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'Face the Nation' Host: Trump's a Racist!

4/28/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The host of "Face the Nation" -- flush with anger -- called Donald Trump a racist.

Bob Schieffer appeared Wednesday night on "The CBS Evening News" and reacted to Trump's latest salvo against President Barack Obama, in which Trump suggested the Prez might not have had the grades to get into Harvard Law School.

Schieffer said, "That's just code for saying he got into law school because he's black.  This is an ugly strain of racism that's running through this whole thing."

Earlier in the day, Trump said, "I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can't get into Harvard.  We don't know a thing about this guy.  There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our President." 


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Okay. Let's pretend Trump isn't a racist a-hole for a moment.

Now that we're in fairytale lala-land, let's ask ourselves this:
Is Trump insinuating that Obama has been plotting his world domination with false credentials ever since his college years?

Nevermind the fact that Obama's educational history is iron-clad intact, with plenty of facts supporting its legitimacy.

Trump is focusing in on the foolish dregs of our society right now. These are the only people (brenda) that would even consider taking a word this man has to say as anything remotely coherent or probable. This is Trumps only hopes of making something that might slightly resemble a political "power play". Riding the wave of bigotry on the backs of the ill-informed and uneducated masses of conservative sheep. Pathetic.

This whole thing reeks of racism and bigotry, and to say otherwise is to remain willfully ignorant of the facts.

1277 days ago


Sarah Palin is George Bush in a dress, Donald Trump is another rich banjo player. I am just saying.
Jon Stewart had it right..on the matter of the birth certificate..try to get a passport! I am really sick of how dumb people have gotten.

1277 days ago


OMG of course this is a racially motivated issue, Trump is racist BIG time. and please don't use the "is not racist because he is bi racial" excuse because EVERONE sees the same, he is BLACK >.....tromp is making a fool of himself and the GOP!! Let him keep on talking, it only hurts him and the GOP.

1277 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

TEAM TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OBAMA BLOWS AND IS THE REAL RACIST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1277 days ago


It is clearly the time to boycott Trump's businesses. By doing that, we will show him and others like him that there is no place for racism in our country (or the world for that matter!) We all knew exactly what he was trying to imply with that comment!! If even the blacks alone boycotted his businesses, you better believe that his pockets would be severely impacted! I bet once he is no longer a billionaire, his trophy wife would be nowhere to be found!

1277 days ago

sloppy seconds    

who cares! racism is OLD NEWS NOW! browns marry browns, etc. it's time that whites stand up for themselves as it's been 30 years of reverse discrimination, because it's been the popular way. CHANGE!

1277 days ago


As I read Joe, Russ and few other comments I had to laugh. It's interesting how you don't see the racism. Let's examine this shall we? First, when was the last time a white man who ran for President had to show his birth certifcate? Second, when was the last time a white man had to show his college transcripts?

Now let's break down the racism. Listen closely, here it comes. First you are trying to scare everyone by sayng he's from another country, oooh the boogie man, the black man he's not like us.... "we need to take our country back".... Secondly, he went to harvard, how could he get in when my good white friends have children that couldn't get in. Oh I know it must have been affirmative action. If Russ and Joe don't see the racism in those statements then I question your decision making process. Perhaps you've never been asked to provide "papers" to prove who you said you were especially when it's already stated that you are who you say you are. Let's go back to all the other Presidents of the United States and show me where any of them had to do the same!!

1277 days ago


TY BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For having the balls to say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and ty CHER of course, she is trully a goddess in my eyes!! *note*not in the same form Charlie Sheen uses the term Goddess*

1277 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I'm embarrassed for Donald Trump. I had no idea he was capable of this level of lunacy.

1277 days ago


saying someone isn't a good student or that they get bad grades isn't racist. This kind of crap diminishes real claims of racism and only makes these Obama lovers look stupid. TRUMP 2012!!!!

1277 days ago

Lane Zane    

So sick of "The Donald". Wish he would go away. What a D-BAG!

1277 days ago


i'm SO SICK of everything being considered racist! trump is asking some valid questions that should be asked of ANY president. AND YES, often "minorities"(are they really the minority anymore), are accepted into college because colleges have to allow so many minorities in. many white ppl who have the same grades as minorities do not get in because of this quota. ppl need to F U C K I N G relax. are we allowed to even call african americans black anymore or is that wrong too??? many blacks don't want to be called african. if that's the case, i don't want to be called white anymore--get it straight it's portuguese-french american.

1277 days ago


There's a reason CBS is in last place. They're news anchors can't keep their mouth shut.

1277 days ago

norm abrams    

Just because you call someone out for something, doesn't mean they are racist. Why in the hell do you think late night talk show hosts don't tell Obama jokes???? They don't want to be labeled as racists. If they did tell a joke, someone would say Leno, Jimmy and what's his name on CBS are all racists. So what do they do? They recycle George Bush jokes. Pathetic.

1277 days ago


he's an orange supremacist!

1277 days ago
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