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Mug Shot of 'Repo Games' Shooter -- Be Very Afraid ...

4/26/2011 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes mug shots tell the story ... which is the case with the dude who was arrested for attempted murder after allegedly shooting at the film crew for "Repo Games" in Las Vegas last night.

Carlos Barron Mug Shot

Carlos Barron got extremely bent out of shape at around 9:45 last night, after the film crew was shooting video of a car being repossessed a few doors down. 

The 40-year-old became irate after a van was parked outside his home -- and allegedly opened fire ... while the crew was shooting the game show portion in front of the neighbor's house.

No one was hurt, but the show, which debuts tonight on Spike TV, sounds pretty awesome.


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Aw, Buddy, Don't you know you are supposed to allow those new reality shows to pull up in front of your house and use generators all night while you are trying to sleep so you can go to work and feed your family?

1278 days ago


I think this guy was looking for my friend Han Solo back awhile ago...

1278 days ago


Portrait of an idiot!

1278 days ago


Somebody tell Chelsea that Chuy won't be showing up today.

1278 days ago

Mike L    

This is another reason why we need stricter gun control laws. This guy is obviously unstable, who the hell sold him a gun?

1278 days ago


WOW! I totally misunderstood this story this morning! I thought he was the person whose car was being repossed! I felt really bad for the guy.
After re-reading this story I see that he is just a lunatic who has issues. Its too bad that the newsvan made him this upset- he must have a short fuse or something!

1278 days ago


"Be very afraid"? Are you serious? This mug shot doesn't tell any story at all (unless you're trying to point out that someone who looks like they weren't born in the US has been charged with a violent crime).

All I see is a man with very sad eyes, who probably wishes he could turn back time.

1278 days ago


Haha, wow! I know this guy. He taught at my high school while I was a student there four years ago. Doesn't seem like the type that would pull something like this; he was always so nice and upbeat - constantly telling me and other students to stay on track. Sh-t happens, I guess.

1278 days ago



1278 days ago


What’s wrong with an umbre protecting his property? This essa in a hero and should be given a medal not thrown in Jail. VIVA Las Vegas BABY!!!

1278 days ago


Sounds F**ked up. I hope this guy ends up suing them. They created a threatening situation for this guy and someone could've gotten killed.

1278 days ago


"Be very afraid" how so TMZ? are you saying this guy is dangerous? thats a good way of getting sued... Jesus you heard one side of the story from a compainy making money on people worst of times and you don't know wtf happened.

you look at these shows and you see these guys they hire for security and they are complete bone heads and have no clue on how to be a real guard. If any of them said anything back to this guy while bull****ting around in his front yard you better bet he has the right to protect himself.

This guy hasn't even got a lawyer yet and TMZ has already convicted him.

1278 days ago


where is Lindsay Lohan's latest mug shot, her 5th one I think, How come TMZ doesn't have it?

1278 days ago


The man looks worn out and down. It's incredibly sad. I don't think the show sounds awesome at all. I think they've actually managed to make something less illuminating, less tasteful and more exploitative than Dog The Bounty Hunter. I suppose that a feat in itself. Tragedy from the get go.

1278 days ago

Will E    

Mike L 26 minutes ago
"This is another reason why we need stricter gun control laws. This guy is obviously unstable, who the hell sold him a gun?"

Dude seriously>? you think this guy got a gun legally? RACIST BLACK WORD PLEASE

1278 days ago
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