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Charlie Sheen Enrages 9/11 Conspiracy Group

4/17/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of 9/11 conspiracy theorists are threatening to protest in front of Charlie Sheen's live shows ... all because they feel the actor has betrayed them.


In case you forgot, Sheen was VERY outspoken about his belief that 9/11 was a conspiracy -- and famously remarked how the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings looked like a "controlled demolition."

Now, Mark Dice, a prominent member of The 9/11 Truth Movement, tells us his fellow conspiracy theorists are pissed -- because they feel Charlie has abandoned their cause.

Mark tells us Charlie should be "asking hard questions about what happened on 9/11 and the resulting wars ... not bragging about smoking crack and sleeping with hookers."

Mark says he's reached out to Charlie -- to no avail -- but he tells us if Charlie doesn't address the issue soon, he and several theorists will protest in front of Sheen's upcoming shows.


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gimme a break.. the conspiratorial theory rising again.... Let it die for Chris'Sake ! Why don't you work on WHY/HOW Obama got elected instead... Now THAT'S a Conspiracy !

1288 days ago


Charlie Sheen appeared on The Alex Jones Show twice, iirc, ages ago, about 9/11, then the famous belligerent rant that probably got him fired, that was mostly unrelated to conspiracy theories. The 'Vatican warlock assassin' stuff is an in-joke, like a lot of his 'crazy' statements. Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones were accused of been Vatican warlock assassin by other conspiracy theorists. And, while still working for 2.5 men, he made a 'Letter To The President Exposing The 911 Conspiracy'.

So in some regards he's less nutty and more mainstream now he's quit 2.5 men and is regaling stories on stage about things like 'the time he choked on a hard boiled egg and Jack Nicholson gave him the Heimlich Maneuver' not appearing on conspiracy nutter shows talking rubbish about 9/11.

1288 days ago


i love the "tolerant" liberals. They define tolerance as 1. knowing someone gay 2. having a black acquaintance 3. believing in gay marriage, BUT everyone else must agree with them or face the wrath (is that tolerant?) and they can HATE anyone who does not think like they do and justify it. these are sick people.

1288 days ago


Wow...nutbags protesting another nutbag? How sweet :)

1288 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

Kelly Preston JT's wife is up for a new role also,

Catcher in the new ML3



1287 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

Do androids dream of electric sheep
do shameless trolls beg and weep
do our makers we all meet

did you see the bunions on wendy williams feet

1287 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

Do androids dream of electric sheep
do shameless trolls beg and weep
do our makers we all meet

did you see the bunions on wendy williams feet

1287 days ago


I don't need Charlie's endorsement to push for what i believe is the truth (not a crack head and still believe that 9/11 was an inside job) ...if and when he focuses on supporting the movement again , i will welcome that.

1287 days ago


It doesn't matter who speaks for truth. If Mark and his group want to stand for truth, they would do better than to associate it with Charlie Sheen, honestly.

The vast majority of truthers came to be truthers via a long road of trying to deny the evidence. Anyone who has ever seen a video of the WTC towers falling, and can call that a "collapse" rather than an explosion, is in willful denial.

The opposite of truther is liar.

There are VAST amounts of educated individuals who support a new investigation into 9/11, INCLUDING 7 of the 10 commissioners on the 9/11 commission.

There are architects & engineers for 9/11 truth, pilots for 9/11 truth, firefighters for 9/11 truth, U.S. military officials for 9/11 truth, commissioned and non-commissioned U.S. military officers for 9/11 truth, medical professionals for 9/11 truth, lawyers for 9/11 truth, scientists for 9/11 truth, political leaders for 9/11 truth, scholars for 9/11 truth, etc., etc., etc. Over 80% of NYC residents support a new investigation into 9/11.

And yet, all of you who have done nothing but listen to your government's official version, will sit at your computers and bash those who seek truth and justice FOR YOU, absolutely REFUSING to look at the actual evidence. I know, I know - the evidence may force you to change your view of the little world you've created inside your head to make yourself feel better.


1287 days ago

good as gold    

Airplanes were flown into the trade centers were a diversion as billions of dollars of gold were being stolen out of trade center vaults. When the gold was secured in a nearby location(s) the buildings were blown up in a controlled demolition with explosives that were pre-planted in elevator shafts. This was done to cover the crooks tracks.

The major questions are: Who stole the gold? Where was the gold hidden near the trade centers before the buildings were blown up? How many months did the gold stay hidden near the trade centers before it was removed from the area? Where did the gold go? or copy and paste on youtube the following: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Part 1 of 13 - Presentation by Richard Gage

Each video [13 total] are approximately 9 minutes long and 2 hours total. Watch the videos and make-up your own mind. If you still think conspiracy theorists are crazy then I doubt you watched the videos done by these engineers. The buildings were blown up in a controlled demolition. PERIOD. Who did it? Who stole the gold? Yep those are the questions I have! But be careful how big deal you make out of this or you will get whacked, I'm sure of that.

1287 days ago


The dumb and dumber unite. So let me get this right the idiots who believe their little conspiracy theory based on their on nothing but probably avid listeners to Art Bell and Fat ass Pill popper Rush Limbaugh, and George Noory. They believe in UFO's specifically in Montana, Shadow Government, Big Brother, the list goes on....sounds like a bunch losers who masterbate to the radio. I've heard Charlie Sheen's take (Sean Penn believes the same crap too) on his views on 9/11 and they're offensive to America and to those who lost loved one's during that horrific event. These idiots need to focus on something they know something about in Charlie's case it's std's. The other Moron's (including Charlie and Sean) it's openly Treason it's the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery of the United States. This is BS they all need a one way ticket out of the USA.

1287 days ago


They actually think Sheen cares about anything besides himself and whether or not he's going to come out on top? Silly people.

1287 days ago


"'s open Treason..." lmao If questioning one's government is treason, YOU should be living in Nazi Germany. From the sounds of it, you'd like it there.

1287 days ago


Conspiracy theorists are not 'nutters'. There is nothing crazy about not trusting the Gov't or the main stream media. Both lie constantly.

What is crazy is wanting Charlie Sheen to be your spokesperson.

Remember .... the funny thing about Conspiracy 'theories' is that many times they end up to be conspiracy 'facts'. JFK and Marilyn .. and JFK and Addisons Disease ... for example.

1287 days ago


Some people are not smart enough to do the research themselves and get the truth out. If Charlie indeed is also aware of what our government is doing, he needs to stand up and be heard. Or else the sheeple will continue believing everything the government tells them. I feel sorry for the people who have willingly accepted what they have been told and haven't had the intelligence to figure things out with science.

1287 days ago
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