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Dwight Howard Goes After Baby Mama's Money

4/25/2011 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dwight Howard won a $500,000 judgment against his baby mama in the state of Florida for talking smack  about him -- but she hasn't paid up, so he's going after her in California.

Howard won the judgment against Royce Reed for half a mil last year because she violated a court order, prohibiting her from talking about him in the press.

Howard claims Reed now owes him $551,606.74 -- which includes interest.  So Howard has filed papers with a California court, which could give Howard the right to go after Reed's assets in Cali.

Good luck ... our sources say the "Basketball Wives" star has nada in California.

Like drawing blood from a stone ...


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Because she talked already and now has to pay, can she write a book about him or do a tell all?

1275 days ago


Typical celebrity POS with an over exaggerated sense of self importance. The President of the United States is publically ridiculed on a daily basis and yet this wuss gets a half a million dollars because his baby mama said something about him he didn't like? I know doctors who save lives every day and don't make half a million dollars a year. God Bless America.

1275 days ago


"Basketball Wive1s"??? Really? Meet me after class.

1275 days ago


I understand if he is trying to majke a point to her but you are trying to collect 500,000 from the mother of your kid. The same mother, who has wayyyyyyyy less than you. I dont care what went on between them but this makes him less than a man.

1275 days ago


Taking money from your son mother. Dwight Howard is a true PUNK....they will go out in the first round..b*tch - ass ness

1275 days ago


This is EXACTLY why I do not like this guy. Why do you have a gag order in the first place??? He must be shady. Any he has the money with interest? Obviously she doesn't have it. Dang he is super petty and a B-TCH! If he put this much energy on the court, maybe he would have a ring by now. He is PATHETIC!

1275 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I bet Royce is thinking she should have waited until she was in love and married to make a baby. The big child support check is not worth having to deal with this lunatic. Royce doesn't have and likely never will have 500k. And how much is he paying his attorney to take her to court every week? What an idiot.

1275 days ago

john wayne gacy    

why do all these women make up names after things
they cannot afford; like diamond, rolls royce and the like.

they should keep it real with name like geico and verizon ......

1275 days ago


Good for him. Shut up u dumb Hobag. She broke a court order. So this is her fault. She would do this to him in a minute,Prob. has already put him through the wringer in court. Turn about is fair play. A child is not a shield of protection. She brought this on..HER FAULT!

1275 days ago


So let me get this straight, he not only sued the mother of his child for $500k, but now he's adding interest to it and suing her AGAIN to try to collect it? And this is the mother of at least one of his children? So, he's taking money from her, that she could be using to care for his child? It makes about as much sense as I'd expect it to, coming from a man who likely has no part in his child's life, and is just enjoying the fast and easy life, sitting on millions of dollars. What the hell does he need with another $500k? Money that he likely paid her in support over the last few months! What judge would uphold this and actually make her pay? I know who, a man!

That's right folks.... America, where men can sue their baby momma's ,so long as they're rich and famous.

1275 days ago


if it was written in there deal that she could not talk about him then she should pay. As dumb as it is if she did not foolow the rules of what ever deal they made then deal with it. This will also insure that she keeps her mouth shut from now on. Again if there was a deal in place for her not to talk. Since he is going after so much cash I waould say he paid her alot to keep her mouth shut.

1275 days ago


My first question is that why does PRESIDENT OBAMA dragged into every conversation? Are you that upset with having a BLACK PRESIDENT? Get over it...please!!!!

But back to the subject at hand. A lot of these females to hook up with these ballplayers try and make a career of throwing these guys names around in public (trashing them) and parading the kids in front of the cameras. He has an agreement (via the courts) that she can't bring the child on the show, mention his or the childs name on the show, or make damaging remarks about him to the media. So she couldn't keep her mouth shut and this is what she gets.

1275 days ago


why cant all this gold diggers sit down and shut the f up, thats why ballers be cheating or leaving their baby mamas bcuz they're nothing but drama so ladies if yu wanna keep ya baller no drama! trust me or else he going to move on with a groupie lol... its funny cuz that rat is already broke i wonder what she is gonna do to pay that dinero hahaha

1275 days ago


Kick rocks Dwight! Royce is living her life trying to make her own money to care for and support your child whom you have no relationship with...typical.
I agree with the post that said you wouldn't need a gag order if you lived your life honorably. And you wouldn't be concerned about Royce if you protected YOURSELF when you were making the baby. Check yourself bruh! Do the right thing most of the time and be forgiven for the rest.
PRESS ON! Let it go!

1275 days ago


People please!!!! Ignorance can be curedby education. Before you post ignorant comments on this page please know something more about this situation other than what TMZ has. If you knew anything about the situation you would know that they have been back and forth regarding custody and visitations for a while which means that he wants/has a relationship with his child. Problem is he don't want HER. And just like most celebs...they have Confidentiality Agreements which is has with this girl. So when you run your mouth...this is what happens.

1275 days ago
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