed from that family. Dysfunctional. While Michael was alive, they could have done more by trying to help him deal with his insecurities, that was caused by them. GREED.

681 days ago
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