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Katherine's New Lawyer to Estate: Let's Be Fair

4/15/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has just hired a lawyer to repair the damaged relationship with the Michael Jackson Estate ...trying to unlock some of the money the Estate is raking in and give it to MJ's mom.

Katherine hired Perry Sanders, a big time litigator who, among other things, was pivotal in securing the publishing rights for the proper owners against Master P and the No Limit Records catalog.

Sanders tells TMZ ... he wants to work with MJ Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman to see if they can reach some sort of common ground.

As TMZ first reported, the Estate is already paying Katherine $26,000 a month.  In addition, the Estate has paid off the mortgage to the Jackson family home, bought her a car, hired a cook and paid for various vacations and other expenses.

Katherine and her people feel they haven't gotten enough dough, given that the Estate has made hundreds of millions of bucks since Michael's death.

For his part, Weitzman tells TMZ, "If Mr. Sanders is in fact Mrs. Jackson's new lawyer, I will be glad to talk to him."


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I really get the impression these people, like the Lohans, don't have any money left and have to sue people to pay their bills.

1265 days ago


Greed. Both (all) parties are guilty.

1265 days ago



1265 days ago

sick of it    

Enough with this GARBAGE!!!

1265 days ago


They paid of your home and you are making more than the average WORKING American makes in a year EVERY MONTH doing nothing with a hired chef as well AND a brand new car and it still is not enough? I see how you thought it was ok to beat your kids into being stars now (nothing for you is ever or ever will be "GOOD ENOUGH") What a sad horrible selfish person.

1265 days ago


Let Michael rest in peace. His kids don't need the best of everything to be happy. All the really want is their dad back the money doesn't mean a thing. Won't be to many years and the two oldest will have control of their own money, what will everyone do then?

1265 days ago

northern gypsy    

here we go... K.J. better start paying attention...
more i think about it...someone in M.J. camp was thinking...
get the business away from the family (mom included) !!!

1265 days ago


In addition to the payments to Katherine, the children are also receiving monthly payments from the estate. She doesn't have to pay for living expenses or anything for the children. That $26K is essentially hers to give to her husband and sons. They want more. Also the estate is still in debt. Not sure it would be legal for them to give her much more if they still owe others.

1265 days ago


Last time I checked, the estate still had millions in debt to pay off. KJ is a money-grubbing biotch! Let the estate pay off the debts, while continuing to keep you in the lap of luxury, and there might be some money for the kids when all is said and done. She just wants to get her hands on as much of the kid's money as possible before they turn 18. She's truly a disgust!!

1265 days ago


Fair?!? Seriously?

1265 days ago


Are you kidding me!!! I bet she only wants more money to support all of the dead beats in the family. Yes, I'm talking about you Joe & Jermaine!! Wake up Katherine and stop being such an enabler/puppet!

1265 days ago


Greedy trash!

1265 days ago



Way to be a troll, turning it into a race issue.

1265 days ago


A while back there was a story that Mrs. Jackson was paying $25k a month for a rental house while their house was going to be remodeled. What happens is that squatter took over the house and for a long time they have been paying $25k a month just for rent. She is broke in her eyes. How about going to the nice condo you were going to give the squatter and live rent free until the house is fixed up.It is called a budget and most people have them. Real people work 40+ hrs are lucky to get medical insurance and if they are really lucky get over 30k a year. Not just in a month and a half. Grow up. Any money the lawyer gets he gets a % of so you are back to where you were in the first place. Sure hope Mike's kids get a good education because they will not get to live off of any of their daddy's hard earnned $$.

1265 days ago

Wow you guys are so gullible    

Michael left 40% of his $$$ to his mother. I'm sorry, but paying for a cook, 20+k a month, a house, and vacations here and there doesn't add up to that amount. By the way, how much does the two executors make a year? Millions and millions. How much do the lawyers make? Millions? Is that fair?
I'm sure Michael would be happy knowing that the executors and their lawyers have more money in their bank accounts than his own mother and kids.
Wake up people.

1265 days ago
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