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L.A. Pot Shops RAIDED on 4/20

4/20/2011 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's high time for weeding out possibly illegal activity -- because law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the California Medical Board just raided two L.A. marijuana dispensaries ... on NATIONAL POT DAY.

We're told the government agency was executing some kind of search warrant at Medical Kush Doctor and Medical Kush Beach Club in Venice -- but it's unclear what they're looking for exactly.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell us ... the search warrants were issued in connection with a criminal narcotics investigation.


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hahahahahahahaha...funny ..duuuhhh they were looking for weed!!!...hahahaha...
p.s JOHN i feel bad for you man, now everyone is on your case..hahaha you should know better, some of the most intelligent people are weed users dude, why would u even bother John!!....

1282 days ago


I cant believe cal. law says medical marijuana should be non profit non profit sucks ****,only things that should be non profit is charity and selling weed aint no damn charity everyone loves weed gov should just tax it and make some damn much needed money I havent heard of too many shops being armed robed well I guess dea does arm rob them if you really think about it haha

1282 days ago


the floyd
thats how I start my day everday

1282 days ago


John - Then you blame the PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACCIDENT. Not the marijuana. That's what is stupid. If you are against marijuana legalization, then you should also be against alcohol and smoking to be legal. These cause many deaths due to PEOPLE BEING IRRESPONSIBLE regardless of what they are on. And honestly, yes, it would bring in more tax dollars since helllo.....THEY WOULD ADD A SALES TAX JUST LIKE ON ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES! Give me an f'n break on calling people stupid when you have no valid reason to do so.

1282 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yah. i highly doubt that that medical stuff is laced with anti-oxidant cranberry juice...

1282 days ago


What a waste of money!

1282 days ago


John you are right...Christine/Chris (proabably the same person) you're a friggin moron. Bottom line...alcohol bad...weed bad. Have a nice day! :)

1282 days ago


Eff the PIGS maann!!!! AS IF THAT WASN'T A COINCIDENCE............ :P What ev... I'm taking another hit now, HAPPY 4-20 to my fellows <3

1282 days ago


can people really buy oz. and lbs from these shops in american I find that hard to belive in amsterdamn you can only buy like up to 5 grams from the shop I could be wrong but when I was there it was something like that and it would make no sense to buy from a bunch of different shops to sale to other people you would prob loose money and I doubt alot of shops are all selling weight to people most shops try and follow the law atleast thats how it was in amsterdamn but having weed legalize would help with the crime rate and get rid of drug dealers and we could stop wasting tax money on people who are in jail for weed and if you are worried about arm robbery on shops maybe in the law there could be some time of forced security,have a safe place to store the drugs when the shop is closed I dont live in cali and I dont know a whole bunch about the laws in cali im not that educated in the cali weed laws so sorry if im wrong

1282 days ago


Niki and John

Marijuana is perfectly fine, never once linked to death (except this one isolated and reported incident). If you both think MaryJ should be illegal then get rid of booze and cigarettes too....alcohol and tobacco kill more people EVERY DAY then marijuana.

My guess is you're BOTH ultra-conservative republicans who thump the bible any chance you get.

1282 days ago



in california if you hold a medical marijuana card, you can LEGALLY purchase up to ONE ONCE per day. I'd much rather smoke maryJ and wake up feeling good instead of drinking beer or liquor and waking up feeling like the dogs balls

1282 days ago


Chis first off I lost my bible a long time ago after I rolled all the pages so yeah...

As for it being LEGAL to buy one oz a day... wrong AGAIN its ILLEGAL to buy ANY amount of weed.

for a so called medical user you don't seem to know anything about the LAW. The Medical card only tells cops in Cali they don't have to arrest you. They still can and you can be charged Federally for ANY amount of weed. you have a 98% chance the feds will not give a crap but they still can.

No state can make something Legal that's Illegal under Federal law. Anyone who thinks they can clearly smokes way to much...

1282 days ago


yeah I hear that hangovers can be a bitch I know people can have up to a oz on them for personal use thats pretty much the law in amsterdamn but what im sayin is can a person buy a oz from a shop is that the limit because I thought maybe there was a limit on how much you can buy at one time.

1282 days ago



I don't believe you "roll" anything. Someone that uptight is not partaking in any way, shape, or form.

1282 days ago


I mean this is a blog Im sure chris knows the law but hes not trying to be all politically correct he's just trying to help me alot of people know a state cant make something legal thats under federal law stop being a jackass you really do need to start smoking man

1282 days ago
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