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Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Get Schooled in Africa

4/14/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After all those vapid years on "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills," Kristin Cavallari finally did something real and productive by helping rebuild schools in Kenya with her Chicago Bears QB boyfriend Jay Cutler recently.

Love can really change you.

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For the idiots that talk crap about celebrities going to other countries to help people there and not here, why don't you ask all your wealthy American citizens to chip in. Clearly with tax breaks, they will have more than enough to pitch in financially to build a school for students who already take many things for granted in this country.
A pencil is a luxury to these people and I'd gladly help them first before I help snobby little greedy American brats who think the world revolves around them.

1255 days ago


Vapid!! Love that word and it's especially fitting for this woman! Thank you :)

1255 days ago

Christopher Kandrat    

Finally do something useful? Or is it just a publicity stunt.

1255 days ago


and she just happened to have a photographer with her . . . how humble and altruistic of her. Typical Hollywood BS

1255 days ago


They could have built 10 schools and employed numerous peoples in Kenya with the money from this trip. Instead, the Kenyans met the "celebrities" and got nothing. Probably just a way to write off their fabulous African safari resort stay. They went to the Angelina Jolie school of charity.

1255 days ago

george fudge!    

Hope Cutler is visiting a tribal medicine man, getting a special healing spell put on his sore knee that he hurt while walking back to the bench after another '3 and out' Bears offensive series, on that fateful Sunday.

1255 days ago



The same photog Kristin hires for all of her staged photo ops.

And it's not like this has improved Jay's PR either.

So it's a fail on both ends.

1255 days ago


This might be a publicity stunt, since Kristin does seem to be doing a lot of self promoting recently. She tweeted that she has a new reality show coming out that she produced. I just hate to think all celebs like Angelina Jolie only do charity work to promote themselves. I think Angelina Jolie does it out of the goodness of her heart, and a lot of others do as well.

1254 days ago


No, I don't think it's publicity stunt on Kristin or Jay's part they both seem to be very charitable people.

1254 days ago


L- Kristin's always been a self-promoter. What else is new?

All of her former costars have moved on to other pursuits. She's been doing . . . nothing.

I'd have more respect for celebrities if they choose to pursue their charitable works away from the media. I know Sandra Bullock tends to donate a lot of time and money to various causes and almost always under the radar.

1254 days ago


The negative comments say more about those that wrote them than about Kristin and Jay.

Philanthropy is often misunderstood but there are many rich people who do not help the less well off. However in America there is a strong charitable morality amongst both entertainers and sportspeople. Their foundations help all manner of people and to dismiss their efforts is incredibly distasteful and uncharitable.

I would like to thank Kristin and Jay for setting such a good example and for helping those less fortunate. I wish them every happiness and continued success.

1253 days ago



Jeez, cry me a river, you had a bad experience with a few black people and now you want to hate on all black people. Sure, make them all suffer. And expect the worse from them too, why don't you?

I bet you're not so quick to generalize when those people who hurt your feelings or scare you are white. In fact, if you think about it, I've bet you've come across all manner of white people who have done all sort of bad things to you.

But you don't notice them, because when you see white people, you just see people. And when you see black people, all you see is black.

1253 days ago


Good to see Kristin turning into a human being.

1242 days ago
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