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Sarah Palin -- Stalker Threatened to Rape My Daughter

4/14/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin has obtained a new restraining order against the stalker who's been terrorizing her family  -- after the man allegedly made several disturbing threats ... including raping Sarah's daughter.


A judge in Anchorage made the new TRO official last week -- after Sarah claimed 19-year-old Shawn Christy had become more "brazen" in his threats to harm Sarah and her family ... and even rape her daughter.

It's unclear which daughter Sarah was referring to in the legal docs -- but she later mentions that the stalker targeted Willow in his threats and it "bothered [her] tremendously."

It doesn't end there either -- according to the docs, Shawn phoned Sarah's house calling her a "slut or whore" ... and Sarah's dad claims the family was so spooked they "made sure we armed ourselves."

Sarah's due back in court on April 27th -- to make the temporary restraining order permanent.


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To all those asking why don't they arrest the guy before he hurts someone... welcome to America. It doesn't work that way. Sorry it took until your precious rich girl who doesn't truly care one iota about this country or the people to be on the receiving end for you to figure it out. It's what millions of people go through every year and why so many are killed by someone they know. The laws prevent arresting a stalker until he/she actually hurts you and by that time it's usually too late. They can call you, they can email you, they can follow you and there's not one thing legally that can be done.

1256 days ago


Regardless of how "feel" about the Palin's? This guy needs a MENTAL EVALUATION!He needs to be locked up for terrorists threats against a young girl.

If I were her? and that guy showed up within a 100 yards of my home, me or my family? I'd stick up Moose Gun up his Azz.

This guy sounds as dangerous as it gets.

1256 days ago


Smarter Human about an hour ago

I am glad this kind of thing is happening to her. She deserves as much misery as she has brought this nation.

And exactly WHAT "misery" is that? What? your delicate sensibility can't take seeing her on T.V.? Shut it off then...what else? That she had the nerve to run for office? She DIDN'T whats your problem?.

1256 days ago


Harvey, you ****tard. She pulls this sort of crap every time another story about her indiscretions is about to blow up. I know it's hard for you given how far you are up her ass, but put a bit more time into her fake pregnancy and you will have a real story.

1256 days ago


Hey Sarah,
No one gives a damn! You probally made this all up. I am surprized she didn't blame Obama.

1256 days ago


She's got a gun and she's not afraid to use it. The woman can shoot it, gut it, and grill it.

1256 days ago


Ok so when did this turn to a platform of hating the pres? I am sure most of you would not want his job. Do you know how big the bills that he has to sign are? Probably not. You do want him to read them before just signing them right? Please realize how hard he is working and be supportive. Also Barack is not 100% black. He also should not be judged or voted for because of it. Just like I, a female, am not going to EVER vote for a moronic woman like Palin.
So, back to the story. People get upset that TMZ reported the vulgar parts. This is called REPORTING. The reasons for her to get a TRO, that is why they actually did their job and told you the reasons. Remember you have to get facts not just opinions when reporting but I guess most of the people in America forget that. Ok that is my two cents.

1256 days ago


Professional victim and grifter, Palin, claimed in her book there were internet gang-rape threats made against her daughters while they were attending Juneau schools and then used that as an excuse to move out of Juneau and charge the taxpayers for "working" out of her home in the meth capital of Alaska.

Not ONE person from the school district or the police department knew about the “threats” or ever heard about them. Not ONE report was ever made at any time to any official whatsoever. Is Palin lying once again? Most likely! Is there a day that goes by when she isn’t?

If Palin seriously wanted to protect her daughters against rapists she would go home and keep an eye out for those pedophile Russians on snowmobiles who might kidnap them because you know, they are SO sexually desirable. How could any man resist gum-chewing Brillow?

1256 days ago


When bad things happen to good people, I question my very existence. When bad things happen to people like Sarah Palin, it simply confirms my existence. If she was standing before me at this moment...I'd curb check her face. I'd take all of my anger out on her and she'd wear the scars on her face forever. Anger isn't the same as crazy, but it can go there.

1256 days ago


She needs to stop playing the V special victims all the threats Pistal packing saggie sarah been putting out were need a court order for her foul Christian wearing the star of David to appeas
her politic point.
You put your family on front street,she got Gifford shot and several people because of her mouth like I said becareful what you ask for you might get it your obsession with wanting to this country off your racist remark even low as it is will get yourself hurt.

1256 days ago


A village is missing their idiot. Shawn Christy is mentally ill and has been institutionalized. He makes calls or sends threatening letters for 2 1/2 years to the Palins--and every time the Palins become hysterical and go running to the media. Just like henny penny and how the sky is falling in. Papa Heath enjoys all the commotions and wants to get in on the gravy train, so he calls up the media and gives an interview, saying that the Palins are so afraid of opening mail that he does it for them; he has pictures of Shawn Christy posted in every room; and he sleeps with a loaded gun under his mattress. (He said that Christy was picked up with a gun in Anchorage--and Christy's Dad says that was a lie, that Shawn was living with them in Pennsylvania and had never gone to Alaska. Bristol is so frightened by these threats that she calls up the media and gets paid to give out the address of her new home in Arizona, along with pictures of it inside and outside and also pictures of her young child. Whenever there aren't any stories in the news about the Palin family, out comes the victim card and Sarah criticizes the alleged stalker, by name and where he resides. Why does Sarah call the media rather than the FBI or the police? Remember how Palin hinted to her loyal followers about McGinnis peering into Piper's bedroom and it turned out to be a lie? Remember how Sarah claimed that both Willow and Bristol were told that they would be gang raped if they went to Juneau schools--and it turned out that it was a lie? Remember how Bristol testified under oath that she was terrified when her mom's e-mail account was hacked into -because she lived out in the woods in the middle of nowhere and she didn't know anyone who could loan her a cell phone--and it turned out that Levi was with her, they had a cell phone at all times, and that the secret service were protecting her? Another lie.... How many times can Sarah Palin become hysterical and cry for help? And where is Todd that he never is home to protect his terrorized, non-functioning family that knows no numbers to call for help except the media who will pay them? It seems that Sarah is setting Shawn Christy up--that she is still carrying a grudge and that she likes the attention and having a scape goat to blame--even though he is mentally ill. By announcing in her interviews that he is stalking her, she is giving him a lot of attention but she is also showing everyone else that she is a coward and drama queen. She is telling every other crazy how to push her buttons; get her hysterical; get Christy blamed for any threats against the Palin family; and she blindly gives all the blame to someone who is receiving psychiatric help. She is acting quite paranoid and is shaming and bullying the Christy family--and her need for attention is preventing people from protecting her in a more logical way. It seems that Sarah Palin simply doesn't understand mental illness and its stigma--and thinks she is getting even by pointing the finger of blame and selling her story about being the victim. Isn't there anything that Sarah Palin does that is private--and the story doesn't have to be peddled to the lamestream media?

1256 days ago


Hope this takes all Sarah's time so the dimwit won't run in the next election. Let's all cheer - PALIN FOR PRESIDENT,,,,, of Libya - YEAH!!!!!! Now that's one candidacy I'd be in support of.

1256 days ago


Her glasses are so fugly. She is gross.

1256 days ago


It seems like Sarah Palin is screaming out for attention again. If you have a legal problem, you do not get best results if you report it to the press and then wait for the correct authorities to hear about it from the media. You cannot hire an attorney and think that he alone will make you safe--the Palins have to take some responsibility in protecting their own privacy and not become so hysterical. When you always portray yourself as the helpless victim, you become the victim. When you always are complaining or making divisive, polarizing comments--you do not win a lot of friends. When you are caught spinning so many stories, what you say next is held up for scrutiny. Todd Palin built a fence because McGinniss was such a perceived threat--and it promptly fell over because it was so poorly constructed. It makes you wonder what he will be doing next--if anything--to protect his family. Sarah Palin is telling the media how terrorized she is for her daughter's safety, yet today they are announcing her speaking schedule at some more small Christian groups. Apparently she isn't so afraid that she needs to stay home and protect them. Makes you almost wonder how many times we have to hear the story of the little boy who called wolf too often.

1256 days ago


SOW, nobody cares

1256 days ago
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