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Eddie Winslow's Ex

The Man Is a

Window Creeper

4/18/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Winslow's ex-wife just obtained ANOTHER restraining order against the ex-"Family Matters" star -- after the actor allegedly showed up to her house several times and harassed her through a window.


It's the latest TRO in a legal firestorm between Darius McCrary and his ex Karrine Steffans -- according to the docs filed recently in L.A. County Superior Court, the actor began showing up at Karrine's house unannounced in January ... and it freaked Karrine out.

According to the docs, Darius would regularly bypass security in her gated community by sneaking through a rear entrance -- and sit outside her home to wait for her to return.

Karrine claims Darius would then call her and ask her to "look outside of [her] window" -- where Darius was peering inside.

According to Karrine, the harassment even spilled over onto the Internet -- claiming Darius sent her an email, stating, "You should do the world a favor and kill yourself." Calls to Darius weren't returned.


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The last thing he was in was Family Matters, why do you still refer to him as an actor?

1281 days ago


jessemosslover about an hour ago

The last thing he was in was Family Matters, why do you still refer to him as an actor?
I've seen him in a few B movies on TV.

Did she call the police after seeing him starring in her window? It didn't say in the article.

1281 days ago


He's currently on the soap Young and the Restless and he sucks big time. He's a horrible actor.

1281 days ago

Voted 4 Obama and Completed my Census    

He plays on Young and the Restless too.

1281 days ago


I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of Karrine Steffans mouth. She's a huge liar. She's probably just pissed because everyone is on to her and no one would be stupid enough to have a conversation with her much less **** her for material for book number 4. She's been known to tape conversations and there are taped conversations that prove what a huge huge liar she is. I think she's a sociopath. (Having actually dealt with them I know what I'm talking about.)

1281 days ago


Eddie Winslow gone bad. TV Movie coming up. Urkel came out better and he was the geek.

He's on Young and the Restless? That show still exist?

1281 days ago


If this another case of Karrine lying?
Remember a few years back (july 2008) she went to the press and said tht he tried to un her over in a parking garage. Then the parking garage video showed he didnt

and a judge gave darius a restraining order against Karrine!
D was trying to leave and she stepped in front of his car, and then jumped on the hood.

So Im not easily going to believe Karrinne.

1281 days ago


He is on a soap...and was or still is involved w/a hooker..
I hope he is not doing any kissing scenes..

1281 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Damn, Darius. Fool let "Supahead" take his mind from him. You can't fall in love and become obsessed with hoes, dawg.

1281 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I can't believe he married this woman. I understand she gives super head, but damn, did she suck his brains out?

1281 days ago


He sucks as Malcolm. Should just be shipped off and fed to the polar bear.

1281 days ago


1) never ever get with a girl who has a past to hide.

2) Never ever get with a girl who's been with friends of yours.

3) Never ever be in denial when a friend warns you about a hood hoe.

4) You can Never.. EVER.. turn a hoe into a housewife.. many still do it yet to get stung by a scorpian..the era of Captain Save a Hoe is OVER..make her pay her own bills, make her get a job, make sure she's on birth control, and keep a distance before sweeping in to seal a deal.. Darius dawg.. you married a straight up gutter hood rat.. the worst of the worst.. the hip-hop groupie.

5) I find it completely hilarious how these guys call her out of a name when in fact they knew who she's been with.. and considering its Superhead.. she's been with ALOT of guys.. thats just nasty... You like the taste of used goods and your friends salty balls in your mouth..

6) if you walk into a club.. a friend steps to you and ask "why in hell are you with that chick?" then provides you detail... and you deny thinking its all because of jealousy... you're an idiot..

7) Guys take a look at Darius and watch the showtime "superhead" special on Showtime.. you can tell the man is close to a nervous breakdown.. he's heartbroken/disgusted/ashamed....but when he talks about the superhead the dude's head begins to twitch... now thats effects of receiving one mighty superhead job..

8) If Mr.Marcus ( famous blk porn star) jumps off from this chick that should have been your warning signal.. that is some superhead no whiny punk can handle.. face it darius.. you epically failed.

9) Superhead video can still be seen across the internet.. the chick has skillz.. no joke.. but if a chick is THAT good and it's not her 1st.. be very very very wary.. devils in sheeps clothing rule.. or throat in this case..

10) Superhead is making a lesson out of all these guys who cheat on their wives, girlfriends, babymothers, cause if they infact did not Cheat she would not have a story to tell or even make up.. let alone she would not have been able to get so close.. this is what you get when dealing with a music video groupie/groupie/hoe. they are all out there just waiting their chances to cash in..

wrap it up and use your mind.. sometimes you must get burned in order to learn.. or else.. you'll have a face like mr darius right now.

Superhead dont call me.. but dayum girl.. yo skillz on point~

1281 days ago


Sounds similar to OJ Simpson (isn't that what he did to Nicole before her death?) Sounds creepy to me.

1281 days ago


Who in their right mind would believe this woman? She should join Charlie Sheen's tour!

1281 days ago


Eddie needs a new job?

1281 days ago
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