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Cops Launch Investigation Into Charlie Sheen Escort

4/22/2011 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is no stranger to escorts ... but the one he picked up in D.C. earlier this week has triggered a police investigation.


D.C. police have announced ... an internal investigation is underway to find out who authorized multiple units to use lights and sirens to escort Sheen from the airport to his live show Tuesday night ... when he was running about an hour late.

Sheen tweeted during the incident -- posting a photo of a speedometer right around the 80 mph mark and writing, "in car with Police escort in front and rear! driving like someone's about to deliver a baby! Cop car lights."

UPDATE: Apparently Charlie got the Obama treatment ... DC PD released a statement saying escort duty is typically reserved for POTUS, the VP, or visiting heads of state. They admit it appears "protocols ... were not followed" -- and Internal Affairs is investigating.



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That is disgusting. No wonder Charlie Sheen feels he's better than everyone else. Everyone treats him better than everyone else. If the police department got paid for providing this escort that is one thing, if they did it for free, that is another. I hope whoever authorized it gets their ass handed to them.
And the moron brags about it on his Twitter. It's not enough to be treated special, he needs to tell the world about it.

Sammie, do you have a link to that site? Thanks

1247 days ago

Christina G.    

When Mexican police provide services "for a fee" it's called police corruption. Just sayin'.

1247 days ago


He made it to the show on time. People helped him achieve this goal. Now who's in trouble? Not him!

The dude truly doesn't know when to keep his diarrhea-mouth shut (or jittery fingers still).

No discretion = no class.

1247 days ago


Cops of course treat males who treat women badly, well.

Some cops are just thugs wearing badges.

1247 days ago

average jane    

I really wish people would stop going and seeing his "shows." This guy is such a loser and this whole cop escort thing shows he thinks he's all that. And...I just got a ticket for going 79 because I was running late. I was wrong but laws have to be the same for everyone. Unless it's an emergency, a cop shouldn't be able to go beyond the speed limit either!

1247 days ago


I wonder how many battered wives who called the cops had to WAIT because mr. wife-abusing warlock was behind in raking in money from his suckers.
The cops should be suspended for this and let Charlie supplement their salary.
$55k/month for his CARE.

1247 days ago


@ Sammie

You are so right. I go to the DM every day for all my U.S. news that the lame stream U.S. media will not tell us about. Best designed website ever.

1247 days ago


@Average Jane

I agree with you 100%, Jane. Cops shouldn't be allowed to go over speed limit either unless it's an actual emergency. This should be law and those dumb cops that turned on the sirens because a regular citizen was running late for "work" should be given a fine.

1247 days ago


I posted this on questions for TMZ Live yesterday ..... Why are there police involved in his daily commutes? He had cruisers and uniformed police at LA when he was departing and look at this in DC. Whats the crime like in LA and DC? Last I checked both are right up there as the highest in the nation. And the citizens get to look at their law officials putting this carnival side show at center stage. Exactly what was the importance of this? Oh, that's right the audience needed there fix of catch phrases, "Winner", "Warlock", "Adonis DNA"....yada, yada, yada....if it wasn't so unbelievably sad I'd be LMAO.....

1247 days ago


Blahblahblah. LOL!! Seriously, if they make a big deal out of it, than they will prove what kind of petty *******s they are. The Police AND the judges stink?? LMAO!!

1247 days ago


I like Charlie Sheen but he does some incredibly dumb things. Like saying "crack is okay if you can handle it socially" and now this. If you have a police escort great for you. But HEY MAN you don't have to share it with 2 million people on twitter! Probably fans of his who were police officers.

1247 days ago


Could the police personnel actually be off duty and are using their take-home cars for a off duty gig?

1247 days ago


According to DC officials, there are specific reasons that a paid escort from police would be acceptable.

The taxpayers shouldn't be on the hook for this, as Sheen is supposed to be paying DC back to the tune of $50 - $60... per officer.

"Councilman Phil Mendleson chairs a committee that oversees public safety. He said he met with DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier Thursday morning.

He says she did not authorize the police escort and now they both want to find out who did.

"He said escorts are usually reserved for the President, top federal officials, diplomats, and the mayor. He also said the police in this case detail should not have been speeding.

Mendleson said the only exception for celebrities is when a movie is being filmed, and there are large crowds. Then it becomes a safety issue."

The investigation is INTERNAL, thus no blame is being assigned to Chuckie... the cops messed up, not Sheen. So people who are b!tch!ng about how America's criminal justice system is messed up can now STFU and look at their own countries, ksis.

1247 days ago


Charlie shouldn't be charged with a fine or a crime. The cops who are obviously star struck should be FIRED! Tough **** that he was running late. We all run late and we don't get lights and sirens to get us to where we are going.

1247 days ago


"Not nearly the waste of money that Michelle Obama spends on escorts and flying her lady friends all over the place. I feel Sheen's job is far more important than hers."

finally a comment that shows someone might have a brain. your seriously gonna bitch about cops wasting money when our ****ing first lady takes 20 people to europe on our dollar? and what about the whole BP thing u guys forget about that already? get a ****ing life and an education before you decide to talk a bunch of ****.

1247 days ago
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