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'Starsky & Hutch' Star -- 'I Fear For My Safety'

4/20/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who played Detective David Starsky on the '70s classic "Starsky and Hutch" claims he's living in fear of an "irrational" female superfan who's been lurking around his apartment -- and he needs protection STAT!


TMZ has obtained documents filed by Paul Michael Glaser -- in which the actor begs a judge to slap a restraining order against the woman who used to run his official website.

In the docs, filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court, 68-year-old Paul claims the woman is so obsessed with him -- she followed him to England three years ago to watch him perform in a play ... a play she attended 23 TIMES!

Paul also claims she's fired off more than 500 emails to him over the past two years in which she exhibits "both a rational and very irrational side."

Glaser adds, "I am about to start a tour with my book, and given [the woman's] behavior, I fear for my safety."

Glaser wants the judge to make sure the woman stays at least 200 yards away from himself and his family.


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1253 days ago


Where's Huggy Bear when you need him?

Bikini Heaven

1253 days ago


At least someone is following you. I thought you were dead till now.

1253 days ago

Sad sad    

Nothing abnormal about being a superfan. He should be thankful he has one. Have a feeling there's more to this story since she ran his website. mmmm hmmm.

1253 days ago

Sad sad    

But then again better safe than sorry I suppose. Could be the one bad apple.

1253 days ago


"I'm about to start a tour with my book..." and I REALLY need the ATTENTION!! NO ONE pays attention to my anymore...why doesn't anyone pay attention to me anymore???

1253 days ago


damn lebrons mom must be busy,he just needs to jump into that gran torino and speed off into the sunset

1253 days ago


The guy didn't fall off the face of the Earth. His name still comes up every now and then, either as an actor or director. "Superfans" are unpredictable and need to be handled properly, and unfortunately a piece of paper doesn't settle one's piece of mind...

1253 days ago


I wouldn't go see ANY play 23 times! Don't care who was in it. Like someone said...he should be thankful, afterall, I thought he was dead too!

1253 days ago


lou 35 minutes ago
I wouldn't go see ANY play 23 times! Don't care who was in it. Like someone said...he should be thankful, afterall, I thought he was dead too!
"I wouldn't go see ANY play 23 times" No **** Sherlock, that's kinda the f@#king point isn't it. The woman is obviously off her rocker and all the people that say "he should be luck he has a fan" WTF!? He should be LUCKY he has some crazy nutbar The just MIGHT try and do harm to him because he use to be more famous and now that he's not as famous he deserves to perhaps die at the hands of a whack job? Oh to be so lucky?

1253 days ago


Ah, Starksy! One of my first TV crushes along with Lee Majors. His book may be about how his first wife and son died of AIDS after a blood transfusion. Please be kind to this man. Can you imagine this happening to you?

1253 days ago

kim purdy    

Hey i used to have a major crush on this guy too. Then i found out he couldn't change his own tire when he had a flat. Now we find out he's scared of women who like him. I'm starting to think he's a major dweeb.

1253 days ago


He had to watch helplessly as his whole family (wife and TWO sons) died a terrible death of AIDS back when blood transfusions weren't monitored.
His wife started the AIDS Pediatrics Foundation, a very respectable foundation.

TMZ, do you enjoy finding the worse photos and posting them? This guy is actually not bad looking but you couldn't tell by the pic you chose.

1253 days ago

who farted    

I was in love with her and David Soul when they were doing Starsky and Hutch. I was 10 then. I got his autograph once when he was doing a Merv Griffin show at a restaurant near my home. I can't believe he's so old now.

1253 days ago

northern gypsy    

yes...i do remember his t.v. series...but...more to the point...the tragic loss of his wife & child...he's a decent fellow and i hope this stacking doesn't escalate ...

1253 days ago
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