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Prince von Ahole

On the Hunt for Zsa Zsa's Eggs

4/19/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince von Ahole's quest for a baby has taken an interesting turn -- it seems that somewhere out there, exists a batch of Zsa Zsa Gabor's frozen eggs ... if only the Prince could find them!

As we previously made you nauseous in reporting, the Prince is trying to have a child using his sperm and a surrogate host. But the Prince now says he has been contacted by a woman who used to work for Zsa Zsa back in the 1960s, who claims Zsa Zsa had some of her eggs frozen at the time because she wanted a son ... but didn't have a husband.

Problem is ... Prince has no idea where the eggs might be. But he says there's a ton of paperwork in the house and he's hoping that somewhere lies the document that will point him in the right direction.



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He's scambling (yes, pun intended) to find a way to be certain he has control of all of her bucks when she is gone. What an ass.

1290 days ago


ewww!!!! dried up old eggs!

1290 days ago


Prince Von A signed a prenup. Why do you think he wants a child with Zsa Zsa? Zsa Zsa has a daughter that is her heir but if Zsa Zsa dies Von A is going to have to get a job.

1290 days ago


I just did some research on this and found that egg frezing didn't start until around the early 1980's. So maybe that's the reason why he can't find where they're at. The eggs don't exist.

I find this to be a good thing though. If she doesn't have any eggs, then he can't make a kid between the both of them (ew).

Anyway, he needs to find another source of income other than trying to make another person to leech off of. He can start by trying to find a JOB.

1290 days ago


This jerk is a total ass!!

1290 days ago


I used to think TMZ had credibility even if lacking in integrity. This story proves otherwise. Why would you even give credence to this man who suffers from an obvious personality disorder. He preys on people who are unable to defend themselves - Zsa Zsa and Anna Nicole. This is a sad testmanent even to tabloid journalism. A simple fact check would have shown that the ability to freeze viable eggs was not available until around mid 2000's and Zsa Zsa would have been a candidate due to age. TMZ is really losing any credibility.

1290 days ago


Does ZsaZsa not have any family members who could protect her from this idiot ?

1290 days ago


You can't even freeze eggs today in 2011. You can freeze an embryo (sperm + egg) but not just an egg. Duh!!!

1290 days ago


Eouf De Frommage=Cheesy Eggs! No Easter Basket for this dude! No Easter Buny for youee Prince Von Yuk.

1290 days ago

Christina glanzbergh    

He's on a egg hunt...very appropriate since Easter right around the corner! These people are SICK!

1290 days ago


Jesus H. No eggs were ever frozen in the 1960...s! This is a new procedure that has only been around in the last 10 which point Zsa Zsa's eggs would be way too old!

He's trying to suggest, if he does have a child, that it is actually going to be her child.

Really??????? TMZ? Can't you call BS on this one?

1290 days ago


Many Chinese restaurants feature "Hundred Year Old Eggs", why not Zsa Zsa's? Go away both of you!

1290 days ago


He is just psycho. There must be some money in it somewhere for him.

1290 days ago


the eggs would most likely been destroyed long ago if they did not pay storage fees, most likely yearly, sorry a-hole. I'd personally use Zsa Zsa's millions for a little sugar-baby. Forget about a child. Think about yourself a-hole, you are usually good at that.

1290 days ago


When exactly were these eggs frozen?The technology hasn't been around quite that long.Not to mention....YUK.

1290 days ago
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