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Nic Cage -- Taunted Police Into Arresting Him

4/16/2011 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Nicolas Cage tell TMZ ... Nic was arrested in New Orleans this morning after daring the police to arrest him following a loud argument with his wife.


Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Nic was "very drunk" on the streets of N.O. when a cab driver saw him loudly arguing with his wife Alice.

We're told the cabbie called the police and said in addition to the screaming and yelling ... he saw Nic grab her.

We're told the police came and told Nic and his wife to just go home. That's when Nic allegedly told cops, "Why don't you just arrest me?" The cops then reiterated that he and his wife should just go home. Cage then repeated his dare to cops.

At that point, police took Nic into custody and charged him with ...domestic abuse and disturbing the peace.

We're also told Nic's wife is not a complaining witness and does not want him charged -- and says there was no physical contact.

UPDATE 10:27 AM PT -- A bond has been set at $11,000.

UPDATE 11:20 AM PT -- Cage has been released.

UPDATE 4/18: Cage's wife has opted to waive her option to get a restraining order against the actor.


No Avatar


11k bond for arguing in the street? And "grabbing" is domestic abuse? What a ****ing disgusting joke. Enjoy your nanny state Americans.

1287 days ago

robert baldwin    

lock him up.hahahahaha

1287 days ago


The cops called his bluff; not a wise move, but as wise a** move. Should have just went home.

1287 days ago


Sleeping it off in the pokey will do a body good.

1287 days ago


@get a life ho -- The domestic partner not need be the complainant. The state may act as a complainant if probable cause exists that there was a domestic assault, or violation of state law. Maybe you should read the entire complaint before you become a jail house lawyer!

1287 days ago


Of course they charged him, they got $11,000 out of that deal! Harsh way of being told to keep your mouth shut when you're told to go home isn't it?
LMAO @ whap him over the head with a wok in his sleep til he's dead! Isn't that a bit drastic since she said he didn't touch her?

1287 days ago


Ughhhhhhhhh, what an embarrassment. What the hell happened? Such a shame to your parents, wife and fans.

1287 days ago


Typical responses from the females - he deserves it, he treated her badly, he should go to jail, etc. Were any of you there? Do you know what her role in the argument was? Why is it the woman is always assumed to be an 'innocent bystander', while the man is the 'cruel aggressor'? Women psychologically torture men all the time, taunt them, chastise them, and when he finally responds because he simply cannot stand it anymore..guess who is the one who always goes to jail? Doesn't even matter if he touched her apparently. It gets old watching woman play the professional victim all the time.

1287 days ago


Nic Csge married a really cute little Asian hottie.

If she takes him back after this drunken behavior he is more lucky than he deserves to be!

1287 days ago



I agree with you on, alot of women are yelling abuse to have the man locked up in order to use it against them later. They have a record etc. It gives them the upper hand, and the truth is, it is not innocent until proven guilty anymore. It's guilty until the man can prove his innocence which is very difficult in a he said/she said situation! Fact is alot of women are the aggressors, even going so far as to show injuries they incurred themselves while trying to slug the man while the man has never lifted a finger to them.
Women should know though that it's not doing them any good having this type of thing go on, it's actually setting them back 100 years. Eventually no one will believe them and then they'll have the problem of being beaten and everyone turning a blind eye again!

1287 days ago

Bobby Boy    

Nic looks pretty good for an old man.... no wrinkles.

1287 days ago


She's not going anywhere! These women seek out these kinds of guys!She knew what kind of guy he was when they were dating and so did Elin Woods! I don't feel sorry for these women when they get shoved around or cheated on.

1287 days ago


Knowing the New Orleans cops like I do, he's VERY lucky he didn't go to the hospital. They have to deal with huge numbers of obnoxious drunks and they just don't put up with that kind of ****.

Plus it's one of the most corrupt law enforcement agencies in the Western Hemisphere. They had a murder-for-hire operation going on there for years, for God's sake.

1287 days ago


Likely he double dog dared the officer .....

1287 days ago

Johnny Dollar    

I'm thinking making millions of dollars in exchange for play-acting must not be all it's cracked up to be. So many of the multi-million buck-making celebs seem to be so dependent on drugs and booze to have a good time. I have a good time when all my bills are paid and I have enough left over to buy my wife a dozen roses or take her out to a nice dinner.

1287 days ago
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