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Arnie Klein -- My Buddy Was Not Michael's Lover

4/22/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein -- the dermatologist who loomed large in Michael Jackson's life -- has now changed his story and says his good friend and office manager -- Jason Pfeiffer -- did NOT have an affair with Michael Jackson.


Klein had told TMZ ... Jackson was gay but that Jason's alleged relationship with the singer was the only gay relationship MJ ever had.  Klein told us Jason was "the love of [Michael's] life."

But now on his Facebook page, Klein says "Allegations about ... Jason being Michael Jackson's lover are ridiculous.  That story was made up ... "

Klein also scoffs at allegations he contributed to MJ's death, saying, "I made two interventions on Michael's Propofol Abuse myself ..."


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Sorry to burst your bubble, mimi cloner, but I post under my own name. Not anyone else's like a few do on here. But you did give me a good laugh though. thanks

1282 days ago


MJ forever!!! Go check the list of porn magazines (some of 1999, I think, till 2004) he had in his bedroom and the sites he used, that were listed after the 2nd raid at Neverland. All hetero, nothing of homo nor pedophile!

1282 days ago

mj is the sexiest man ever    

The expression on my michael's face is cute lol,we know he's not gay ,go to hell klein already.

1282 days ago


(DR.?) Klein, LOOSER,LIAR, BETRAYER, to sad Michael could not see these outstanding traits of yours before you hook him on Demoral!

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1282 days ago

Brigha from UK    

MONI: I wonder whether it's a coincidence that Klein comes along with that correction and, especially, the statement re a Propofol intervention just now as the trial approaches.
Hi Moni,
Mmmm I think there is much more to this story than meets the eye.
Okay, I know Murray is legally responsible for MJs actual death – but I have always felt that Klein is morally culpable for knowingly creating and maintaining the conditions which led to MJs demise.

Personally I despise Klein even more than Murray. To me, Murray is simply an incompetent greedy fool, whereas Klein is a calculating and devious parasite who has chemically controlled MJ throughout the last twenty or so years. In my opinion, Klein (and possibly Hoffelin) should have to answer for their contribution in this whole sorry mess.

So, when Murrays defence team wanted to examine Kleins medical records I was delighted!
I expected Klein to disagree of course, but I was literally bowled over when the executors supported Klein, claiming that MJs records were ‘private’. Why on earth would they want to protect Klein of all people?

My theory? The estate are worried that MJs full history of medication abuse will become common knowledge. They are concerned that people will start asking questions about Michaels possible impairment during certain business deals, including the drafting of the highly suspect will and trust.
Therefore I suspect that Klein has done a deal with the estate whereby he agreed to withdraw the gay allegation (which may damage future marketing of MJ) in return for their support in limiting his liability for over prescribing. And another thing, how can Arnie afford a lawyer if he is supposed to be bankrupt?

As for the involvement of Harvey and TMZ, I’ve long suspected TMZ of media bias when reporting on the executors, the Jackson family and Sony. It started with the demonising of Joe and now they’ve hinted at Katherines competency. One thing is for sure - lawyers sure do stick together.

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1282 days ago

Brigha from UK    

I forgot to add:
Regarding Kleins claim that staged two interventions for Propofol – I don’t believe this at all!
Michael was not ‘addicted’ to Propofol. Propofol provides no 'high' and there is absolutely no evidence for the regularity. I expect that he used it sparingly to control his sleep/wake pattern in certain situations, specifically when performing. However, there is ample evidence to support a dependency on Demerol and benzodiazapines, not least Kleins final bill. Michael admitted his dependency in the early 90’s – so why on earth was Klein still providing this drug to MJ?

1282 days ago

Brigha from UK    

One other thing.
For those who claim that Arnie is obviously the biological father of Prince Jackson – this is almost certainly not the case.

Ear lobe inheritance is a mendelian trait. Attached lobes are recessive and unattached lobes are dominant.

Both MJ, Debbie Rowe and Prince have attached lobes, whereas Kleins are unattached.
If Arnie was the biological father, Prince would carry the dominant gene and his lobes would be unattached.

So, whilst this does not prove that MJ was the biological father, it can rule out Klein. Simply put, Prince Jacksons father has to be someone with attached ear lobes.

1282 days ago


jackson mutilated his face in 1991, and stayed away from lisa marie because she knew they didn't love each other and she realized he was a stupid criminal drug abuser, lying business deal breaker, vicious traitor, child-neglecting, paranoid delusional freak. she knew he bedded her to reproduce kids.
no one forced jackson to bring boys to his bedroom with or without him there. he continued this arrogant, mentally ill behavior when he had fake marriages.

no one forced him to cling onto klein and brainwash his kids to trust klein's friend liz taylor (she who wrote on twitter about how great klein was on june 22, 2009 then she erased that when klein said mj liked boys).

1282 days ago

gayforliztaylor Michael Jackson had very few friends, but it seems that one of his closest may have played a crucial part in his addiction.

According to an explosive new report from The Daily Beast, Elizabeth Taylor had a role in his early dependencies, as the star introduced Jackson to dermatologist Arnold Klein.

When Jackson began seeing Dr. Klein, Taylor was battling her own presciption drug and alcohol problem. She was seeing several doctors, one allegedly being Klein, to prescribe drugs such as Ativan, a tranquilizer, and Dilaudid, a powerful opiate dubbed "the Bentley of heroin."

This was around the time Michael began using the same pain and sleeping pills as Taylor.

Due to treatment for alleged vitiligo (which causes depigmentation and patchiness in the skin) and residual pain from his 1984 accident in which his hair caught on fire while shooting a Pepsi ad, Dr. Klein reportedly provided Jackson with drugs to ease the inflictions, which began to snowball into full-fledged addiction.

Jackson was twice warned by confidantes that his relationship with Taylor was dangerous because she fed his dependencies. Taylor was said to never encouraged Michael to get clean because she faced the same struggles.

During each confrontation Michael would abruptly cut off any discussion.

Taylor and Jackson were not only patients of Dr. Klein but close friends!!!!!

When Liz celebrated her birthday in 1999 at Las Vegas’ Bellagio Hotel, Klein was one of only six people invited.

The trio still socialized until recently.

Just a few months ago, Jackson visited Dr. Klein's Beverly Hills office two or three times a week, staying anywhere from 30 minutes to five hours. The only other person that Jackson regularly visited was Elizabeth Taylor. He reportedly saw her four to five times a week for hours at a time.

1282 days ago


I swear he is so full of ****!

1282 days ago


The June 27th L.A.P.D. affidavit states; "That at “approximately 10:52 am” Murray discovered Jackson “no longer breathing”.". Murray's cell phone records show he made three separate calls, the time he spent talking to the three women was a period of 47 minutes that began at 11:18 a.m.. He wouldn't call paramedics until 12:20pm, almost an hour and a half after he says he "found" Jackson.

1282 days ago
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