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Brooke Mueller -- Mandatory Drug Test In 4 Hours

4/15/2011 5:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller has 4 hours to resurface ... because TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's ex has been scheduled to take a mandatory drug test at 6 PM TONIGHT ... and her child custody arrangement hangs in the balance.

Brooke Mueller Drug Test

As we first reported, Charlie and Brooke each agreed to take random drug tests as a part of the custody settlement earlier this year.

Several of Brooke's friends tell us ... they fear Brooke has fallen off the wagon and she's completely disappeared.

FYI -- if Brooke blows off the drug test, the testing facility will report it as a dirty test by default.

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the truth    

i know people who have past drug test and those people are not rich $$ like Charlie. so if these people on parole /probation have to be tested all the time they find ways to pass a drug test. people do it all the time and you dont have to have money to do it. like i said, Charlie is a very smart man. he knows what hes doing.

1289 days ago


the truth
i would love to see him beat a man for once or a man go after him but Charlie has lots of power in Hollywood.
I'm not going to say Charlie has lost ALL of his power in Hollywood but I think it's safe to his power has diminished drastically. The drugs and the porn chicks were one thing but putting the bosses on blast was DEFINITELY the nail that sealed the door shut permanently for a lot of Hollywood people.

Not too many people will want to work with him after this. He's too much of a risk.

1289 days ago


Wouldn't Charlie rather his father be watching his sons while he is touring instead of Brooke if she is back on crack. I have a feeling Charlie and his Dad don't get along. Emilio is his favorite son by far.

1289 days ago


so sad. i can't imagine what a powerful hold drugs must have over you to take you to such depths that you would sacrifice your babies. i truly do hope she's alive and just out on a runner. something scares me about this that she could be dead. sadly, there's only two ways it ends for addicts -- getting sober or getting dead. saying my prayers for you, girl and also saying my prayers that those babies end up with someone sober and sane who will take good care of them.

1289 days ago


This really kills me because I have a 32 month old and his dad and I split when he was 11 months old (statistics show 20% nationwide of couples split by the time the child is 18 months old), and it is a very very defining time for boys especially to be with their mommas. His dad and I have 50/50 since last Feb and the last 8 months my son tells me he only wants me, no daddy. I don't knock his dad for it, I continue to walk him over but realize - he doesn't have the momma touch.

So my heart breaks for these poor boys and his daughters because they don't have their dad and the boys do not have their mom. It is hard to watch our son go with his dad when he is saying "no daddy, only see momma!" but I have to do it because I know his dad isn't a bad dad, just doesn't give the momma love he wants.

But here, they both have a choice. Why don't they go to that Dr who for a week puts you into a coma and feeds you thru your veins to flush out everything?

They've got the money to do so!

1289 days ago


Honeybee57 51 minutes ago

I don't think much of Martin Sheen. He has not stepped up in any way to help Charlie or his grandsons. I can't figure out why.
Yes his dad did. When all this first started and Charlie went to the hospital for "stomach pains", after partying for 36 hours on cocaine and booze, Martin Sheen went to the hospital.

What we found out later was Charlie told his dad(per Charlie's own mouth) that he was 45 years old, not 12 and did not need their help. So Martin granted him his wish. I don't know if Martin has tried to get the grandsons.

1289 days ago


I am going to have to think that the boys are safe and sound from sadly their parents because I do not feel the grandparents will sit back and watch the boys be harmed.

None of us know what is behind the scenes and neither does TMZ, I am hoping the mother in NY who just drove her van into the river with her babies speaks volume for the level of what can happen to the innocent.

1289 days ago


It became obvious things have gone wrong when she tried to pawn things and missed a drugs test. She clearly needs to get help before things get more tragic. She has personal problems if she is prepared to take those kinds of risks, because it's totally self destructive. She should, stop, think, and seek help from friends, family and professionals. Charlie Sheen should also help, if he in any way can. As the father of her children, his mid life crisis can't of helped, even though he didn't cause the relapse.

1289 days ago


It appears that Charlie is keeping up his end of the bargain - staying clean and working. Keep up the positive changes in your life Charlie. As for the kids - each time the kids move around from house to house they must be confused - different caregivers, different house rules, etc. These two young children need stability - sooner rather than later. Sad to say but Brooke is not up to the job. Always your fan Charlie.

1289 days ago

the truth    

bad choice of words Charlie ..DONT PICK A FIGHT WITH A WARLOCK CUZ YOUR GONNA LOSE. OK now if this girl is really missing the cops will hear what he said an he could be a witness if she really is missing.
i seen her in the video and she looked so stressed out .drugs will make you not care about anything.not even your kids. SAD. maybe the cops are hiding her out cuz her mom seems to be a little calm about the situation. i dont know anymore but i hope shes OK .Charlie should be concerned about the mother of his kids but he dont even care. he cares more about those girls living with him who look like they could be his daughters. i just hope everything turns out out

1289 days ago


Consequences ......

1289 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Neither one of them will get custody, & justly so. Whether they pass a drug test or not, neither one is mentally or emotionally stable enough to parent children. charlie thinks of NO ONE except himself, or puts himself first when other people are involved with whatever sick situation he's cooked up. She's only a couple of rungs below him in the violence department. How long do you think it would have been before they started hitting their kids (no no, that's rhetorical). It's not a matter of if, but when chuck fails his next drug test, & no amount of on-stage peddled goods will cover that note when it comes time to pay. It'll be fun watching him fail miserably at trying to bs his way out of that, just like he tries to bs his way through everything else including pulling the wool over his blind delusional fanatic suck-ups who still think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Hey chuck, have a drink on me! ;)

1289 days ago


I think her time's run up..

1289 days ago

Hey Now    

YOU GUYS ARE SO MEAN! Why can't we wish her well? Addiction is something that millions struggle with and to be in the public in this way - I'm sure is very hard for her.

1289 days ago


Some ppl should not be allowed to have childern. And these two are the reason "WHY".

1289 days ago
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