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Lindsay Lohan -- Coachella Baby

4/16/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was spotted walking out of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival last night ... looking less than enthused to see the paparazzi.

Enjoy the show!


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I want to know how many aliases can the trolls possibly make?

1183 days ago


She is upset because no one wanted anything to do with her

1183 days ago


I see The Lying Lohans are out in full force with more phoney names

Cody learn how to spell

1183 days ago


This is the same festival from which she was clocked doing 90 last year while on probation.
The woman has no respect for the courts, nor court orders, then whines that "everyone is out to get her".

1183 days ago


u people r sick just do something usful with ur lifes and leave lindsay alone better then ul evr b ur dicusting exept 4 nicole u haters need 2 stop taking about lindsay and do somethin else with ur lifes besides be mean to lindsay shes a good person and ur all pathetuck go away haters and stop being leechs

1183 days ago


So I started reading this book called "The FORBIDDEN Book of Getting What You Want", and Im on a section where its discussing Goals vs. Intent. I have come to paragraph that reads,

Look at any number of celebrities. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan provide great examples of truly unhappy people. Lets face it, anyone who goes to the extremes of shaving their heads, runs through several relationships, and apparently spends a substantial portion of money on drugs and booze, well, anyone who knows anything about pop psychology will tell you that the person is deeply unhappy. Yet both Spears and Lohan, even the likes of Michael Jackson, Billie Joel, Clark Gable and Paris Hilton all have or had considerable wealth, they are incredibly popular
- presumably some of the most popular and well known individuals in the United States, if not the world- and they have access to virtually anything and everything. Still there not happy. Should we condemn celebrities and the wealth for this? Are they selfish to be thinking and behaving this way? On the one hand, sure, probably they are. On the other hand, well, no theyre not. Self-destructive behavior displayed by celebrities often has a lot to do with underlying unhappiness(duh). The unhappiness stems from the fact that most celebrities trade themselves, their privacy and many other elements of who they are in exchange for fame and fortune. Fame and fortune are not what they want and so they act out.

Alright, back to book

1183 days ago

Good riddance!    

Not much time left for snortin', drankin', and stealin', so she better get in all she can before the all those pesky things she despises called 'laws' and 'felonies' catch up to her in a few days when the DA and judge show they are beyond tired of of her ignorance and intolerance of the law! The tears, the screaming, and the hissy fit as she's dragged away are just icing on the cake! It's going to be tasty, sweet icing too!

1183 days ago


Say what you will about her, I love the color of her hair, it's gorgeous.

1183 days ago

john smith    

This avatar is the half of the 30 foot Jim Morrison of The Doors mural in Venice. Jim's ghost says I wish I could be at Coachella..........Drugs kill

1183 days ago


totally loaded.

1183 days ago


Bash, you're right. I should get my facts straight. That was Milo's report to the LAPD, and was actually 1115 mph (1115 courtesy Vancouver Sun - that's FAST!).
Milo's word=LOL!

1183 days ago


why is she so desperate to cover her face,in every picture???

1183 days ago

Clone Wars    

Who is the guy in the baseball cap? Lumpy?

1183 days ago

Pony Princess    

She looks like she didn't want her picture taken. Can't a girl go to the music festival and not have some pap get in her face????

1183 days ago

Pony Princess    

What is with her hands? Both hands have a dark "spot" on them, between the thumb and first finger.

1183 days ago
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