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Nic Cage Returns to Work -- Like Nothing Happened

4/18/2011 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 4:00 PM PST: Check out this photo of Cage chillin' on the set just 30 minutes ago ... smoking a cigar and going over his lines. What arrest?

Nic Cage
didn't let his drunken arrest keep him from being at work on time this morning ... TMZ has learned the actor was on his movie set and ready to go when the director yelled, "Action!"


A rep for the film, "Medallion" tells us production on the flick has NOT been "affected in any way" because of Cage's sloppy domestic violence arrest early Saturday morning ... and today, things seemed "completely normal."

We're guessing Cage will try to take it easy during the next 6 weeks of shooting ... maybe a couple of quiet nights at home ... if he can remember the address.


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He's looking like that cause he don't remember a damn that happen...LOL. As another person least he was not driving.

1261 days ago


What people fail to realize is that people who were right there when the incident occurred have a different story all together. There was no domestic violence, he was just drunk and was not disorderly until he told the cop to arrest him and even then he was apparently attempting to be humorous about it. People get drunk, big deal. He's in a city he doesn't live it, so he forgot where he was staying...that happens all the time in New Orleans, believe me. It would be like a normal person going on vacation, getting drunk, and then not remembering what hotel they were at. Heck, I know people who have lived in the same place for 10 years and haven't been able to find their way home, when they were drunk. Nic Cage is a star and is somewhat odd, which makes him an easy target for stuff like this. I don't understand why people feel the need to compare him to Charlie Sheen, he is nothing at all like him. They were friends years ago, but then Charlie was also friends with Johnny Depp way back then. Neither Nic or Johnny have anything to do with Charlie now, yet the two of them still remain good friends. There are plenty of other big stars in Hollywood who do stuff like this on a regular basis, yet you don't hear about it because they're normal and boring. It's always easiest to pick on the person who isn't like everyone else. As for his money problems, like 99% of the time when a star has problems like his, it does end up being the fault of someone who was working for him. Who cares what he wants to buy, it's his money. If someone were doing their job in the first place, he wouldn't be in the position he's in money wise.

1261 days ago


He better be on set, on time and ready to work...he seriously needs the cash.

1261 days ago


Oh get over it, TMZ. It is possible for people to go to the drunk tank for a night and get back to work. Not everyone dwells on pointless bull****. It's not like your staff is full of saints.

1261 days ago

Caring Kate    

I admire this man's talent and have enjoyed immensely his movies. However, I smell a publicity rat. I'm not saying that Nic Cage wasn't drinking, but he was sober enough to keep asking people to "call the cops." I think he wants a taste of the Charlie Sheen thing. Actors are so carefully protected by their PR people and managers and I think this Sheen thing is making some of the "low life's" want to shine too and they are coming out of their low life closets to brag "See how bad I am." A sad commentary for our society. Too bad they don't know that they are being sooo old fashioned. Health and true fitness is IN along with protecting our environment. These so-called bad guys need to catch up with the times. Their "types" are nearly obsolete.

1261 days ago


What the hell is he supposed to do? Not show up? Go on a rampage on the set?

1261 days ago


Of course TMZ would slam Nic Cage but they praise Charlie Sheen. Nauseating! Who has their nose up Sheen's a.s.s.?

1261 days ago


Here's a free tip Nic “Now that I'm gone, I tell you: don't smoke, whatever you do, don't smoke”......Yul Brynner

1261 days ago


That's what happens when you marry whores.....You turn your life upside down. get drunk and useless. When are SOME Men ever grow up? STOP BEING SHALLOW.

1261 days ago


For all people saying he has talent I have only one thing to say.
If Francis Copola wasnt his uncle he would have been a good porn star.

1261 days ago


set chairs suck WOW WTF cheapo production=bad back

1261 days ago


i like his moives he one of the best act out there

1260 days ago


This guy looks totally different then he did a while back. Maybe it's just cuz he's getting old but looks like he's had a lot of work done on his face. Not to mention his hairline is sliding back.

1260 days ago
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