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Pia Never Stood A Chance of Winning 'American Idol'

4/12/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano never had a chance of winning "American Idol" -- this according to well-placed sources connected with the production.


We're told before Pia was booted, America's votes put her in the murky middle -- she was never near the top of the heap.  As one "A.I." spy put it, "It was only a matter of time before Pia was kicked off.  She was never going to win."

And, our spies say, there are 5 remaining contestants who are "fairly consistently placing in the top 4."  Our sources would not reveal who they are, but we have an educated guess as to 3 of them -- Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and James Durbin.  As for the remaining 2, we're guessing Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams.

As for Pia, don't feel bad.  We're told the rumored record deal she has with Interscope Records is more than a rumor.  We're told it's a "certainty" Pia will sign.  And something else -- Jimmy Iovine will ignore the judges, who wanted Pia to sing some up-tempo songs.  Jimmy, we're told, will go strictly for ballads.



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That is a bunch of bs, she would have won. TMZ is working with American Idol to help boost their ratings because they know that they will not have any ratings now that she has been voted off.

1268 days ago


you know, so many little girls, have nothing else to do but start trouble, do your homework. Stop voting on American Idol We need the grown ups like ,dancing with the stars voters. Enough is enough. I also blame the judges for not saving her. but Pia did it better ,,,she has a contract ,,,,goood for her.

1268 days ago


Every week I pray that that REALLY ANNOYING Scotty, will GO HOME! I CAN"T STAND to even hear him talk! SERIOUSLY, who in the world thinks he has a chance at being the next American Idol?! That would be so ridiculous! I can't even believe that he has made it this far. The only thing his voice is good for is to be an Elvis impersonator!

1268 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

The odds of an American Idol cast off making it 'huge' is low. Most get dropped from record labels quickly and this girl has no personality...especially if she is going to be singing all ballads which will have zero support from the audience who votes on idol. (Mainly teens)

Secondly, AI as already pre-determined Lauren Alaina to be the winner. It is obvious.

1268 days ago


we will forget who she even is by next year like most of them....all very unforgettable. "good" voices are a dime a dozen. no longer impressed.

1268 days ago


I'd be happy just to see Scotty hold a microphone properly - not sideways and not to one corner of his mouth. I'm getting sick of everything he sings sounding the same - I had to laugh when people said he did Elvis so well. I thought you weren't part of the Elvis generation were you because if you were you would know he was lousy singing "That's All Right Momma". It stunk.

1268 days ago


**** is fixed, we all know it.

1268 days ago


P1ease don't blame teenagers for the strange American Idol outcomes. 80% of the viewers are over 18. The winner is the contestant that has the best organized voting. Just because other contestant's fans my have out voted Pia's fans does not mean that Pia did not have more fans who were not as good at power texting. It is wrong for American Idol to use a flawed voting system and then demean a contestant that is a victim of it.

1268 days ago


It doesn't matter what we say, we'll just see the ratings for this week's shows - that'll tell how many people actually wanted Pia to win.

1268 days ago


Let's see: TMZ and Levin are in Nigel's back pocket, so I'm supposed to think that all these posts regurgitating the "Pia is boring" mantra are authentic?

Man, A.I. thinks their audience is really stupid.

1268 days ago


Why do there always have to be whiners who cry foul when someone they like gets kicked off of Idol? Waah! Stop crying about it. A lot of people thought Pia was dull and aren't into ballads. It's not the end of the world.

As for Scotty, the little girls love him (I have a 13 year old) so that is why he will stick around for a while. The kids text vote a lot.

Personally, I can't wait until Jacob leaves. He's a nice guy but his singing does nothing for me. Yuck.

1268 days ago


How does the article show anything about the credibility of the voting? It simply states that there are 3 or 4 contestants that are getting the most votes. And? AI can't control why people vote the way they do. Its more of a popularity contest than a singing contest...we all knew that. That is what killed Pia's chances. She has a good voice but she has been dull as dirt from the beginning. The judges tried to tell her. Too bad she got the message a little too late. She will put out a few boring songs and then fade away into obscurity.

1268 days ago


The truth is that most popular musicians that make it big don't have the best set of vocals... it takes more than a good set of choppers to get the vote. You need someone you can sing along too, tap your foot too, or crank up in the car.....she would do well in church, opera, or as a Barbara Streisand/Celine Dion sort not an overall entertainer that the majority of people would listen too....I think people miss this point, that American Idol is for the majority, not the minority. She’s a great singer, but not much of an entertainer.

1268 days ago


She's boring. She has a good voice...and so do back up singers and wedding singers. Sadly that's all this girl will ever be. You'll see her singing on a cruise ship in a year.

1267 days ago


I think it is a shame that Idol will not allow Pia to sign her
record deal. Especially since they allow all these teeny boppers
to vote a thousand times. If the judges are the ones with talent
then why are they not the ones voting who stays and who goes???
The judges are the ones who picked the contestants in the first place. Personally, I really don't care anymore because I will not be watching. The shame of it all is that alot of people wanted to see Pia in the top four at least, so the contestants that are left should feel like they are less than.

1267 days ago
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