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Lindsay Lohan -- "Blindsided" By Jail Sentence

4/24/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you were shocked Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to jail yesterday, you're not alone -- sources close to LiLo tell us no one was more shocked than she was.

Lindsay was sentenced to 120 days in jail yesterday by Judge Stephanie Sautner.  She was bailed out of Lynwood Correctional Facility after spending five hours inside.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she was under the impression she'd be going home after the hearing ... and was "blindsided" when she got sentenced. We're told Lindsay described the situation as "ridiculous" and "f**ked up."

According to our sources, Lindsay spent her Saturday with her sister, Ali, and her brother, Michael Jr.

We're told Lindsay is glad she's not behind bars (for the moment) and is looking forward to appealing.


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I was shocked she was able to bail out! How many chances does a person get? She should be locked up, she knows what she is doing and laughs at our court system knowing that she will not get jail time. She will do it again and again. Our judicial system gives her permission to do so every time she gets out.

When is it enough? When does she pay for her crimes? Who is she doing to keep walking? (That's the real question!)

1189 days ago


All right so i attempted to make one and its giving me the same BS that it does with our original chat. It could be possible that website itself is down. vorlon youre right in that there is contact info for the site. I'm going to go google some possible alternatives.

1189 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

All she would have to do is do her time, make a few "This is Your Brain on Drugs" commercials, do a few apologetic interviews on all the news networks, take a break from acting for a few months, stay out of the spotlight, take a few small roles in a few lower budget serious foreign and artsy fartsy films, Then do a few big roles and BAM she has a comeback. I mean heck if it worked for Robert Downey Jr it could work for her and look at him, he is making mad money as of late.

1189 days ago

Snow White    

Why is she shocked? She was warned by the last judge that if she didn't take the plea she would most likely be sentenced for the probie violation. Evidently Shawn didn't use small enough words in explaining it to her.

1189 days ago


Give it a few hours maybe the owners will figger out it's fragged.

1189 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Hi Jeebus, I dont know what is wrong with the chat room. I emailed suza just now about it. TMZ couldnt do that could they??? I mean I hate to think they would even if they could. WOW! We were still coming here too!

1189 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Jeebus & Vorlon, Oh good.....I was a little freaked out cause Grandma Cracker and Rocky couldnt get in either. Whew. I was starting to think like sean. :) at sean cause maybe he is rite. And I like him.

1189 days ago


Well I found an alternative site if zippy chat just never comes back. We shall have to wait and see now right?!

1189 days ago


@snow white - perhaps a picture book was needed so her attorney could just point to the pictures to explain to the sociopath what was going to happen. She is a freakshow.

1189 days ago


she's not especially bright, is she?

1189 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

That is great Jeebus. It has been down since at least 1p est.

1189 days ago


I'm positive that the judge sent you to jail yesterday because of that terrible, terrible pant and sweater outfit you wore. That cobolt blue color does nothing for you, and the scarf was a pitiful attempt to look fashionable. Your lipstick was not fresh and your hair looked raggity in that messy bun. You had plenty of time to shampoo and put together an outfit. This was certainly not a good choice---so jail it is!

1189 days ago


Poor girl... Serving hard time.. 5 freaking hours...
She needs to spend more time in jail until she figures out that she she is no different from anyone else..Spoiled little girl!!

1189 days ago


Was i shocked that you're not allowed to walk out of store with goods by accident and ignore returning the goods until the store owners called the cops? Not really... But then i am familiar with the law unlike Lohan and tmz writers....

1189 days ago


yeah i don't know why it decided to die on us. maybe Harvey or DUIna worked the mad grifter curse on our chat and killed it >_>

1189 days ago
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