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Dwight Howard Goes After Baby Mama's Money

4/25/2011 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dwight Howard won a $500,000 judgment against his baby mama in the state of Florida for talking smack  about him -- but she hasn't paid up, so he's going after her in California.

Howard won the judgment against Royce Reed for half a mil last year because she violated a court order, prohibiting her from talking about him in the press.

Howard claims Reed now owes him $551,606.74 -- which includes interest.  So Howard has filed papers with a California court, which could give Howard the right to go after Reed's assets in Cali.

Good luck ... our sources say the "Basketball Wives" star has nada in California.

Like drawing blood from a stone ...


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father of five    

Its interesting everyone is coming down on D. Howard but she is the victim? If he violated the order then guess what that's on her. He may or may not be involved in his child's life but that's not what this is about, its about a court order, which so many women run to court to enforce child support and a host of other things, that should be handled outside of court so if you're going to put it in the court system then that's where it should stay. He's not taking money out of his child's hands, he can buy his child anything he wants, its about respecting the agreement that they both came to. Good luck in the future cause this is not the end....

1276 days ago


i dont blame him. she has made her success off of him. this man has bought her a house in Florida (which i stay near) and she still wanted $20,00 amonth from him. NO CHILD COSTS THAT MUCH!!! just because she gave birth to his child does not give her the right to live off of his fortune.

1276 days ago


listen to all of you lames defending this chick... I don't know the details of their divorce but i'm willing to bet that this chick got millions from it, and i've never seen her dunk a basketball. now you losers want to talk about her being the mother of his kid and blah blah blah. so what, he can take care of his kid. he can buy his kid clothes and whatever the kid needs to live comfortably. he shouldnt have to take care of her too. she is a grown woman and needs to take care of herself. GET HER MR HOWARD!

1276 days ago


yawl dont get it do it if he can take care of his son is baby mother jus messed up an she gotta pay dat dont mean his son aint gone have clen clothes on his body everyday''dummmyss''

1276 days ago


I kinda like royce but I strongly believe that if the shoe were on the other foot she would be going for the jugular as well... bet she getting a nice child support check despite him willingly taking care of his child do if he has the op to do get some of that back to prove a point i see no wrong in it #teamdwighthoward

1275 days ago


Take all of her money Dwight!!! She was probably living off of his child support payments anyway!!! Just worry about the kids and live your life. I bet if it were the other way around, all of the women on here would want her to take all of his money!!!

1274 days ago


Good that is what she gets! I don't watch basketball wives, but did 1 episode and this girl, along with the other losers, stirs up so much crap....what goes around come around.

1274 days ago


men, if you don't want to be surprised by people's behavior after you sleep with them, then maybe you should take the time to get to know them. promiscuity has consequences for both sexes, apparently.

this guy must've got Oj's lawyer - how does royce owe half a mill when he slept with her - maybe he's using it to pay for his sex change so he can be a true p*ssy

1241 days ago


I like Royce but this isn't bias. I think the plan is that Dwight Howard wants to take all of Royce's money so that she can no longer provide financially for the baby so he can get sole custody of the baby which will cut off the whole child support thing. Going to California to get propety that she doesn't even have just shows how serious he is about making his plan go through. Unfortunately he didn't use protection like most young athletes don't and now he has to deal with 18 years of payments. Parents are ruining childrens lives by being caniving and vingeful. It's wrong to break a gag order but what could really be said about him that was so bad? Nothing at all, he's not gay or "little" so this was strictly done out of spite.

I can honestly say that I'm suprised to finally see a player fight back so hard!

1220 days ago


royce is alwys so busy in everyone else affairs but cant keep her mouth shut- follow the rules to keep gettn that money for ur child- y fuq it up- hope it was worth it

1220 days ago


All ya stupid I would take her money too. Do yall know how to read..Thats why people get into trouble because they dont read the fine print...she need to shut her mouth....Im like Dwight pay me.....

1220 days ago


Wow you are going after your the mother of your son because she said something sbout you. Wow thats so childish of you to do something like that. That very HIGH SCHOOL of you Dwight Howard but in book your a nobody you is a non mother f'king factor

1172 days ago


Like royce

888 days ago
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