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Gay Basketball League -- We Want Kobe!!!

4/14/2011 10:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant's presence has been requested at a gay and lesbian basketball league in L.A. -- where league officials want the Lakers star to PROVE his support for the LGBT community by showing up for a game.


TMZ spoke with a rep for the Lambda League -- who tells TMZ, "We have seen Kobe's apology and hope that it's sincere.  If he really wants to show us he means it he'll come to our next league game."

And get this -- Lambda reps tell us if Kobe takes them up on the offer ... they'll comp his tickets.

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Please people, if he had called the ref a "dog" the animal activist would be wanting him to come to a dog show... leave it alone... he got fined, he will pay up and no it will not hurt his pocket book, to the idiot who said that.... besides I didn't hear that the Ref complained... or was it the first word that was in question..

1285 days ago


dont do it kobe.
have some kind of integrity ..
see you didnt do anything wrong ..cause this is a free country ..we have freedom of speech.. you give in your screwed.. IN DA BUTT.

1285 days ago


So he called the guy a cigarette, what's the big deal?

1285 days ago


Lets have an experiment: Elton John is a *** -- Sarah Palin is a whore (or media whore).

1285 days ago


Interesting. That is what I thought would happen.

1285 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

so the gay community has made themselves the absolute pinnacle of human existence, demanding to be treated like kings, worshipped and bowed down to when and where present? are you serious? not everyone in the world approves of homosexuality, just like not everyone in the world approves of things like 'christianity' etc. tough luck that your gay and someone doesn't like that, even despises it. what are you gonna do? rid the planet of all who disapprove of your LIFESTYLE CHOICE (yes, homosexuality is a choice)??! you can't just 'request' that some multi million dollar nba employee show up to your crappy league game as "proof" that his 'apology is sincere'. damn, these folks are like the spanish king's inquisition. freakin looney. kobe must now appear before the counsel and beg for forgiveness, or else....

1285 days ago


oh c'mon this is just ridiculous now...leave him alone already he apologized...

1285 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

it's like the 'gay community' superimposes themselves as the absolute measure of all good, totally ignoring that first of all, kobe bryant is black/african american, and it's not a secret that a lot of african americans are baptist christians who absolutely oppose homosexuality, who probably make up a large core of HIS REAL FANS!! and not just some random power tripping community who can care less about what bryant does on or off the court, and who can care less about who he and the fans he represents are, and that they may have different values than the homosexual community, but rather needs to seek out every opportunity to put their faces into the public, regardless of how shameless this exposes them as. also, allowing their own, in this case racism, shine through, that they would never even acknowledge that the gay community constituency is not the most highest form of social order that all need to abide to, because according to their collective response as a homosexual community what they are expressing is that all black people are poor anyways, and don't have anything to say because of this, in this regard. i mean if a christian baptist group came forward and expressed that they did not approve of his utterance, that would be tolerable, but the homosexual community that has close to zero to do with kobe bryant or basketball seems very fishy from this perspective. arrogant as well as shady.

1285 days ago



Kobe has to worry about winning a third consecutive NBA Championship. No one cares about a LAMBDA basketball game. Who ever knew there was a LAMBDA league before this post???

People who have better things to worry about :)

1285 days ago


A couple days now, and TV, Internet and Radio censored what the "word" was that caused an uproar.

This morning I heard it on the Radio.

Whoop De Do Do.

How petty can they get? It's the Metaphysical equivalent of calling a girl "a broad". Heaven help us if they are offended if we call'em "Hot Chicks".

On a Metaphysical Scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the Worst Name you can use for "The Them", it was a "1" only if I round up "1/2" on this Integer Scale.

A lot worse "word use" has been used all day long of TV movies and TV weekly series.

Time for Re-runs of the Archie Bunker show "All In The Family".

1285 days ago


I bet a 1000 bucks the 1st man to make a pass
at him will set him off and twice as graffic
then the game insedent. Kobe secretly hates
gay people and their sexuality, period.

1285 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Well I don't hate people that have leprosy, but I sure in the hell wouldn't go to their basketball game! In other words, you can not hate a type of person but still decline to be around them.

1285 days ago


It's called freedom of speech people. Saying ***gott is not a slur. It is not as if he made a racial comment, now that is a slur.. Let's start standing up for when people use the word retard. Being gay is something you choose to be in life. you are not born that way. It is not a disability such as being born mentally-challenged.

1285 days ago


Seriously, just cause of one word all this stupid commotion came up. So what he used the word ***got I use it all the time I don't see know organizations attacking me. It's a word. Thats it. I dont care if your straight, gay, or bi. I will use whatever word i want in any context i want.

1285 days ago


That's just pathetic. Everyone's so angry and offended but they have no problem bringing him in and forcing him to watch one of their games to get publicity for their stupid league. **** that. I hope he says no.

1284 days ago
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