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'Face the Nation' Host: Trump's a Racist!

4/28/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The host of "Face the Nation" -- flush with anger -- called Donald Trump a racist.

Bob Schieffer appeared Wednesday night on "The CBS Evening News" and reacted to Trump's latest salvo against President Barack Obama, in which Trump suggested the Prez might not have had the grades to get into Harvard Law School.

Schieffer said, "That's just code for saying he got into law school because he's black.  This is an ugly strain of racism that's running through this whole thing."

Earlier in the day, Trump said, "I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can't get into Harvard.  We don't know a thing about this guy.  There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our President." 


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Who gives a tiny rat's ass what that jackass says or does. Please stop giving Trump hair, I mean air time.

1236 days ago


I was starting to Like Trump, the show he has is good. Now I see why I thought he was an ass. It is because he is an ass.

1236 days ago


This isn't necessarily racist, but Trump is being rather simple-minded. Admission to these schools isn't one-dimensional. They likely saw great talent in Obama... and look, they were right.

At this point, Trump is making himself look ignorant, obnoxious, and slowly but surely irrelevant - like white noise.

1236 days ago


Yep, Trump has gone over the deep end. How does any of this nonsense improve the economy or protect American from terrorism? Why the f**k would anybody vote for this clown!?!

1236 days ago

cant wait for the world to end so stupid poeple will die    

Ok first of all it was not Obama that made this statement, it was not even a black man who played the card. Stop blaming him for what others are saying, it make me feel like your just as stupid as Trump looking for any excuse to pounce on the man.

1236 days ago


If Trump really ran Obama would win in a landslide he a casino full of skeletons in Jersey the man can't even get a gaming license in Nevada. He's a blow hard that likes to hear himself talk. He can't just file bankruptcy like he has in the past with his other companies and think everything will be fine. What a d bag.

1236 days ago


Really some of the comments show too much presciption medication is being prescibed. Eight years to finish Harvard. I doubt you could finish 30 days. MJ was a druggie (and possibly more). No one ever brought this kind of crap up for a president before. We are in a high crisis and people are not realizing the rich republicans (yes I am one) could care less about anything and continue to make money. The poor don't know any better, they will always be poor.
Scrabbleman thank you for being articulate and standing with your head high and knowing facts.

1236 days ago


I personally think Trump is a tool but how on earth is his latest comment racist?! My grades weren't good enough for Harvard and I'm white. Does that mean I was screwed by Affirmative Action? No. It means I didn't study hard enough. You can have an opinion and it doesn't mean anything more. And while I'm on the subject, why is it SUCH a big deal to demand a birth certificate from Obama and then question its authenticity?! We all have to show a birth certificate to get a job. Isn't being President the highest possible job in this country? The President--probably much more than anyone else--should have to abide by the same rules we do. And people are questioning the authenticity of said birth certificate because of the delay in showing it and the hissy fit Obama's been having about it. If he really was born here, what was the big deal? Makes me wonder. Then again, I didn't vote for him. And no, not because he's a different color for me. I didn't vote for him because I knew his election would become a puppet show.

1236 days ago


Donald Trump is not racist.Throwing up the race card these days is a joke and should be laughed at when used.

1236 days ago


This is just an attempt to keep the democrats in office by demoralizing the competition (Trump). Silly

1236 days ago


mary 22 minutes ago

There's a reason CBS is in last place. They're news anchors can't keep their mouth shut.


Yes, god forbid someone should actually utter a true fact on a news program!

1236 days ago

you know it    

I guess he just blew his chances for the White House. I sure wouldn't have voted for him.

1236 days ago


dang, ya just cant say ANYTHING.maybe trump is talking about the white side of the pres..what? is everyone a racist that disagrees with obama? what a croc.

1236 days ago


I admire you, Mr. Schieffer, for saying openly what so many others in the public eye have been afraid to say.

As for Mr. Trump, the more he opens his mouth the slimmer the chances are that he could even win nomination for dog catcher. Racist?... probably. Ahole?...without a doubt!

1236 days ago


The reason why he and the other "birthers" are being called racists is because no one ever demanded from all of the past white presidents to see their birth certificates. Donald Trump also insinuated that our President was only able to get into the colleges that he did because of affirmative action. Donald Trump basically outed himself as a bigot.

1236 days ago
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