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Lindsay Lohan Puts Actions Behind Words

4/26/2011 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is backing up what she said on "The Tonight Show" -- that she's a big girl who is finally taking responsibility for her actions -- because she's going to start doing community service this week.


Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay will begin her 360 hours of community service at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles this week. 

Lindsay told Jay Leno she's not going to make excuses for her actions and will accept the consequences of violating her probation. 

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, was there when Lindsay was on the stage.  Interestingly, Holley's hubby, Dorian Holley, was also there -- he's the lead singer of the "The Tonight Show" band.

We're told the producer of "Gotti: Three Generations" was also in the audience to show his support.

One other thing ... Lindsay is also required to perform 120 hours at the L.A. County Morgue -- we're told "she's not so crazy about that."


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Hot Farts    

Italia 7 hours ago
TO: Mick who wrote:
"...There are other things for Lindsay to be doing of benefit to the community..."


Maybe the Judge was afraid that if she put Lindsay in too nice of a place, Lindsay would start stealing again.

Just to clarify...this IS a really nice place. Its actually beautiful. In fact it has crossed my mind several times that if they put her on sorting donations she may be tempted to steal.

I have sorted that closet out many a time and they have things like top designer blazers and shoes and Coach hand bags etc...they put them out on tables for the ladies to take home they call it "shopping" and they have some very nice things I really mean it

1213 days ago


I can't wait until Lindsay get's an Oscar...I mean literally!
Never is a really long time.

1213 days ago


janet on p. 11: "She can't wait for the paps to be following her around so she can claim she can't do the service because of the paps."

That's probably part of the reason the judge chose the morgue and the women's center. Not too likely that the paps can follow her into either place. But there's plenty of simple work to be done in both places that doesn't require any special training, so it's a good community service option (people can learn the job fast and do it well). Letting an actor do court-ordered "community service" by just plunking himself or herself in front of a camera for a 30 second PSA is ridiculous. Let them volunteer for that later if they want, meanwhile - let them do some real, useful work in place of jail.

By the way, contrary to what some posters have claimed, cleaning toilets and mopping floors is not degrading. How could it ever be degrading, anyway? Many of us do it routinely in our own homes. It's actually quite important work, it just doesn't get paid as well as many other jobs that are much more dispensable (including mine, the world won't stop spinning without me). Entertainers and professional athletes in particular do non-essential jobs despite the huge bucks they can sometimes make. Cleanup work, trash collecting, etc. are all crucial for a decent quality of life for all of us as well as to avoid spread of disease. In Lindsay's case, it's a good opportunity for her to do some truly essential work on behalf of others. She needs to focus outward instead of inward.

1213 days ago

Hot Farts    

The people that work at DWC are more pop culture oriented people, but the women that come to the day center are another story. There culture, while they come from all walks of life would be more like

75% have no idea who Lindsay Lohan is. They dont watch the news or read gossip.

The other 25% might regognize her but would not know a lot about her.

They are accustomed to having very well known people around the center because people from entertainment and politics love the place...what's not to love...ya gotta go there to see the most successful non-profit business in existence. It is so positive, well run and caring. The energy and enthusiasm is contagious and they have been successful enough to move into a bulding they totally remodeled and its really something

1213 days ago


Haven't the women in the shelters been through enough without this brainless twit annoying them?? And the morgue - hope the people aren't wearing anything she fancies. Look around while you're there, Lowhan, your career is in one of those drawers.

1213 days ago


twilightmom 11 hours ago

UNLESS....(and I'm praying for it), Judge Sauntner calls for "no early release". Which I assume she can do.
Now THAT, would be awesome! She needs to really learn her lesson. Before its too late, for her or someone else.


That is 100% NOT happening and the Judge could have actually gave her 180 days but only gave her 120 days. The Judge KNEW she would probably serve 2 weeks max and would have been out in time for her pretrial hearing if she didn't bail out.

The real punishment is the 120 hours Fifteen 8 hours days at the morgue and we all know it.

1212 days ago



1212 days ago


sean 19 hours ago

I am not trying to be pesty just had to say that in my took 2 hours to sift through the old posts but its all there just like I (we) remembered it went down...
Hi all,
Glad you enjoyed the Easter post I learned that 35 yrs. ago and said hmmmmmm.

Wizard avatar for blood red witch..
john smith 19 hours ago

Pony Princess is LOUser. LIndsay is Linnocent!@!!!
Watch Leno tonight Haters!
Pony Princess 19 hours ago

sean, good to know you are writing your lesson plan for the next semester (september) of college. What is the University going to call it? And what are you going to call it? I suspect a couple different things.
My suggestion: Sean is a Crazy Loon on TMZ 502

Also good to know that you can semi-concentrate for 2 hours. Makes me feel good, you know.
Pony Princess 19 hours ago

thanks john smith for the shout out! I was wondering what hole you had crawled into and when you would come out.
Sean's response-

Ahh, how cute Johnsmith said you are a louser ...I see you must be a real "hater" since johnsmith attacked you..(propaganda 101)

So obvious to the trained EYE that you are John smith also....

If you notice not one word denying my honest post, just more personal attacks and deflection

please look for yourselves its all on page 60 + of Peebrains profile page(day 1-3)out of 35 days..

along with the *clusters* of fake aliases that show up to lend credence to their illusions of grandeur..and to distract the less disciplined viewers from their real intent which consists of Trickery ala. smoke and mirrors........

1212 days ago

george fudge!    

Blowhan is a lying skank. Hope she is sworn at and gets a good beating from these street women, followed by another beating when goes to jail. The Gotti movie is going to be a flop, all because this trashy girl will have soiled it with her presence and incompetent acting.

1212 days ago
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