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Charlie Sheen Will Appear In Court

4/18/2011 9:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will appear in court Tuesday to make a personal plea to the judge to award him full custody of Bob and Max ... sources tell TMZ.


We're told Charlie feels so strongly about getting both physical and legal custody of the twins, he wants to deliver his message personally to the judge.

Charlie, along with his lawyer, Mark Gross, will argue that Brooke Mueller is unfit to care for their kids, given her recent relapse into drugs.


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Porn stars, cocaine parents......all don't sound right. Those kids would be better off with foster homes.

1251 days ago


I had no sympathy for Mel Gibson and I have no sympathy for Charlie Sheen. I think the courts should intervene on behalf of these two boys, appoint a consistent caretaker and supervise visits with both parents. Is Sheen allowed unsupervised visits with his kids with Denise? I don't believe so, I don't think Denise would allow it. He has no business taking care of two babies unsupervised but I don't think Brooke or her family are any better.

1251 days ago


You are a freakin idiot!!
it's ok to do drugs as long as he doesnt do them around the
You are just as sick as that twisted "wacko" you are defending.
I dont see Charlies parents doing anything at all...have you? Lets pray for Charlie..he has an addiction, it's like cancer..blah blah blah... I want to know why those people don not take those babies?????
In your unfinite wisdom..can you tell us???? both parents are bad and the court needs to take those precious innocent babies and give them to a stable home where they get one on one love and NOT nannies or ho's... I wish more than anything Brooke could get well...but being around Charlie is just gonna keep her sick.... He is a sicko and he hurts and destroys all that he touches in one way or another.. if he doesnt watch it we are going to start a protest against the guy....Go away Charlie....plz..... anyone else want to start some kind of protest or something against this sicko?? seriously lets get something going...any ideas????

1251 days ago


I think that Charlie has proven himself as the more stable parent as he is clean and brooke is not.

1251 days ago


take two drug tests...charlie will pass..give him his sons back. he'll stay clean and hire the BEST nannies for those sweet boys. on the other hand...this brooke crackhead money chaser will self explode at that point. as will her will be a 55,000 per month loss to that whole loser family. Why would they be lying about her whereabouts instead of slapping her ass in rehab...yet again! they wouldnt get paid!!! she should be in jail.

1251 days ago


I'm sure the kids really want to see what new hooker Charlie is going to be with.

1251 days ago


Why not instead let Charlie's parents take full custody and charlie can visit... ?



Having raised one family and in addition making a loving/caring home for Charlie's oldest child I would imagine his Mom and Dad are just tired of the child-rearing role. They deserve a rest from that job.
And if they continue to clean up Charlie's messes when will he ever learn to be responsible?

1251 days ago


Charlie Sheen has tested negative MANY times in the last several months. Yes, he has been playing the media and everyone else, just because he can. Why not? Has to be fun. Yet Brooke has made up lies, fallen off her wagon many times and she is the "good mother"? I don't think so. No, I don't think Charlie's bimbo's are good for the kids, thats a choice he needs to make, bimbo's or kids. Brooke's mother comes here, and oops, gave Brooke the ability to play Paris Hilton's drug game. And another thing. Quit blaming California. This state was perfectly fine until other states handed their welfare bums to California. Its the transplants that cause the problems, not the natives. Take your damned welfare transplants back and just watch how normal California becomes.

1251 days ago

Queen Karma    

To you haters of Charlie Sheen,you are WRONG.
The twin babies in question are not a gift to take away from Charlie Sheen.
Brooke Mueller has been a drug addict for years was before Charlie entered her life. Charlie has also been a drug user,plus he is really mentally unbalanced.
NEITHER bio parent should have these kids.
Brooke's mother,a socialite,and stepfather control the money off the kids and uphold Brooke.
Martin Sheen and his wife are too old as is Brooke's parents.
If these people werenot rich,the CPS would ahve taken the kids from both parents ASAP.
Grandparents,that would have been questionable too.
Who is best for the babies?
Emilio Estevez.Young,settled,decent living,
and has his own money.
Charlie and Brooke cansee the kids for court visits from time to time and of course,never alone. They forfeit all rights to the kids. It will take years, adecade for Brooke and Charlie to get better and then still.
Easy case. Case closed.Just the facts.

1251 days ago


I think that he should give Denise a very large amount of money and have those boys raised with their sisters!

1251 days ago


Do they not have grandparents who can take full custody? Neither one of these unfortunate children's parents are fit.

1251 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Good for Charlie. The goddesses and Charlie are definitely a better influence than that coked out Brooke. Do the right thing judge.

1251 days ago


it will be good for the world to see a person honestly deal with the seeds of negativity.

by having a revolution inside theirselves and actually doing the right thing.

nuff said

a 911 truther is better than a fake msm cliche

1251 days ago


People who are saying that the justice system is messed up in california, that's not completely true. Don't base the special treatment that celebrities get to the entire system. Normal people like you and me would never get away with half the stuff celebrities do.

I know Charlie is off his rocker, but in this situation I hardly think that Brooke is better off for them than he is. At least he's been passing all his drug tests. If anything, one of the grandparents need to step in and get temporary custody.

1251 days ago


If Brooke really is buying crack like everyone says,
time to remove them from her care and mom's too.
What a terrible mama she is. She needs a year in rehab.
Maybe that wont even help.
Hope you protect your sons Charlie

1251 days ago
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