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Lindsay Lohan: I'm the Victim of a Witch Hunt

4/25/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes prosecutor Danette Meyers is on a "witch hunt" against her, and is praying the Deputy D.A. makes good on what she asked the judge -- drop out of the case.

Sources in contact with Lindsay tell us ... Lindsay believes she's become a living, breathing press release for Meyers, who is running for L.A. County District Attorney.

There are several flaws in Lindsay's theory.  First, Meyers asked Judge Stephanie Sautner Friday to remove her from the case.  Since the judge knocked the felony charge down to a misdemeanor, Meyers assumed the case would be transferred to the L.A. City Attorney.  But the judge noted the D.A. can still prosecute the case if it wants to ... so Meyers' request was denied.

Second flaw -- Meyers has prosecuted hundreds of big cases in her more than 2 decades as a prosecutor, and is extremely well-respected, so she really doesn't need a misdemeanor theft case all that much.


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For the grammer police

***She’s done community service at the morgue once before....

1222 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Former Olympic champion Audley Harrison claims he had an encounter with Lindsay Lohan over the weekend at Chateau Marmont ... while he was "in the toilet."

Harrison tweeted the above on his Twitter account. A source inside Chateau tells X17online exclusively:

"Lindsay was acting so crazy. She was drinking vodka and Red Bull and kept going in and out of the men's bathroom every ten minutes. We were all totally creeped out. She ... kept banging on the men's cubicle door calling for some guy named Andrew. It happened to be the pro boxer Audley Harrison. He came out of the bathroom and was telling everyone about it and laughing at her."

This past Friday, Judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced the starlet to 120 days in jail for violating her probation. However, she only served 5 hours after posting $75,000 bail.

1222 days ago



She has 3 misdemeanors from 2 crazy incidents in 2007.
Maybe by June she will have 4 but thats it and its up to the jury to decide.

1222 days ago


Regarding her VOP:

Out to get her? What do you want the court to do when someone is on probation, let em slide again and again and again?

If she would stay out trouble, she would not violate her probation. Yes, it is that simple.

Out to get her - She is her own worst enemy, don't blame the cops, DA or the Judge on this one. It doesn't fly.

1222 days ago


"so she really doesn't need a misdemeanor theft case all that much."

and that's exactly the reason why she was more than happy to leave the case to the City Attorney.

until it was a big case then she was all over it , including the press release (correct?)
the moment it became a misdemeanor case then all the fun was over, correct? yeah.

basically what Lindsay is trying to say.

it's now a misdemeanor case. what u wanna do? and the polanski guy (a real criminal, by the way) is still laughing at the system from Europe. What happened there?

1222 days ago


No I am sorry but i do not think she is innocent. But I think she seriously needs help. and I hope the community service will help her.

1222 days ago


Reminds me of when she sued ETrade for the reference in their baby talking commercials about a Lindsay.... like she has a trademark on the name and it has to be her and that's slander. Get over yourself girl, maybe if you ate a little humble pie, put your big girl panties on and did some serious reflecting instead of deflecting you might get on a better path.

1222 days ago


So..she goes out partying right after she escapes jail. Nice Lilo.

And, more stories that sound credible. Red Bull and vodka? Mens Bathrooms? Sounds like the same old crap.

Isn't this story recycled from a month ago? Or, is she just still paranoid?

1222 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

once a witch, always a witch, linds-linds. it's like a gang, may as well have it tattooed on yer skin, cuz they won't let off of you in this lifetime, baby gurl. "witches for life" across the abs tattoo coming up!!!

1222 days ago


Ignore that Nicole Enabler.

She spends 7 days a week/24 hours a day defending Lindsay.

Twisting the truth in most cases,and omiting it when it comes to the facts.

Nicole is an enabler.

She thinks she's helping poor Lindsay,but actualy she's about as good as friends as a prison cellmate.A "looking out for eacthother" kinda thing.

Nicole is either one of the Lohan's...or he/she is being paid to act stupid,because she sure don't make any sense.

How could anybody live here on these boards all day defending Lindsay?..All day long.

Some days Nicole has posted for 14 hours straight hourly defending Lindsay,and that's just at TMZ.

She's at Radar all the time too...posting away defending Lindsay till her last breath.

When this story first broke..I asked Nicole what was going on with the jewelry store..

Nicole replied "it's all just a big misunderstanding."

Liar..and enabler.

The truth,facts,or reality don't mean a thing to people like Nicole & Lindsay.

Two peas in the same pod.

1222 days ago


Lindsay HO HAN is a "victim" of her own stupidity. Either the drugs have made her sooo paranoid that she can't see that or she truly is a stupid, greedy, self absorbed, brat.

I'm go with the second one.

1222 days ago


I realize everyone thinks Lindsay is paranoid but Danette Meyers actually took this case away from the ADA who was handling it so maybe she is right.

1222 days ago

Who Knew    

She's just a delusional twit. Hope she endsw up like OJ. Once he finally went to jail he was nothing but a side note. Instead of playing a porn star, she could just become a porn star. First movie spank that fire crotch.

1222 days ago


This girl has serious denial issues. She wants to blame everyone else but herself for her problems. And her mother doesn't help because she blames other people as well.

As crazy as her dad is he is right about her. She needs serious help.

Lindsay doesn't realize that she is getting much better treatment than us regular joes. If any of us acted like she did we would have been in jail a long time ago serving our full sentence.

1222 days ago


If any of us forgot to take a necklace off they wouldn't care. They would have thrown us in jail with no questions asked.

1222 days ago
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