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Pia Toscano Will Sing on 'Dancing' ... For Mark

4/19/2011 8:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's doing her, and now ... she's doing his show -- TMZ has learned, Pia Toscano will be performing on "Dancing with the Stars" next week ... and get this, her new BF Mark Ballas will dance to her music.


It's been in the works for a while -- and an hour ago, the deal was sealed.

Pia's performance signifies a borderline incestuous cross-pollination between the two biggest shows on TV ... "American Idol" and "Dancing."

And if that's not enough -- Pia will be back on "Idol" tomorrow for a special cast-off reunion.



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This guest appearance is damage control for the anti-Italian stereotype hate speech uttered by Kendra, Bergeron and Goldman at the last show. Does it come complete with an apology? I doubt it. gABC would have edited it out of the show if it were a queer slur. And this is supposed to be a family show.

1251 days ago


You do realize that TMZ probably monitors their traffic more so than the comments. They don't care if you're visiting just to say how little you care as long as you're visiting. Don't want them to report on someone? Don't click the link. Idiots.

1251 days ago

John 8:32    

Well I'm sure it's obvious to everyone by now that the show is not really based on real talent or abilities... it's obviously politically based... and in my humble opinion I wouldn't be surprised if the winner was chosen before the show even began.

It's more than obvious to me, that this show has an agenda. And that's to entertain middle America and pacify their spoiled and selfish tastes. This show truly needs to be revamped from the ground up. "With a new judging system as well!"

This show has gotten as bad as dancing with the stars... where you have Ralph Macchio... with many years of previous dancing experience and training also a Broadway musical... pretending to be a novice dancer - ((RINGER)).

I'm a musician... and songwriter... and in my humble opinion... that show American Idol already has three strikes against it.

The first strike was eliminating Karen Rodriquez... the second strike was eliminating Naima Adedapo. Third strike eliminating the incredibly talented Pia Toscano.

Questions for the American Idol bigwigs?

How can you pay judges millions of dollars to sit on their rear ends... and not reward a penny to the contestants who should be awarded cash and prizes or something from every show that they perform on $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ ???

Why were we forced to watch what is basically a gong-show at the beginning of the season... when these people could have been eliminate a long time ago and saved us all the misery of watching them display what is obviously little talent or ability..not to speak of possessing assets to be an Idol.

This would have been a much better show if once you reach the 12 or 15 finalists that you spent a little money out of your tight pockets, and buying them clothes for the rest of their performances... so the less fortunate contestants will be on equal playing field... as far as maintaining a professional image. This would also reflect on the overall image of the show... and create a more positive atmosphere."

Once a contestant reaches a certain level... every performance after that they should receive some sort of a reward... a new wardrobe... maybe some professional help to create a new image, music lessons or a musical instrument - singing lessons. Maybe a nice trip for two... recording time at a nice studio - and not simply sent home empty-handed.

On another note it's become more than obvious to me... that in their own little sneaky way... they've been doing some serious discriminating... as in the selection of contestants... well one thing obviously there were virtually no black males making the cut of contestants... that had any visuals about them.

It's a sad day and time when "Randy Jackson" is the nicest looking black male on the show for the entire season. I had no trouble finding many nice looking Caucasian males from time to time on the show... even going as far as showing them with their girlfriends. When it came to black males, every time I saw one... he had ZERO sex appeal, and stereotypical looks. (bald heads & dark skin).

"Furthermore in my opinion... none of this is a coincidence!"

Finally Pia... slowdown with your personal life...ALL over the MEDIA! As your celebrity grows... so will the public's thirst and curiosity grow... they will clamor for more information about you... this will force the media to seek out any and all forms of information about your personal life... family and friends... no matter if it's true or false no matter where it comes from... so you must be aware that. Just take Charlie Sheen's life for example.

There going to scrutinized everything you do GOOD or BAD.

There's a lot of selfish and jealous people out there that would love to just step all over you... some simply waiting for your career to fail. Don't get them mixed up with the millions of people, that do love you... people like myself (smile).

Bottom line :

Surround yourself with real people, not ones who are afraid to tell you the TRUTH, when they speak to you... please trust in their judgment, thank and reward their sincerity. One of the biggest mistakes so-called celebrities make... is surrounding themselves with "YES" people."

PIA Always take time for your friends and fans. (hugs & kisses)

Before I forget... PIA get on a major tour.. open up for some major artists. "Write yourself some up-tempo song's!!"


"To all PIA supporters out there, keep - up the good work!!!"

1251 days ago



NOT. :/

1251 days ago


John 8:32 AI is run by across the pond Euro trash with a queer and/or wigga agenda. They don't want the best acts. They want dreck sheepish pop culture to keep kids stupid. Welcome to the age of Orwell. It's same mentality behind the movie Dogville.

1251 days ago


If we're lucky this will be her final 5 minutes of fame but God it seems it's dragging on forever. Her songs bore me to tears and her fake Ms. America hand motions gag me. Please, please, please let her go away. She's embarrassing.

1251 days ago


the 2 biggest shows on tv,things sure have gotten bad

1251 days ago


wow what a great event that is ???

1251 days ago


I'm beginning to think her people are feeing you info. There are those who find her gorgeous, but I think her face is not very feminine looking. She kinda has a manly face...she looks a little bit like a man in drag. tamyra Brown, La Toya, Katherine McPhee, Melinda Doolitltle are all amazing singers who did not win Idol. bottom-line is she got booted because her singing/personality did not resonate with the viewers...the viewers did not feel compelled to vote for her.

1251 days ago


But Mark es mi hombre>!

1251 days ago


But Mark es mi hombre!!

1251 days ago


@John832 - Wow really you actually like all 3 of those girls?!? The 3 of them and Thia had to be the worst, most boring singers I've EVER heard! I'm a musician myself, while not professional I have been playing guitar for about 10 years. Anyone who actually likes Pia is deluding themselves into obscurity, she has a great voice THAT IS IT! I've said it 100 times, TALENT ALONE WILL NOT MAKE YOU A STAR, you have to be able to "entertain" your audience ballad after ballad after slow song after slow song, will NOT yield you votes and that's why she got voted off along with Thia, Karen, and Niama, I had high hopes for Naima but something happened along the way and her voice just dropped and adding reggae to Elton was dumb. Don't blame England (as last I checked The Office is a HUGE show here, just saying) and dont blame teens (really 13-15 year olds are spending 100's of dollars voting??? Come on man....) They all sucked! It's unfortunate they're girls but that's just how it goes, Casey plays a bass, do any of you have any idea what that means??? I dare say if Casey ever goes on stage without that bass he will lose, that bass is who he is, when he did "Why don't you do right" was excellent, Nature Boy was phenomenal, and you compare that to Pia and some boring ass ballad?!?! All those ballads she sings, are by singers who sing MORE THAN JUST DAM BALLADS!!!! Jimmy Iovine is an idiot too, always telling the others to sing this or that, and then they lose, dude shut up and let them pick their own songs. Karen and her whole (look at me I'm SOOO spanish!!!) is what I got everytime I looked at her and I'm part colombian and she got under my skin, like she's so special because she's spanish. This season of idol is great, wish the judges had a bit more input or say so, but at this stage of the game what more can they do, and if as others say, you need their critiques to vote than you shouldn't vote because you have no idea what real music is, we all like different music, if your idol loses, well sorry about your damned luck, but that's just what happens, when she makes a cd buy it and support her and stop bitching and complaining about some boring singer who "should've won the WHOLE THING!!"

No she shouldn't have and she actually should've been voted off weeks ago. Also leave Stefano alone, that boy can sing, yea he's in the bottom 3 every week, but you know what he keeps fighting and he keeps getting better, can't say the same for Pia......

1251 days ago


WHY is Pia Toscano even featured on the Idol news page? She's NOT on American Idol anymore for obvious reasons, folks! Since she's no longer affiliated with the American Idol show any "news" about her should not appear on this part of the gossip page. Where does "news" about Pia fit in? NOWHERE! No one cares! Are we doomed to have news and pictures of her nasty face plastered before us for all eternity? Will Pia NEVER go away? She's like VD....always there but you don't want to be caught with it!

This would be a real showstopper: Pia Toscano and Kate Gosselin doing a dance and singing number. Oh, wait...on second thought that probably won't work 'cuz neither of them have dance or singing talent! I suppose the comedy of it all would just be seeing those two dingbats on the same stage: two American females most definitely hated by the American public!

Hope someone on DWTS comments publicly that had Pia bedded down with Mark sooner perhaps he could have taught her some move tips to put life to her "vocal performances." Wonder how stiff she is in bed with Mark? OMG, don't even want to think of that broad in dead grandmother would probably show more emotion and sensuality than Pia!

1251 days ago


Mark Ballas looks like a fruit loop in this picture! Yippy, I get to wear my girly underpants today!!! Give me a break!

Pia looks like one of those drag queens you'd see on a Maury Povich show where they ask the audience to guess at who are real men dressed as ladies and who are real ladies indeed. Pia looks like a man dressed up in really bad, outdated girls clothing. Who knows, maybe underneath all that bad garb she's got some surprizing boy parts!

Plus, every one of Pia's facial expressions looks like a skunk took a crap on her face, sprayed it, then turned around and took a good wiff of it and realized it really does stink! I've had more attractive bowel movements at the bottom of the toilet bowl after a night of Tex-Mex compared to Pia Toscano's face!

1251 days ago


I will agree that Pia can sing, but she has no stage presence and isn't a performer.If America wanted to continue seeing her sing, they would have voted for her. I think that all of the uproar about her elimination and her performance on next week's DWTS is a slap in the face for the others eliminated on AI this season; it is as if they weren't comparable to Pia. I wish she would stop milking her 15 minutes of fame. She will probably not amount to anything more than a Vegas show, if that.

1251 days ago
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