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TMZ Live -- Did CIA Off JFK over Aliens?

4/19/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is John F. Kennedy's request to see the CIA's Top Secret files on UFOs mere days before his Dallas trip the key to his assassination? Plus, who's the real goddess in Charlie Sheen's life?

22 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:30) A new JFK conspiracy theory ... involving aliens.
(3:10) Brooke Mueller retained custody of her kids today ... and we have all the latest.
(5:00) A MAJOR farting controversy erupted in our office today.
(8:20) Kudos to Denise Richards ... whom Harvey calls a "real goddess."
(10:00) Which TMZ staffers would be good on "The Amazing Race"?
(11:15) Tyler's beautiful shaved head -- one day after.
(16:40) Why is Britney Spears under a conservatorship ... and Brooke isn't?
(18:00) The Dr. Rey knife incident ... if the same happened to Harvey, cops would be involved.
(19:50) A piece of Max's random desk memorabilia.
(23:30) Skype question -- why the hell is Rebecca Black famous? And where does she go from here?
(29:40) Check out coverage of the Royal wedding ... on our sister site
(31:10) One of our staffers -- Juliette -- is a former Miss Canada! Who knew?
(35:40) Breaking news ... about SkyNet ... via James Cameron!


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Lou from Miami    

I love the show and the site but I'm a staunch conservative. Are there ANY conservatives on the staff???

1285 days ago

Ryan M    

there is no difference between goddess and girlfriend. its just charlie calling her something else. i would bring my girlfriend to court

1285 days ago


Hey have you ever noticed how much Harvey is looking like a pumped up Pauly Shore!!!

1285 days ago

Lou from Miami    

Great TV show and concept. As a musician for 35 years, there has been a void of talent in the business since the early 1990's due to quick, cheap productions and the availability of cheaper, exploitable talent. It may never improve since the business is now just a popularity contest... maybe a change for the best? Who knows but it will never be the same!

Thanks for a great show and site.

1285 days ago


Hey guys love TMZ live and the TV show. The reason Harvy can go like he dose, is he realy realy loves his job!

1285 days ago


Michaele Salahi is claiming on her FB that the TMZ story about her being denied for Playboy is bogus. What's the deal?

1285 days ago


agg assault yes he should have been arrested

1285 days ago


When is harvery shaving his arms???

1285 days ago

Maniac Liberal    

"Off" JKF? A tad disrespectful, no?

1285 days ago


Nope, Oswald did it alone. He was a crazy loner who was untrustworthy and trusted no one. He had already made one assassination attempt six months earlier, on General Walker in Dallas.

He had a history of attempting major efforts alone- as in defecting to Russia.

It's hard to believe that someone like Oswald could have killed Kennedy, but Oswald was incredibly strong willed. Once he put his mind to doing something, he didn't stop.

Read "Case Closed" by Gerald Posner or the Vincent Bugliosi book on the ridiculous array of bogus assassination thories.

1285 days ago


i think tylers new look is HOT! :)

1285 days ago


JFK got offed for printing money out of the Treasury, as our Constitution states it should be, rather than by private bankers aka our Fedral reserve. He also got offed for Intending to expose the secret societies to us, which would expose to us what Plato wanted for us so long ago.

1285 days ago


The JFK and UFO link isn't that new. It even extends to the columnist Dorothy Kilgallen and Marilyn Monroe. Now, before you laugh, hear this out. Kilgallen was a national columnist with political ties. On her national radio show, she announced discovery of information about UFO's working with the government and her future report would shock the world. She was set to reveal all on a later broadcast but died under mysterious cir***stances in her NY townhouse. Apparently, she died of an overdose, but her death is very similar to that of Marilyn's. The two women were very close friends. It is theorized that all three had knowledge of the US govt directly working with UFO's and aliens. Do I believe this? Let's say, I find it fascinating at the least.

1284 days ago


That guy needs to stop cutting off Harvey. That was super annoying to watch.

1284 days ago


Another rude point....Tyler complained that the lady did not cut his hair right..He kept moving his big fat head the whole time. Get it straight people.

1284 days ago
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