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MJ Estate -- Katherine's Accusations Are 'Pathetic'

4/12/2011 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson estate is firing back at Katherine Jackson -- claiming her attack on MJ executors John Branca and John McClain is "a pathetic attempt to hurt the men who single-handedly ... resurrected Michael's image and fortune."


TMZ spoke with MJ estate lawyer Howard Weitzman -- who told us Katherine's declaration in the Heal the World lawsuit "contains many lies" He adds, "I would like to think that someone else prepared this for her and she just signed what she was asked to."

As we previously reported, Katherine bashed Branca in the declaration -- alleging Branca stole from MJ when he was alive. Katherine also said she wants the MJ estate to drop their suit against  HTW ... even though the foundation allegedly used MJ's image without permission. Katherine also wants the estate to kick out some cash to the Foundation.

But Weitzman claims -- "The Jackson family has NO rights to determine what charities receive money from Michael's Estate but Mrs. Jackson will certainly have input."

Weitzman believes Katherine should be more grateful to the estate and its administrators -- saying, "The Executors have also seen to it that Mrs. Jackson, as Michael wished, continues to live in the style Michael provided for her by paying off the mortgage on Hayvenhurst; renting a palatial home for Mrs. Jackson and the children to live in while Hayvenhurst is being renovated; and paying for all of her and the children's needs."


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Why should Katherine be "grateful" to the estate for providing her needs? It was Michael who provided for that in the trust and the estate has an obligation to do so.

1269 days ago


I think Katherine resents being micromanaged by the estate that's why she got in bed with the foundation for a quick influx of cash. Give her a lump sum not an allowance and let her do what she wants with the money. She is an enabler and now she can't enable her kids like they are all accustomed to so the pressure is on her and the family is starting to implode (ie Alejandra)

1269 days ago


Oh come on...REALLY? Everyone who has followed this whole ordeal knows about how John Branca was working for Michael to "broker" a deal for cutting ties with Sony & Tommy Mattola..However, John Branca was still in cohorts with Sony Records & Tommy "Mafia" Mattola. The Jackson family doesn't say "squat" because they know they'll wind up dying in some freak plane crash, accident, etc. The only thing John Branca cares about is getting the Beatles catalog back into Sony's any cost. It's AMAZING what picture the media paints vs. the truth. Motown was founded with mafia money and the Jackson's have had a LONG history tied to the mafia.

1269 days ago


I watched bits of two Celebrity Big Brother shows here in the UK. Featuring two of the Jackson siblings. One of the striking things about them was that, even when surrounded by minor celebrities, every aspect of their being seemed overshadowed by Michael Jackson and Joe Jackson. As dislikeable as some of them are I think it's right to acknowledge just how dysfunctional their backgrounds were. In that specific regard I feel sorry for them. To which extent Katherine Jackson is being used or misled by her husband or family is unclear but it wouldn't surprise me. If I remember correctly the Heal The World Foundation has had issues in the past. And has zero connection with the foundation Michael Jackson set up in 1992.

1269 days ago


Katherine and the children are the estate!!!! The lawyers are tring to control everything!!! I don't blame Katerine for speaking out!!! They are probably funneling money from the estate left and right, they did it while Michael was alive and who to stop them now!!! Do right or boycott the lawyers!!!!

1269 days ago

moe l.    

hahahahahahaha!!!!! What would you expect from these people?!?!?!? Heal the World?!?!? It's just about greed and nothing else.

1269 days ago


Frankly if SHE was concerned about doing what Michael wanted, she wouldn't be parading his children through the media. She would also let the handlers of the Estate do their job; after-all it was MICHAEL'S wish that they handle things. She seems only to care about Michael's wishes when it is to her advantage. She's an old lady and she be enjoying her life instead of trying to make MORE money as if she was destitute. She has a number of ventures going to make money off Michael's name. I wonder why she doesn't see a problem with this. She didn't do this when he was alive, why do it now. I'm sure the charity would have been allowed to use Michael's image etc IF they had gone through the Estate as they should have. Why didn't she suggest they do that instead of making ANOTHER public spectacle of herself by filing a lawsuit. Yeah, Michael would have been real happy about her doing this; going against HIS wishes.

1269 days ago

Steelers suck    

Pathetic. Pefect word for her. I don't know about anyone else but I'm so sick of hearing crap on Michael Jackson (dude is dead) and his money-grubbing family. They need to just STFU and fade away.

1269 days ago

Tea Party Mom    

I'm surprised the lawyers didn't have an Ooga Booga Boo clause in the contract.

1269 days ago


I don't blame her for calling them out!!! Blood suckers!!! They are stealing from the estate and that's what going on here. Alot of people would rather the lawyers have it than the kids and the Jacksons. But, Katherine is doing the right thing and more would be exposed soon!!!

1269 days ago


I would think if anyone is untrustworthy it would be any adult in the Jackson family.

1269 days ago


#2 those were my thoughts exactly. Why should she be showing gratitude because HIS money is going to HIS family and kids like HE made sure it would. idiots

1269 days ago


Katherine is being manipulated by Joe. MJ should have realized that would happen and left the kids to Debbie.

1269 days ago


God bless Katherine. But her poor judgment has hurt Michael many times over the years. How about the Korean deal, or about her getting Michael to marry Debbie. Katherine has a good heart but she is so easily led by people who use Michael, like Joe, and many others.

1269 days ago


Sounds to me like Katherine is being encouraged to make these declarations by someone else (Daddy Dearest?)whose greed is very apparent.
Let the Executors do their job, it's the only way to make sure that she and the children are well taken care of as Michael would have wanted

1269 days ago
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