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CSI Creator's Wife: Our Marriage is DOA

4/28/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The wife of the creator of "CSI" has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.


Jennifer Zuiker -- whose hubby, Anthony Zuiker, created the crime show which has generated more than $6 billion --  filed legal docs in L.A. County Superior Court, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Jennifer is asking for child and spousal support.

And, we're told, there is NO PRENUP.  So divide $6 billion by 2!

The couple married in April, 1999.  They have 3 boys.


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first of all the series has GROSSED 6 billion. take out all the expenses and the taxes, he has probably ended up with a 100 million or so. How does she get half of the GROSS?
secondly, she woke up looked at his fat ugly ass and did the math....he ain't worth staying with. For women, it's about the math. PERIOD.

1221 days ago


I guess there fat, ugly losers met when they were broke in Las Vegas.

Look, they both talk like disgusting truck drivers, cursing and belittling those around them. They cannot spell to save their lives. They're ass-hats who got reaaally lucky.

I cannot imagine having sex or holding a conversation with these troglodytes.

May she keep traveling all over the globe and leaving her kids with nannies. These kids are going to be wrecked - not by the divorce, but by having these neanderthals to parent them. Puke.

1221 days ago


Neither one of them are prizes, but with that kind of cash who cares?

1221 days ago


Um. I'm guessing homeboy spend a lot of time in WEHO. Perhaps The Abbey?!

1221 days ago


Generated 6 billion *******s not for him u ****ing dip****s generated 6 billion in general

which means he got like 10-15 % of that MAX

1221 days ago


You know, half you posters should get a freakin' life. She was married to him BEFORE he was famous, before his IDEA became a billion dollar idea and she gave birth to three kids, in that span of time. Some where between 1999 and NOW, 12 years later they loved each other, they were married, they raised a family together. Those of you saying dumbass for no PRE-NUP, um, she married the guy when he was worth ****ALL, he got lucky with CSI, had a great idea, the show has made 6 billion which DOESN"T mean he's worth that, but he's probably worth millions, why SHOULDN"T she get half that, or SPOUSAL and other support? Are you kidding me?

THose of you making fun of her weight, calling her a gold digger, SERIOUSLY? She gave birth to three kids, you call her fat, LOOK AT THE HUSBAND, um yeah some of you are saying he can do better and trade up, TO WHAT, a plastic barbie GOLD DIGGER???

SOme of you posters are NUTS!!!!

1221 days ago


Why should she get half? Just because she sat shotgun during the ride she's entitled? I don't care if you make 10k a year, you get a prenup. She should get no more than 150k per year. That's more than enough to survive on. The father should fight for full custody, the divorce laws sre so skewed in this country it's pathetic.

1221 days ago


I think users would understand these two individuals much more if TMZ used a recent picture. The one used in the above article is YEARS old... back from the early days of CSI: NY. While looks aren't EVERYTHING IN LIFE, these two are wonderful looking individuals who are also going through a rough time (obviously). I wish them the best and hope this situation can be resolved amicably.

1221 days ago


What backwoods MATH is this? Someone from Kentucky?

1221 days ago


I really don't understand some of you posters. Anthony Zuiker was the "man behind the camera" -- not in front of it! His looks didn't make him wealthy -- his "BRAINS" did!!! His wife was there from the very beginning and is legally entitled to "half" his earnings. I'm sorry that they couldn't work out their differences but sometimes it takes a spouse filing divorce papers to bring the other party to their senses. They still may decide to work things out, instead.

1221 days ago

Blue Lake    

She must be relieved to get rid of him and his gay face.

1220 days ago


No amount of money can cure a UGLY Fat Women........Just Not enough money in the world 4 her...

1220 days ago


Lori wrote :Who do you think took care of them and their home?.

Not her! You know they have nanny's, butlers and housekeepers. She's been hanging out by the poool reading romance novels all day.

1220 days ago

Mrs. Gossip     

He's wife really is piggy looking. It's about time bro, get a charlie sheen ten porn star chick now.

1220 days ago


no prenup... no hope... she's a land-whale and he's Shrek... but since they are filthy rich... she's angelina and he's brad! LMFAO!!!!

1220 days ago
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