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Brooke Mueller's Parents -- We'll Handle The Twins

4/21/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With mommy in rehab ... and daddy on tour ... Charlie Sheen's twins Max and Bob hung out with their default parents yesterday -- Brooke Mueller's mother and step-father, Moira and Jon Fiore.


Hopefully, they're in good hands.



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If we are going to blame the parents for how Brooke turned out, are we also going to credit them for how her brother Scott turned out? Scott has always been clean and sober and doesn't even smoke cigarettes.
Minxster 4 hours ago

"Considering how Brooke turned out, what qualifies them to watch those kids?"

You're SO right, suzy86...because as any well-informed person knows, alcoholics and drug addicts ONLY come from f*cked-up homes. Maybe you should write a book on addiction, since you seem to know SO much about it.

1289 days ago


- Really...please link to a quote from Moira that emphatically states that she thinks her daughter doesn't have a drug abuse issue. I'll be waiting for it...
How about you go do your own "research"! Its right on TMZ where she denied that her daughter was pawning things and said she was "doing it for friends" and she also said very emphatically she new where Brooke was and "WAS NOT ON DRUGS"! If that isn't the definition on an enabler I don't know what is!

1289 days ago


RR_theoldhippiestonerconfessingliarputthatinyourpiperaymond 3 minutes ago

If we are going to blame the parents for how Brooke turned out, are we also going to credit them for how her brother Scott turned out? Scott has always been clean and sober and doesn't even smoke cigarettes.


Zing! Kinda like the Sheens raised 4 kids and the other three aren't out in public melting down in front of live audiences? I suppose people would not have been in favor of Charlie's folks raising his oldest child, would they, in view of Charlie's obvious drug abuse?

Funny how we never hear anything about the oldest child and how she was raised by her grandparents, isn't it?

1289 days ago



"No you twit this is the same mother who defended and denied her daughter even had a problem with drugs!"

- Link to a statement by Moira that emphatically says, "My daughter does not have a problem with drugs."

We'll be waiting, Addie...

"Send the kids to live with Dina Lohan 2.0 that sounds like a great environment to be in!"

- Would you like some cheese with that whine? Soooo transparent!

"Dumbass, trying to sound all edjamucated on drug use and addicts"

- 24 years of drug/alcohol abuse, and 21 years of uninterrupted sobriety - during which I heave heard literally THOUSANDS of addicts/alcoholics in recovery share their hope, strength and experience. Yeah - I know nothing...

"when clearly you know nothing about this particular case at all!"

- Sweetie, I know waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy more about the facts behind this case that you EVER could - but, if it's expedient for you to trash me in order to make Chuckles look good - have at it! :)

1289 days ago


Minxster 3 hours ago

Bernice Madoff

Why smile when your daughter has demonstrated to be a lousy mother and your called in to clean up the mess? DARE she smile at the annoying paparazzi camping out in her front yard - the nerve!
She's smiling because she's a FAMEWHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1289 days ago



... Is there one person in this family that isn't a famewhore?

Completely useless photo-op... ALL FOR THE CHILDREN!!!

How is walking out of your house into photographers camped out on your front lawn being famewh*res?

Shouldn't you be writing your twenty questions for TMZ Live today?

1289 days ago


Still waiting for that link, Addie - you know - the one where Moira says, "My daughter does not or never has had a drug problem."

1289 days ago


That is funny, one has straight hair and one has curly. I have never seen that in twins before. However, I still don't see how Barbara and Jenna Bush can be called twins when they look nothing alike whatsoever.

1289 days ago


Why would a responsible grandparent allow these children to be photographed by the paparazzi? They seem to be showing them off like prizes, very creepy.

1289 days ago



"Why would a responsible grandparent allow these children to be photographed by the paparazzi? They seem to be showing them off like prizes, very creepy."

No, what's "creepy" is the paparazzi camping out in their front lawn - you act as they are parading the kids around at a movie premiere...get a clue.

1289 days ago


AddieTrish less than a minute ago

She's smiling because she's a FAMEWHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!


And what about their circ umstances would lead one to such a supposition?

The fact that the paps are following them around like crazy? The fact that, if she wasn't smiling, it would lead to more nutbar comments about how she's unbalanced and abusive?

One cannot have it both ways... so these people put on their public faces when cameras intrude. Too bad everyone is judging them on that without truly knowing even the circ umstances behind when/how the pics were snapped!

1289 days ago


Brook's mother reports to TMZ & Charlie’s parents don’t.
This is why you believe Charlie’s parents aren’t involved &/or don’t care?
Martin was the one who convinced Charlie to go to rehab, but Charlie backed out and got fired.
Martin & Emilio have been discussing this problem, but you’re not going to find it on TMZ

After the Aspen incident Martin & Janet moved into Brook's home to look after the boys.
Don’t forget Janet recently declared war with Donald Trump regarding the statement he made about Brook getting involved with Charlie.

I would rather see the boys with Marin & Janet, or Emilio than Brooks mother.
The stories I’ve read about her paint her out to be a gold digger, fame whore, party woman

1289 days ago


ksis 17 minutes ago
Oh lookie. Adelle misses me. How is the "women rule the world" campaign going for ya? LOL!!

And it is really hilarious to see the one, who cannot deal with people's opinions about addictions and chooses to throw insults instead of accepting and moving on, but feels so entitled to lecture others about the code of conduct. LOL!!! Hysterical.

You are extremely hysterical and I get a kick out of watching you, is that alright with you? I'd tell you to seek help but you're just so much entertainment:) Please don't let my opinion of you hit a nerve.

1289 days ago


Her step father is kinda good looking!!

1289 days ago


Totally agree with you both - with one tiny exception. I don't think the fans spent the weekend convnicing themselves - I think they were automatically convinced as soon as their leader announced that the Warlock would WIN and that he was going to LA to get his effing kids. What else did they need to know?
Minxster 4 hours ago
Tired of Ignorance

"Two people that are followed by photogs can not be considered famewhores. I hope they go after the kids. Just because their child choose to get high means nothing. The fact that they saw a need to drop their lives to care for their grandchildren shows they know how serious the situation is. So the smokin, sniffing, shooting up people that are angry about the grandparents stepping in, did all drug using people have parents that promoted their drug use. No most had parents that tried to stop them until the drug user shouted them down so much and then the drug user moved away only to contact their parents sometimes. How is that the parents fault. Anyone in todays society that chooses to do drugs, does so knowing full well the consequences. They own their own decision and can't blame anyone."

Tired - very concise analysis. The bottom line is this:

The Sheenie-Weenies are pissed...they spent the entire weekend convincing themselves that Judge Goldberg was going to rule in favor of Chuckles the Crackhead Clownboy this week. Unfortunately for them, it all turned out to be wishful thinking on their collective behalf...and they are angry and resentful. They want (tiger) blood in the form of a scapegoat - and the Fiores make (in their eyes) a handy scapegoat. They want to label Moira a "bad mother" because Brooke is an addict....ignoring the fact that alcoholism/addiction cuts across ALL races, genders and family environments.

Their resentment is SO's almost funny! :)

1289 days ago
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