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Michael Lohan

Stars in

Anti-Drunk Driving Ad

4/17/2011 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For once, Michael Lohan is giving advice ... and people should listen.

MiLo, who was involved in a fiery drunk driving accident back in 2005, recorded a public service announcement for a website called

His message was short and sweet, but could have been more to the point if he just held up a picture of Lindsay and shook his head back and forth.


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Do the Lohans actually have jobs?

Honestly, I need an answer right now. These people are unbelievable!

I use to think they were all nuts but crepe, if I could get all the free crap they do and get away with breaking the law all the time, why the heck not.

Michael Lohan - Idiot or a evil genius cult leader! You decide!

1282 days ago


Please stop giving this guy ideas... He, along with all of his ex-family, needs to make a quiet exit from 'public display'. We have seen enough!

1282 days ago


its hard not to see why lindsy is the way she is her father is a s***bag freak and her mother hangs out with the gottis. americas s***. blood money having s***.

1282 days ago




1282 days ago


Well,that didn't take long

Micheal Lohan ball licker on parade

Here one minute gone the next

how fitting...ttfn

1282 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

what did we miss?
My bf and I paid good $$$ for this vid.

Smicheal Slohan defrauded TMZ for the last time

What are you afraid the minions will see / hear

1282 days ago

Sad sad    

Should we be happy that we can't watch it?

1282 days ago


LMAO @ TMZ: "His message was short and sweet, but could have been more to the point if he just held up a picture of Lindsay and shook his head back and forth."

1282 days ago

Fidel's niece    

@ thehoch -

"Michael Lohan - Idiot or evil genius cult leader! You decide!"

Probably both!

1282 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

Chew on this for awhile..

Whatsoever we conceive,has been perceived first by sense,either all at once,or by parts;a man can have no thought,representing anything,not subject to sense

The imaginations of them that sleep,are those we call Dreams.And these also(as all imaginations) have been before,either totally,or by parcels in the sense.and because in the sense,the brain and nerves,which are the necessary organs of sense ,are so benumbed in sleep as not easily to be moved by the action of external objects ,there can happen in sleep,no imagination;therefore no dream,

but what proceeds from the agitation of the inward parts of man's body;which inward parts,for the connection they have with the brain and other organs,when they are distempered,keep the same motion;whereby the imaginations formerly made these appear as if man were waking;saving that the organs of sense being now benumbed,so that there is no new object which can master and obscure them with a more vigorous impression,a dream must necessarily be more clear,in this silence of sense ,than our waking thoughts.

And so it comes to pass that it is a hard matter ,and by many thought impossible to distinguish exactly between sense and dreaming.For my part,when I consider that in dreams I do not often know ,nor constantly,think of the same persons,places,objects and actions that I do waking;nor remember so long a train of coherent thoughts, dreaming, `as at other times

and because waking I often observe the absurdity of dreams,but never dream of the absurdity of my waking thoughts;I am well satisfied that being awake,I know I dream not ;though in when I dream,I think myself awake...

1282 days ago


No thanks Harveys Boyfriend. I like to read stuff that makes sense. After reading the first sentence, I knew that wouldn't be the case. LOL

What the hell won't this douche do for camera time?? I have to question an "Org." who would use Milo as a spokeperson. Seriously? This was the best you could get?? While I feel the message is an important one, using Milo is well, not the route I'd expect a serious "Org." to take. Next time, use someone who's not known for famewhoring. You just might get better results!! Just pointing out the obvious..... :/

1282 days ago

dube blu    

this guy is the biggest douce bag ever used buy anna nicole smith, no disrespect to her. wish he would do something along the ways of oj simpson & just fade away behind bars where he belongs. wonder how it feels that the world hates just to hear your name. lilo has freckeld saggy tatas & looks like a three day roadkill of a skunk. she has to live knowing she is one of his spearms, ewwwwww.

1282 days ago


Whether or not you like him, the commercial is good and the message he is sending out is true.

1282 days ago


this clown is in no position (whatsoever) to tell others what to do. not in a million years. he's an example to show to our kids of what a man should NOT do. so they can feel better about their own fathers.

1282 days ago


the only part of the video tmz is showing you is the truth. OH it did not play. figures huh

1282 days ago
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