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Fashion Icon Bijan Suffers a Stroke

4/16/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fashion designer Bijan Pakzad is hospitalized after suffering a stroke at his Beverly Hills home.


According to sources Bijan was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Thursday evening. On a Facebook post Friday night, Bijan's son Nicolas said his father had "a stroke."

The 67-year old remains hospitalized, and according to Nicolas ... Bijan is "in critical condition."

Bijan -- a legend in the fashion and perfume biz -- famously suits up movie stars and world leaders. His Rodeo Drive boutique is known as the most expensive store in the world.


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O.K. Am I the only one reporting the fricking SPAMMERS on these stories?

Why aren't they removed?

What is the report button for other than to rid ourselves of these annoying Bullsh*t ads for counterfeit goods?.

Maybe the FBI should be monitoring the gossip they could catch and jail a LOT of counterfeiters!

1253 days ago


I have never heard of him.

1253 days ago


be strong,IRAN proud of you ,all IRANIAN proud of you,WORD proud of you ,be strong as always,....,GOD bless you.

1253 days ago

PRO US    

Lori, TMZ never stated what we should use the "Report" feature for. Maybe TMZ doesn't want Spam "reported". Maybe, they haven't set up their system to remove all the Spam posts or maybe they don't want to. Maybe they get paid by the Spammers or maybe they just don't care. Who knows? That's why I suggested in another post that TMZ tell us when they want us to "Report" posts and for what reasons (enumerate them). And I suggested they ask their posters how to improve their "Comments" section. No one replied to those suggestions, not TMZ nor any posters, except for you, to my knowledge.

1253 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

That's sad. I've been a fan since I was 20. Many good thoughts for healing.

1253 days ago


Stay Strong Man , Home Needs you .

1253 days ago


Dear Bijan Iam praying for you to get well soon I,keep my finger crossed for you

1253 days ago

Leila Dowlashahi    

Dear are the best...My prayers are with you...wish you recovery...stay strong.


1253 days ago

Jaklin Masoudi panah    

Mr. Bijan! you get better very soon!

1253 days ago

John T    

Khoda Rah Matesh Khoneh

Sa La Vat

1253 days ago


So Sad......Sad Newss.....He's Such A Great Guy...
Be Strong Dear Bijan.....Get Well Soon.....We All Pray For You Man.....

1253 days ago


praying for Mr. Pakzad and his family to pull through this difficult time:(

1253 days ago

family friend    

I love reading all of these amazing comments. Bijan is a generous, and classy gentleman. Stay strong Mr. Pakzad, your son and daughter need you! They look up to you so much. You are a great father, and amazing designer, and a wonderful business man.

1253 days ago


gosh, where am I going to get my grossly overpriced bright yellow cashmere driving gloves........IRANINANS, if this if this man is the person you hold up to being the "god" of your country and representing the best of your country, well, thats pretty sad, his store is like something out of the 1980s and just represents ultimate greed.........and are you kidding me, the days of the shah? please, read up about how many people the shah tortured, stoke at 67, well, looks like his **** caught up with him

1253 days ago


Why are some people having an issue with his store or his prices?? What's it to you??? are you jealous you can't afford good things? There are hundreds of other designers selling expensive items and they have people that have the money, who shop from them. You can shop from wherever you like and not shop from Bijan if you can't afford it. BUT don't hate!! He is successful and famous. People love him, not only for his products, but for everything he has done for his community and for people. But ALL aside.. he is a human being and he is not well right now and we should all be positive and pray for him.

1253 days ago
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