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Michael Jackson Estate Settles with Heal the World

4/19/2011 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson Estate has settled its lawsuit against the Heal the World Foundation, and the Estate is now copacetic with the charity using Michael Jackson's name.

The Estate had sued Heal the World, on grounds it had no right to use MJ's name to solicit money.  But we've learned there was a secret meeting yesterday between Katherine Jackson's new lawyer, Perry Sanders, and Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman.

We're told the Foundation will transfer to the Estate all registered trademarks that relate to Michael Jackson.  MJ's original Heal the World Foundation will be re-formed under the supervision of the Executors. Katherine Jackson will be a member of the board, as will Melissa Johnson, who headed up the most recent version of the foundation.

The lawyers are going to court this AM to dismiss the lawsuit.



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-Ulja, I haven't heard where Alejandra moved. We know the Estate originally offered up the Cenutry City Condo, but there was no word in the Press Release that she would be staying there. When TMZ published their version of the news, they claimed there was a very strong chance that she would be doing a TELL-ALL book, which means she would have her own money. I'm not sure that I'm convinced that she's going to write the book, but we'll see....
As for Grace, I agree. And that's what I meant to say when I wrote that she may have used the money Prince Abdullah put in that acct for Michael. There is NO WAY Michael would've given her that money because he had to pay the Prince back. I'm sure that if he knew there was money in that acct., he would've used it first. Thing is, back in those days Grace was like his right hand--she was his only business connection in Bahrain since Tohme never went with him, and although Michael had her there for PPB, I think Tohme had her there to watch Michael and report back to him. By then, she had been around so long that Michael just naturally trusted her....unfortunately....
No Peace till Justice!

1220 days ago


-Cher,one moment else..
1) I know Michael trusted people too much. But, why did he open new account (or used the old one) for Grace's name to put prince's money? What need was for it? Why didn't Michael want to use his own account? May be someone gave him "kind advice" and he listened to it?
2)Have i correctly understood that Alehandra has refused city condo, what was offered by Estate, and having moved down from the house in Haynvenhest , she lives with all her children in apartment which she has acquired at her expense (or at money paid to her for something by someone)?

1220 days ago


-Hey Ulja! I think the account was opened in Grace's name so that the money could go DIRECTLY to pay his SPECIFIC debts without any interference from other creditors. As you know, after the trial, everybody who ever did business with him seemed to be trying to sue him for one thing or another, so there were legitimate debts like payments on the Sony/ATV, Neverland's Fortress Loan, Hayvenhurst Mortgage, and so on. The other creditors may have been people he may have considered fighting in court so he wouldn't want them to know he had money....
I personally think Michael had several OVERSEAS accts. over the course of his life. There were so many people after him for his money that he had to protect himself. Actually, I always thought that but then someone here stated they read that those Offshore accounts that Branca was accused of opening for himself were really opened by him FOR MICHAEL....
As for Alejandra, the Condo the Estate offered her cam with strings--she had to sign a confidentiality agreement which means she couldn't write her tell-all. She opted to walk away which is why most people assume she's going to write that book. Thing is, she dropped her case and walked away the MINUTE Jermy got that Judgement and was told he had to pay her back-child support. He hadn't paid it for awhile so it got to be about $100,000 in arrears, and he has to pay her monthly child support going forward. IMO, that's what she's using to move out....she'll be set for awhile whether or not she does a book. Jermy claims he doesn't have the money, but his current wife does so he's out of luck...
No Peace till Justice!

1219 days ago


Hi,cher!It is normal when someone puts one's own money for other account for one reason or another . But...
1)Usually, when someone wants to open the account in another's name he (she) at once makes up the warranty of authority for oneself so to receive money as required. If there was no such p.a. in case of Grace or Blanca, I very doubt that Michael has put money in their names....
2) Alehandra has left Hayvenherst in hope to receive money from Jermy? Is she going to bring an action against him? She doesn't have enough money? But what money she lives on now? Who pays her habitation and residing?

1219 days ago

Mary White    

I am so happy that Kathrine has been appointed to the board of directors of a charity that Michael founded. Kathrine does not get paid for this she gets to over see decision making-good!
It was her partner Howard Mann that helped this charity come back into the world. Looks like Howard Mann has helped Mrs Jackson once again and also a charity that will help countless needy people. Michael most surely would have wanted this to happen.

1218 days ago



True - KJ is on the Board of Directors. However, the Board does get paid a certain amount of money - don't know how much. But the Estate who now is in control over the charity - has the right to either allow or disallow the MJ image, or anything else pertaining to the charity. The charity will recieve part of the money that Michael appointed to it. i.e. KJ, Joe, and the sibling's that are on the board will recieve some money through this action. Also, Mann and this other woman are crooks and are misleading and taking advantage of KJ and her position by manipulating her into things where they can get some money.

1218 days ago


CloBird: Thanks for the great link to this site:

Most helpful!

1217 days ago


Cher, thanks for your detailed response. I was following along with you, as I SORT of knew some of this stuff, but you nicely filled in some missing pieces -- thanks!

BTW, when I heard that Grace had a Beverly Hills address, I just assumed that kind-hearted MJ must have taken real good care of her, since she raised his children, and at one point he supposedly told someone, "she's my wife."

Curiously, after she did that dastardly interview with Barak, and then after he died, Grace said something to the effect that MJ "was loyal to the end" in her official response to his death. Since she was clearly retaliating against him after he fired her, I wonder why she changed her tune and spoke about loyalty "to the end." My guess is that he left her some money somehow, or Thome approached her with some moneybags and said, "MJ wanted you to have this if something ever happened to him." This is PURE speculation on my part and is based on nothing but trying to put the puzzle pieces together in my own mind. Just throwin' it out there...

Ulja, Alejandra recently sold an interview to STAR magazine. I found the story on this link that CloBird supplied: That's probably where she got a bundle of dough to tide her over until her book deal gels, which hopefully will bomb, as no real fan would pay money to read her lies and trash.

1217 days ago


TSIG,all of us can only guess... Truth is known to the few. It is well when people admit it and don't try to attribute the assumed arguments to real events as some, so-called biographers do , I will not specify who is , as you know it yourself.

1216 days ago


According to HLN news yesterday - Murray's defense team has requested that the trial date be postponed from May 9 to possibly Aug. and/or Sept. in order to collect more witnesses and evidence.

Found this on the CNN news late last night:

Trial of Michael Jackson's doctor could be delayedBy Alan Duke, CNNApril 29, 2011 6:26 p.m. EDT
NEW: Dr. Murray's lawyers ask for more time to prepare for the trial
NEW: The judge will decide Monday on the request
"I fully expected that was going to happen," the judge says
The defense concern began when the judge approved prosecutors' new experts
Los Angeles (CNN) -- Defense lawyers asked for a delay in the start of Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial Friday because, they said, they need more time to answer new theories raised by the prosecution.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor scheduled a hearing for Monday morning to decide whether he will grant the continuance.

Testimony in the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor has been scheduled to start on May 9, with the jury to be chosen next week.

"I'm not saying what I'm prepared to do, because I need to hear and see more information," Judge Pastor said during a Friday afternoon hearing.

The possibility of a delay was raised during a hearing Friday morning when Pastor ruled prosecutors could call new expert witnesses, including one who would testify that there was no way Jackson could have self-ingested the drug that killed him.

Defense lawyer Ed Chernoff said he consulted with Dr. Murray after that hearing and they agreed they needed more time to prepare their expert testimony to counter the new prosecution expert.

"This is precisely the matter I fully expected that was going to happen when the defense said it wanted to go in 60 days," Pastor said.

Murray invoked his right to a speedy trial after January's preliminary hearing in which the prosecution's expert witness admitted he made a math mistake that supported the defense theory that Jackson may have given himself the fatal dose of propofol.

Propofol is a surgical anesthetic that the Los Angeles coroner ruled killed Jackson in combination with several sedatives found in his blood.

"I actually made a mistake on that," Dr. Richard Ruffalo testified during cross-examination, referring to his calculation of the levels of propofol in Jackson's stomach fluid.

Murray's lawyers suggest a frustrated and sleepless Jackson may have poured the surgical anesthetic propofol into his juice bottle while the doctor was out of his bedroom.

A new expert approved by Judge Pastor Friday will testify that he "concludes it was impossible for Michael Jackson to orally ingest" the fatal drug, prosecutor David Walgren said.

"Super expert Dr. Ruffalo prepared a 60-page report," Defense lawyer Michael Flanagan said in court Friday. "We got ready on that, but now the trial in this case will look nothing like the preliminary. I bet you they're not going to call Ruffalo."

The prosecution said the defense is always welcome to call the former prosecution expert.

"They are not calling their original 11 experts," Flanagan said. "They've got three brand new ones, which requires us to prepare all over again for these new theories and justifications of these theories."

The new experts will present "more detailed analysis, but not a new theory," Walgren said.

Judge Pastor said there had been a "massive investment of time and money" put toward the trial and a delay might be expensive. There are 171 potential jurors already "hardship qualified" for the trial, but a delay might require them to go through the process again.


This is total B>S>!!! They have had two years to collect evidence and witnesses and such! I think that the reason that they keep wanting to postpone the trial - is because as time goes along - everyone's memory will have faded to some degree as to what happened that evening. JMO

1215 days ago


Good for Mrs Jackson to be involved in this charity affair. The only operating expenses that charitys are allowed to take is a 20% fee for operating & management. So what if Mrs, Jackson gets a small piece of the 20 percent shared amungst the board and the operation expenses! Pegasus- that is not allot of money and the estate better not keep restricting Mrs Jackson from doing the small things she is doing in her life with her partner Howard Mann. This guy has really helped her and the guy does not need money or power. It is obvious that the guy was well off and a smart business man before giving part of what he owns back to the family. The estate is just mad that they have a worthy adversary now who is helping Kathrine. Howard Mann is the only guy with the gusto to go up against the estate and everyone else that is exploiting her son.And he is making headway too. The estate should be worried. I am sure they have allot of worries these days.

1213 days ago


Hey haha! I like that comment mia. You are a feisty one:p
I think you are on to something with that though. I kinda think MJs Mom knows what she doing and this new dude Howard Mann is someone with a few tricks up his sleeve. I think she is going to go after the estate with this guy and maybe a few unknown secrets gona come out one day. I am on MJs MOM and Mann team.

1211 days ago


Agreed by me. I think this is great news and I am happy Kathrine and her partner Howard are beginning to make a real difference in for the needy. Much as Michael did and much like he would have wanted. Good job Mrs Jackson, you are doing the right thing. That makes me very happy.

1197 days ago


Thanks Marcus:)
I am a bit over zealous! I love all things MJ and I am totally behind Michaels mother in all that she does. I believe Howard Mann is a good friend to her and an asset in the changing fortune of time for that family. God Bless The Jacksons!!

1193 days ago
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