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Charlie Sheen Moves for Full Custody of Twins

4/18/2011 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is declaring legal war on Brooke Mueller and will not only ask a judge for full custody of their twins, he wants to cut off the child support he's paying her.


TMZ has learned ... Charlie's lawyer, Mark Gross, just gave Brooke Mueller's attorneys notice -- he's going to court tomorrow in an attempt to change the custody arrangement.

Gross will ask the judge to strip Brooke of both legal and physical custody, on grounds she has relapsed and went back into rehab.

And, if the judge does give Charlie full custody, Gross wants the judge to terminate Charlie's obligation to pay Brooke $55,000 a month in child support -- since she would no longer be incurring those expenses.

We've also learned Brooke's lawyers are planning their own offensive, asking the judge for full custody.  And, Brooke's lawyers want Charlie to be psychologically evaluated.


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Why should he quit the show, FGS? That doesn't make any sense. It's not like he is gonna be gone for months. His tour ends in two weeks. GMAB


Why? Charlie is FINE. Unless anyone can prove that he is not, and so far no one has been able to.

1261 days ago


55k a year would be too much to give this women, since when does it cost 55k month to raise two 2yr olds???

Oh the injustice of the justice system.

1261 days ago



1261 days ago


If Sheen ends up getting custody---SO SAD FOR THESE TWO CHILDREN--neither Brooke nor Charlie should have custody at this time. She can't get off drugs, and he is insane.

1261 days ago


The payment should be reduced to half the amount and the grandparents should get it. They should also have to account for the money spent.

1261 days ago

CA Girl    

I hope there's a judge with an actual brain functioning when this comes up before the court. I hope there's some real, actual wisdom being shown. I hope the kids go to DECENT grandparents or a loving, REALIABLE family member/family (uncle? aunt? cousins? brother/sister?) who will be considered excellent caregivers for these two little ping pong balls (which is what they are fast becoming). Sad commentary on a never-ending story. WHAT could that woman have been thinking to have put her children in harms way like this? Unbelievable. They're all nuts.

1261 days ago


People continuously seem to overlook the fact that those 55 000 is the money FOR THE KIDS, and there is no way that Brooke has unlimited access to it. That's why is IS possible that she is pawning watches if she actually needs money for crack.

1261 days ago


Neither parent should have custody. He's completely off the reservation and she's incapable of getting sober.

I feel sorry for Brooke, addiction is a hard thing to overcome. One would think having twins to take care of would be a good motivator, but the crack is just way more important to her than her kids.

1261 days ago


Give the kids to Zsa Zsa and her whacko husband Von-whatever. They are looking to have heirs and ever at their old age would probably treat the kids better.

1261 days ago


give the kids to denise richards, at least she has her life together.

1261 days ago


Those are going to some f*cked up kids, with their self-indulgent father and low esteem mother. It's not about the kids, but about ego.

1261 days ago


Do you know how many pairs of shoes you can buy with $50k/month!!!!

ANSWER: Not enough

1261 days ago


no judge in their right mind would give Brooke full custody when she keeps relapsing every other month.

Charlie should be given temporary custody of his sons since he is at least stable, clean and sober at this moment in time.

1261 days ago


Hey, give the kids some other woman who has her life together. There plenty of them. Good grief...Why should a stranger get the boys?? That's what Denise is.

LOL, Raymond. They should get Dr Drew with his brilliant analysis.

1261 days ago


Charlie couldn't keep two goldfish alive. Keep those kids away from him and his whores. We ALL know it is only matter of time before Charlie relapses, then what the boys have to be shuffled around again!? Nothing good can come of this until both parents grow up and get the help and STAY SOBER not for a month or two but for at least 2 years!!

Let Martin look after them. Brooke's mom sound like another enabler.

Well duh, if she loses custody then she loses child support. What genius' we have here.

1261 days ago
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