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Brooke Mueller -- Mandatory Drug Test In 4 Hours

4/15/2011 5:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller has 4 hours to resurface ... because TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's ex has been scheduled to take a mandatory drug test at 6 PM TONIGHT ... and her child custody arrangement hangs in the balance.

Brooke Mueller Drug Test

As we first reported, Charlie and Brooke each agreed to take random drug tests as a part of the custody settlement earlier this year.

Several of Brooke's friends tell us ... they fear Brooke has fallen off the wagon and she's completely disappeared.

FYI -- if Brooke blows off the drug test, the testing facility will report it as a dirty test by default.

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Some ppl should be able to have children. Brooke and Charlie are a great example of that.

1287 days ago


With Brookes freak eyed and twitchy dance at the Pawn shop, she sure as heck wasn't poppin NO pills that can be prescribed. She was lookin more like Whitney after smokin on the PIPE ;-)

Doesn't matter if she resurfaces a week from now and pisses clean - she didn't test when mandated - AUTOMATIC FAIL. ;-) L O O S E R ! ! ! !

1287 days ago


I know people are dealing with drug issues right now, and I just can't imagine how they would feel if every ****ing second of it was posted all over the internet. This is kinda ****ed up. We really should just leave her be to deal with her problems personally. But I guess you shouldn't marry/divorce charlie sheen without thinking of the consequences...

1287 days ago


That is so sad with all that money that family is worth , the children are getting older and will be scarred for life with no memories of mommy or daddy bathing , tucking them in bed, good nite kisses and all around security you feel from your parents from such a early age. Nannies can't replace those positive feelings of well being, a feeling of being a family unit with love and belonging. I believe Denise Richards children have a better shot at growing up normal, she seems stable and mature with raising the girls. Poor little boys, so sad.

1287 days ago


The only one to blame for Brook's problem is Brooke herself, not the sun, not the moon, not the guy down the street, and not Charlie Sheen. Giving an addict somebody to blame is a different kind of enabling but it is still enabling and, in that respect at least Brooke's mother doesn't rise to the level of a panty-waste.

1287 days ago



People who are in a public eye take a risk of being gossiped about on sites like that, and people WILL and HAVE A RIGHT to comment.

1287 days ago


the truth 8 hours ago

bad choice of words Charlie ..DONT PICK A FIGHT WITH A WARLOCK CUZ YOUR GONNA LOSE. OK now if this girl is really missing the cops will hear what he said an he could be a witness if she really is missing.
i seen her in the video and she looked so stressed out .drugs will make you not care about anything.not even your kids. SAD. maybe the cops are hiding her out cuz her mom seems to be a little calm about the situation. i dont know anymore but i hope shes OK .Charlie should be concerned about the mother of his kids but he dont even care. he cares more about those girls living with him who look like they could be his daughters. i just hope everything turns out out


WHy should he be concerened??? Was SHE ever concerened?? His only concern should be his kids and they should be taken away from Brooke.

Hey Now 7 hours ago

YOU GUYS ARE SO MEAN! Why can't we wish her well? Addiction is something that millions struggle with and to be in the public in this way - I'm sure is very hard for her.


Uhmmmm...Why didn't anyone wish Charlie well??? I didn't see you here defending him when people have been wishing him death.

1287 days ago
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