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Jay Leno STEAMED Over

Vintage Car Trouble

4/23/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno's joyride in a steam-powered sports car was abruptly derailed when his classic ride crapped out on the side of the road ... ah, the trouble with 105-year old vehicles.

Jay's 1906 Stanley Steamer stalled out in Burbank, CA Friday -- and police tell us officers driving by noticed flames and stopped to help.

Turns out Jay had everything under control ... re-igniting the steam engine with a torch. Once it  fired up, Jay and his passenger went on their merry we-don't-have-to-pay-5-bucks-a-gallon-for-gas way.


Fun fact: The Stanley Steamer once set the land speed record at 127mph. It's since been broken ... many, many, many times.


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Joe Moreno     

Hi Jay ---- I can bring you some speical Holy Water from Buffalo, New York to help your car....

1276 days ago


FUN FACT? is just funny BS as far as history goes TMZ knows nothin see`s nothin.The longest land speed record in the world was held offically by fred marriott in ROCKET a stanley steamlinded steamer built by the stanley brothers in 1906 and that record offically was held for a land steam car for over 100 years THE LONGEST HELD LAND SPEED RECORD EVER was for that 1906 modifed stanley steamer driven by fred marriott,whom nearly died in 1907 when the same car crashed at daytona beach where the land speed record was set the year before.When he crashed in 1907 he was doing 197 MPH and that unoffical record was held for over 20 years for all automobles unoffically.The offical record was from 1906-2009 and has only been broken two times since FOR a steam car.Stanley only built 14,000 cars in 26 years and only about 600 are left.The fred marriot car the ROCKET was a twin engined streamliner built by the stanleys.The new steamer car speed record set aug 25 2009 at edwards airforce base was only 139.843 and was way short of the 1907 unoffical 197 MPH of fred marriott at the fastest beach in the world daytona which was closed in 1958.THE DAYTONA BEACH was a killer and was a much slower BEACH track than edwards flats so if the steamliner stanley of fred marroitt was run even today it would still beat the new records set by don wales and charles burnett,the same old old design would beat thier new designs even after 100 years as the daytona crash and track along points out let alone that steam is a hidden dead design as deadly was it was fast.Steamer ships and trains plus cars ran the world for ages since the first china steam rockets powered engines in the 160...0s.Steam may make a come back but most of the old knowledges have been lost or just BLEW UP when the boilers blew.It take fuels to boil the water to steam and those muti losses of energys makes it a old age tech.But if I was a muti billion I could beat thier records in a copy of the flying tea pot steamliner steamer of fred marriott even today they have nothing new in design of powerplants

1276 days ago


DAYTONA Beach was a much slower track than edwards and the 1907 stanley went 197MPH before it crashed and even the track alone would put the 1906 back in the record books after over 100 years.STEAM power was one of the first powers as seen in the 160...0`s in china with thier steam rocket jet powred spin engines run over a camp fire on burning wood to spin a drive shaft to drive a mill wheel and than later steamships trains tractors farm EQ and cars.I would build a copy of the 1906 and still beat thier newer designs on the same track.DAYTOMA beach land speed record was 330 MPH at the FN BEACH in 1927 the fastest beach in the world untill 1958.Put marriott`s car at the edwards track and they still couldn`t beat it with thier new steamers as far as steamers go

1276 days ago


THE LONGEST LAND SPEED RECORD in the world was from 1906-2009 for that marriott stanley steamer (THE ROCKET)...A streamlined twin engine modifed stanley.That record was set on a beach whereas the edwards track is much faster flater and much the 1907 unoffical all land auto`s speed record at 197MPH at the beach once again until safer faster flater tracks were used in the saltflats.sixteen hundered`s chinas rocket steam jet engines wood fire spinner engines used to do many early powerplant fuctions.MARRIOTT`s car would still beat any steam car at edwards even today as his went 197MPH on a rough beach track untill it crashed and he already had the record and it lasted 102 years..makes you wonder where thier heads are at today.The most driven and popular car of it`s age with a total production run of only 14,000 in 26 years means no one was driving yet but yet those early speed records in stanleys still stood for over 100 years what gives? is that FORD owns TMZ as much as CBS owns america and builds wars for casho`$ for one percenters whom steal us blind and blind our steel buggies historys into the sunset

1276 days ago

fioo hoos    

in it`s class as a steamer it`s land speed record was from 1906-2009 on a slower now closed daytona beach track (the fastest beach track in the world) till 1958 than the streamliners were run at the salt flats.The unoffical speed record in 1907 at daytona by fred marriott still stands at 197MPH as pressed in the new york times in 1907.Only two teams have beat the offical record in the last 100 years and that being in 2008 on the much faster edwards air force base track that of don wales and charles burnett which are running ultra lite space age composites where as the 1907 stanley steamer streamliner of marriott was every heavy by todays standards.Given the faster track at edwards the 100 year newer enginering and weight of the cars,it would seem to reason that the car of marriott rebuilt would still outrun those cars that now hold the new record at the faster track at least with the 100 year newer composites and new wheels axles so would still beat the new cars in it`s class.It would be a real test of the marriott stanley to revisit the design and update it on the faster track TMZ once again you have failed your automoble history tests.It has not been beaten many many times not in it`s class once two times in over 1oo years the longest standing land speed record in that of the marriott 1907 stanley twin engined streamliner at daytona on a slow BEACH track and the unoffical record was for all automobles in 1907 in the daytona marriott ROCKET tea pot which crashed at 197MPH and that record was held for over 20 years.Marriott lived but the steam cars died out and only 600 stanleys out of 14,000 are known.So JJ knows his car history and that steam was the first major powerplants both in trains ships and even automobles.They can`t even beat the 1907 unoffical steam class record recorded on the slower beach track on 100 year old tech.It would make for a real race to updated the ROCKET design to todays standards and I`am sure it would go to about 230 or more.

1275 days ago


Jay lenno also owns a 1925 doble steam car once owned by dad-howard robard hughes JR.TMS should setup a photo op with that car,THE KING OF ALL STEAM car`s the 1925 DOBLE cost over 50 grand in 1925 whereas the FORD`s gas engined T`s&A`s cost about 600$ and I`am sure that car dad once owned and drove a steam 1925 DOBLE owned by jay lenno is now priceless

1275 days ago


One last point about steam power..over 75% of all powerplants selling AC in the USA are still steam powered turbines and most all of the WWII war ships were also steam powered burning coal oil of natural gasses and after WWII many war ship turbines were recycled into power plant turbines and many of those WWII ship to powerplant steam turbines were in service well into the 1970`s.So the long long history of steam power that started in china in 160...0 still powers the world today.But don`t look for steam powered cars to return as they are to costly and take to much service time as lenno`s refireing of his stanley shows but his 1925 DOBLE is to valuable to fire and drive as a old hughes`s car it has to be worth millions as is his H-1 and flying boat transporter pressed wooden plane orded that way in WWII as a proto type that order was resended after the war but yet the SS many many huge tranporter wooden boat planes untill the 101 blew them all up.That was why the order was placed and hwy howard built the nuclear GAR air-air mini drop missle by 1948 as the war tech was still very much in play and that space war race wnet to STARfish prime near space high theater nuclear WWIII as the remote control of the russian/cuban missles were blown up on thier satellites.If howard hadn`t built the nuclear missles in 1948 cuba/russia would have nuked us via satellite wireless remote controlled missle 200 miles off florida

1275 days ago


He must drive that thing alot in Burbank because I saw him there yesterday driving it!

805 days ago
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