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Lindsay's Lawyer Scribbles Hasty Appeal

4/25/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer was so blindsided by Judge Stephanie Sautner's decision to throw Lindsay in jail Friday ... she scribbled an appeal on what looks like a stationary store legal form and jammed it through the system so her client could get out of the pokey.


TMZ obtained the form ... filed by Shawn Holley minutes after the judge sentenced Lindsay to 120 days in jail for the probation violation.

Holley's name and address is scribbled at the top of the form, as is Lindsay's name in the document.

And, the standard form didn't make sense because it says the defendant is indigent, so Holley drew a line through it.  On the other hand ...

By filing the notice of appeal, it allowed Lindsay to bail out while the appeal is pending.

Sometimes, done beats perfect.


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I garantee you I am a grandmother, and I'm 64 yrs old.....I get my life propective from working with young people my whole adult like young adults from 18 thru 25 so I do know a little about their world..
At 24 yrs old , Lindsey' s age I was a mother of 3 and starting my teaching career at a local college. I've been around young people most of my life , I've watched as most of them worked one, or two jobs plus going to class's everyday to get their education..They didn't put their hand out for someone else to pay, they didn't blame anyone else for their life being tough, they dug in a accomplished their goals...
What has she accomplished ? Nothing expect become a media whore ...she is not a star..

you say she is not a Joan Crawford well you are right in that..she doesn't have one ounze of the talent Joan Crawford had.... Joan Crawford might not have been the best mother in the world but she didn't have a criminal record as Lindsey does either...She was smart and she used her talent wisely ...yes her daughter wrote that book about her bashing her but that was mainly out of spit for being left out of the will....

As for this Brandon Marshall fellow well to tell the truth I don't even know who he is and what he is I don't follow sports and hell anyway the all seem to get into trouble ...
As for taking time for her to learn things and staight out, hell sweetie she's 24 yrs old not 14 she should have learned by now ....I'm sorry she does what she does because she wants to do it, she know what she's doing...that is why I don't have any sympathy for her at all...I don't like users and she and her family are users.

1089 days ago


I agree with you, I think Charlie Sheen is way way worse than Linsay too. Vince Neil is also a pos

1089 days ago

Pony Princess    

Thanks, Ketjo.
I loved your line - I don't like users. You've really gotten to the essence of Lindsay Lohan.

1089 days ago


Lindsey Charlie
A. addict A. addict
B. sleeps with B. sleeps with
anything mostly only female as far as we know
C. 5 times arrested C. 5 time or more arrested
d. media whore D. media whore
E. self absorbed E. self absorbed

on and on and on and on .........So Lindsey is not as bad as Charlie.....sorry but that just ain't true

1089 days ago


@ketjo Joan Crawford became box office poison, there are worse celebrities of earlier times when they were 24 years old than Lindsay. That's my point. And what you did at 24 is irrelevant, you're not living her life under today's media conditions. There are thousands if not millions of people in their 20s all over the world that are similar in screwing up their lives, most of them aren't living in the fishbowl Lindsay lives in.

I too work with teens and young adults and I see no reason for someone who is supposed to be older and have perspective on how people can develop in life to go on an internet site and get so outraged and annoyed at a perceived bratty 24-year old. The reason why I brought up this sports figure because the worse examples of spoiled 20 somethings that get away with things far more serious than what Lindsay has done are in sports. And it seems those playing football are some of the worse offenders. If as people are saying there's such a double standard in treatment of Lindsay vs. regular people I say expand treatment of Lindsay vs. many rogue football players. Why not? Then look back at some rock stars of yesterday, dancers, so forth, some of them make Lindsay look like an angel and they too got away with things. Politicians children get away with things. Business people and their children get away with things. I don't care if you have sympathy for Lindsay or not and I'm not asking you too.

And what's with this hey sweetie she's 24 years old. How old was Al Pacino when he had his drinking problems? What's Charlie Sheen's age? Tom Sizemore? How old was Robert Downey Jr. during his dark period? She should learn by now, that to me is the opinion of someone who may have reached a chronological age, but sure isn't very observant. People fight their issues and "get it" at different ages, for some it is a life-long fight and some never really get it. And we don't really know what her issues are, only a few doctors, therapists, close friends and family members do. We may be way off base about some of our assumptions.

1089 days ago


Do you think she has any control over how much of a substance she uses once she starts? Do you think her life is managable?

If you say "no" to these questions, cut her some slack and let her either get well or die from her disease. It's hard enough to face demons without publicity. The best celebrity rehabs seem to be people shielded from the public for 6 months to become a real human being again.

Lindsay, take 6 months off in isolation, with some real treatment professionals in a real treatment environment. Then, you can think about how to rebuild your brand. Until you take the 6 months and rebuild a new life, you are really just providing sad entertainment to the masses.

You can't do this by yourself. Get some REAL help, not from kiss-a$$ers who want your money. God bless...

1089 days ago


Last thing on this debate with you.....
Lindsey Lohan can not even be campared with Joan Crawford..Joan started her career at 15 and starred in movies till she was well into her 60's and was one of the top payed and most popular stars of the 30's ,40's and early 50's she made more money then you presious Lindsey can even dream off.. She may not have been mother of the year but she was one of the best actress Hollywood has ever seen. Comparing the two is like camparing a piece of cheap glass to a class A Diamond....

And another thing I know not all young people are the same....
but when you get down to it what you see on tv and see on the internet is just a drop in the bucket of life.....Most people do not act like what is depicted on TV or the internet that is called fantasy .....

So I have the right to have my opinion of Lindsey Lohan just as you do...There are nurturers, and helpers and users in life and she is a User....her and her whole family....they seek the limelight the media attention..if she wanted to get out of the limelight and out of the media all she has to do is buy her a ticket or leave hollywood and ny behind . She chooses not to...

1089 days ago


@ketjo She's not my precious Lindsay, she's an actress from Long Island that started at age 3 modeling and was in soaps at age 9 or so. Joan Crawford became a legendary actress, an icon, but I don't deal in fairy tales and I'm not comparing Lindsay's accomplishments with Joan's. Joan had OCD and would constantly wash her hands, she demanded that studios be freezing cold without regard for others, she was not a person that played well with others and with her co-stars, she called Judy Garland an "entitled spoiled brat"--does that sound familiar? She started telling the studios in not the nicest language how horrible their movie roles were for her and she struggled with alcohol addiction and pills much of her life. I don't care how much money Lindsay makes compared to Joan. I'm trying to convey that some highly revered personalities and stars weren't the nicest people in the world by a long shot in how they treated others. I can talk about how nasty ballplayer Mickey Mantle was to a disabled fan, or how Miles Davis treated young musicians, there are great names in entertainment that were people who were considered overall to be nasty people or certainly had very nasty moments frequently and could care less about being supportive or interacting or appreciating their fans. So you call Joan a class A diamond all you want, but as a person she certainly seemed no nicer than Lindsay does.

I'll agree with your second paragraph, and that's exactly why I say people shouldn't pretend like they know what Lindsay is really like.

Maybe Lindsay is a user, she's not the only one. Doesn't excuse it but it makes me curious why people are here relentlessly day after day stating how horrible she is. While I certainly wouldn't want to deal with her I'd pick her over some others in history, some with big names, as the lesser POA to deal with. And as far as her talent and career, it's to be determined.

1089 days ago


I will agree to disagree.......When she turns 50 you may have the right to compare her to all the above people you named who were famous in their lifetime but not now she has not had a career* worth bragging about as of today........Her only career* has been as a media whore. She has never even starred and a movie worth bragging about besides the Dizney movies and they are a dime a dozen.....She has more time in front of the Paps camera's then on a geniune movie set in the last 3 years.... Too compare her to Joan Crawford of Judy Garland(who was a spoiled brat)and any of the others you named is redicluious she's not even in the same room ......
She will never be anything more then a media whore until she gets away from the whole media circus and clears out her body and her mind....and then she might have a change to become a real actress...but she has to want to and work at it so far she has shown that she doesn't want to.

1089 days ago


@ketjo I don't know if Judy Garland could have a career now, it's that crazy. There was no TMZ or radaronline or internet or people making comments so quickly in her day. And I'm not comparing their careers and I though I made that clear. Everybody is young at one time, and Judy was a child star and developed into what she did, she always had issues with drugs and there are tragic reasons why. How would Judy react to constant paparazzi attention and the like now? We don't know as it was a different era. I'm not caught up in the legend of the person, the comparison is about personal behavior in the business, not their accomplishments or stature in the minds of the public. I making a case that Lindsay does not rank as one of the worst behaved in historical context and I'll say that over and over because a lot of people aren't getting that.

To say Lindsay will do/be this or that is predicting and I've heard enough bonehead predictions in my life. I think trying to predict what will happen to someone's career/life is foolhardy. You don't know as well as I don't know and to say she will never is stating your opinion as a foregone conclusion which I find ridiculous. Life is full of twists, turns, ebb, flows, the expected and unexpected.

1089 days ago


I'm not going to debate with you any longer on this Delmar.
You have the right to your opinion just as I have a right to mine. So we will have to agree to disagree on the subject of this woman and her actions...In the world I live in and most other people live are judged by your actions and the things you do....By her own actions and deeds she has caused most people to dispise her and revile her..No one else she herself is to blame....I don't (Hate) her . I just dispise her actions and deeds like I dispise every other User of people for their own benefit....I hope she changes and moves on from this circus she lives in , but frankly I don't hold out much hope.

1089 days ago


L Lohan got what she deserves. Congratulations to the Judge who made the right decision. She should have been jailed many months ago. What a waste of taxpayer's money ...her parents are the root of her problems...

1089 days ago


she should hire charles carnesi he the best

1089 days ago


I think the best thing the judge did was to sentence the "Princess" to some pretty hard labor. I doubt that she has ever even done any housework, much less the task that she will now have to do. My opinion? That is better than a jail sentence for a spoiled girl like LINDSAY!

1089 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

Lindsay Lohan scribbles a message in blood on her jail cell wall , from her scratched raw fleshy pulpy warn down stubs of her once elegant now gaunt finger tips as she struggles to finish amid the cruching throbbing pain and agony of a lost love, she writes

:::::::::::::::::::::LiLo -n- SamRo 4f4:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

1089 days ago
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