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'Face the Nation' Host: Trump's a Racist!

4/28/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The host of "Face the Nation" -- flush with anger -- called Donald Trump a racist.

Bob Schieffer appeared Wednesday night on "The CBS Evening News" and reacted to Trump's latest salvo against President Barack Obama, in which Trump suggested the Prez might not have had the grades to get into Harvard Law School.

Schieffer said, "That's just code for saying he got into law school because he's black.  This is an ugly strain of racism that's running through this whole thing."

Earlier in the day, Trump said, "I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can't get into Harvard.  We don't know a thing about this guy.  There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our President." 


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Donny Trumpaloompa's friend's sons must not be the crackerjacks he daughter was fourth in her high school class, decent SATS, etc....and she got into Harvard. so...FAIL, Donny.


1277 days ago


It's about time these so called news reporters start keeping there commends about the news stories to themselfs. The media in this country is getting out of hand and there is just way to much reporting and personal commends being made by them. Just report the news and keep your traps shut... report the news and let the public make there own opinions and stop pushing your ideas in what you think the public should think about everything you report.

1277 days ago


Trump is a moron - stick to the "getting America jobs" and "debt reduction" and "energy dependance" issues.


1277 days ago

CA Girl    

Obama released his records from the Harvard Law School, where he did well. Obama has NOT released his records from Occidental, where he admits in his own book that he did NOT do well. That's a fact.

This particular issue is NOT about racism, contrary to the current song of the Democrats. It is about PREJUDICE.

**A person who is a racist is prejudiced. HOWEVER, a person who shows PREJUDICE is NOT automatically a racist.**

This is a question of prejudice. And the Democrats cut their teeth on prejudice. They just don't want to admit it.

It was PREJUDICE of the DEMOCRATS to demand to see President Bush's transcripts - which he DID release, btw. ALL OF THEM. Come on, you Democrats. Admit it. Own it. (He had about a B to B- / "high pass grade", it's called.) Turns out, he did a lot better than Kerry ever did. (Kerry had lousy grades. D's, a few C's. Those lousy grades from the senator who keeps getting voted back in by those nutty people in Massachusetts!) In fact, Bush was a pretty decent student when he was studying for his MBA degree. The Democrats beat the drum relentlessly for this information, as they were hell-bent on showing the President was sorely lacking in academic achievement. They were wrong. (Additionally, he was and is a voracious reader as well.)

Conversely, it is PREJUDICE (NOT RACISM) that asks OBAMA to show HIS transcripts. You Democrats REALLY didn't NEED them from President Bush, but you GOT THEM, didn't you? In fairness, it would be refreshing if the Democrats ADMIT WHY they wanted President Bush's transcripts. They were hoping to embarrass him, which didn't work. They were unhappy about the results, their scheme having failed. In truth, it was PREJUDICE that asked for those. And it is PREJUDICE (NOT racism) that asks the SAME THING of Obama. Are transcripts and grades from years ago REALLY necessary at this point in time? Probably not. Just a thought.

1277 days ago


Shut the F up. another Democratic apologist, defender of half truths.

1277 days ago


I am so sick of this racist card being pulled out. There are plenty of black people who are racist against whites. How about the beatdown two BLACK women did to a WHITE woman. Where was Rev. Sharpton for that? No Where! That is RACIST! Black people can be just as racist against whites. Enough with it. Personally I could care less what color Obama is. He is doing a terrible job, enough said!

Girl Gets Beat Up In McDonalds & Starts To Have A Seizure!

1277 days ago


So now you're a racist if you point out reverse discrimination?!

1277 days ago


I find it also deplorable that the media, including TMZ is so in the presidents pocket when the obvious is out there. He is an American citizen elected to the presidency and the real issue is that he is lousy at it.

1277 days ago


Shame on you, Bob Schiffer! We ought to be able to have healthy debate in this country without name calling. You're done in my book! I don't know what you're thinking . The last thing we need right now is more division. Let's concentrate on the issues at hand and why I had to pay $4.15 a gallon for gas this afternoon. Focus on that!

1277 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I have not heard anyone ask why Obama waited 2-3 years to pull out the birth certificate.

That makes no sense people.


Something ain't right.

If I had to pull out my birth certificate to get a job or get married or get a passport or whatever... I would pull out my birth certificate and move on.

1277 days ago


It is obvious racism. Trump had NO PROOF Obama wasn't born in Hawaii. He has NO PROOF the magna *** laude Obama got in to Harvard because he is black. He ASSUMES these things based on race because there are no facts behind them. It is up to Obama to prove you are lying about him?

1277 days ago

Marci Marceau    

I'm 100% American, and may or may not show my birth certificate if President. That's my prerogative. I'd really give you busters a run for your money if I ever got to the White House.

1277 days ago


"I have not heard anyone ask why Obama waited 2-3 years to pull out the birth certificate."

Then your brain doesn't function or you don't pay attention. Obama showed the public a perfectly valid birth cert in 2008. Racists didn't accept it despite every offical agency accepting it.

"If I had to pull out my birth certificate to get a job or get married or get a passport or whatever."

Obama showed it to get his passport or get married. However Donald Trump and racist Tea Party you or Obama do not have to show anything to ever.

1277 days ago

Marci Marceau    

Why are whites called racists? Let's see: Slavery, Segregation, denial of Civil Rights until 1964, White flight, White Suberbia, better ...schools, better neighborhoods, better jobs, gentrification, misrepresentation and underrepresentation of minorities in media. Hatred of Muslims, and not even a slap on the hand to Timothy McVeigh. Don't forget those pesky small pox infested blankets to kill off the Injuns aka genocide. Whites did all these things. Don't try to turn it back around on the Blacks. We didn't even come here willingly. Leave us out of it.

1277 days ago


Does anybody even watch CBS anymore? No one cares what you think BOB? And hell ya when talk about him being the smartest man in the room you should no problem backing it up. It just Harvard. Let see just how smart he is. Lets see what he wrote while there.

Racist my ass. When you up on the top job and the media cup caked him into it I WANT TO KNOW just How smart he is. When you take away the Prompter I have my doubts.

1277 days ago
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