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Lindsay Lohan -- Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor!

4/22/2011 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just caught a MASSIVE break -- her felony grand theft charge was just downgraded to a misdemeanor.


TMZ told you this would happen .... Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled the offense, along with Lindsay's record, did not support a felony charge.  The judge noted Lindsay's DUI conviction was 4 years ago.

The judge denied Shawn Holley's motion to dismiss the case outright.


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Red Cloud    

Tonight is CELEBRATION NIGHT!!!!!! The booze will be flowing. My Lindsay look-a-like gf is ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!

1288 days ago


Good, now the stupid tramp will think she is invincible and do something even more retarded. Hopefully she will just OD and give us and the legal system and much needed break.

1288 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

5 articles in a row? really. I get that this is celebrity news but seriously 5 articles in a row about the same person? Why don't they just update a single article and stop posting every little update in a new post? It would not bother me so much if it was not for the fact that they do this all the time with other articles. It seems that certain stories they like to plaster all over the site. Seriously just organize the site better and post updates in one article and bump it to the top. At least do that when you are posting several articles about the same thing within a few hours of each other. Oh yeah and people on teen pregnancy "reality" shows are not celebrities.

1288 days ago


UNBELIEVABLE!!! BOYCOTT EVERY MOVIE SHE IS EVER PART OF. TOTAL FARSE!!! I'm so sick of these celebs. getting away with everything. If this same case happened to any of the rest of us, we would have been put away a long time ago. I will never go to another movie she does as long as I live. Hit them where it hurts the most, their pocketbook. When she isn't rolling in cash, then let's see how high and mighty she feels. The studios will drop her like yesterdays news once they see everyone is fed up with her crap.

1288 days ago


Team Lohan will now take the plea and put off the sentence as long as possible so the overcrowding will be worse and she will do the least amount of time possible.

1288 days ago


If anyone who hires in Hollywood is reading this I will never pay to see ANYTHING with Lindsay in it. If it were anyone else they would be facing hard time.

1288 days ago


Isn't the pretrial/trial date for the theft charge? Couldn't she still be remanded for the VOP?

1288 days ago

george fudge!    

What is this skank going to steal next?!

1288 days ago


see you in the girls bathroom linds....i got what you's earned today....sniff

1288 days ago


I thought it became a felony because of the cost. What a joke!

1288 days ago


Guess we should all go and steal something at a jewelry store - apparently it isn't really a crime. I loathe this person and her entitlement. Anyone else would be locked up. She is despicable.

1288 days ago


Actually, you guys keep blaming it on her being a star and all, but a lot of people in real life would have gotten the same thing. Normal people also get breaks quite often it's just less publicized.

1288 days ago


Looking at mostly all negative comments here & on other sites, surely she must know that she's one of the most despised people in America.

1288 days ago


Haters on my back...Haters on my back... How do I get these M ****in haters off my back..Come people if it was you are a loved one it would be a different story. I think some people just like to hate. I think this case will be dimissed if she goes to trial. They new she had the necklace and she told them she was going to bring it back. That doesnt warrant a felony charge.

1288 days ago


This is just wretched -
I suppose we Americans have brought this all opon ourselves with generations of star reverence, and idolizing no-talent s*** just because they are famous.
Just look at this blog - When punk celebrities push three wars off the front page you know we are way wrong in out ideals.

1288 days ago
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