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Tornadoes Jeopardize Lauren Alaina's 'Idol' Votes

4/28/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Alaina fans are in an uproar -- worried she might get cut from "American Idol" tonight ... because of the deadly tornadoes that ripped through the South last night.


Lauren's hometown of Rossville, Georgia -- population 3,500 -- was devastated by the twisters ... leaving most homes without power, land lines, or mobile phone service.

Now Lauren's friends and family tell TMZ they're concerned because Lauren's main supporters couldn't see the show and weren't able to vote.

One friend said, "It would be a travesty if she was taken off the show because of an Act of God" -- and another added, "I do believe the weather should be taken into consideration when it comes to the voting."

One friend who was outside the damage zone tells us she voted more than usual for Lauren ... and made online appeals for others to do the same.

Will it be enough to get Lauren into the top 5?


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It does not matter. The producers want her to win, and so she will, even though she has not had a single brilliant performance to date. They are impressed with her potential. That is why they changed her backstory, from overconfident flirt to shy, lacking confidence type of person, to contain the backlash of her irritating personality

1250 days ago


For Lauren, aka Miss Piggy ("Are you clapping for moi?") look-alike, she is neither talented or intelligent. I have seen more convincing demonstrations of brains coming from doorknobs! She is a ding bat and a whiz-bang who needs to two-step her fat ass and thunder thighs off of the Idol stage and go sing at some country fair where people with two teeth will gobble up her stupidity and airhead comments. Be gone with you, Lauren! As for her pathetic worry about losing votes because of the tornados, all I can say is "Shame on you, Lauren, for being so disconcerned with human lives and the devistation that has struck areas of the south! The comment that WEATHER should be factored into consideration is a monstrosity! Whoever came up with that piece of intellectual insight should be shot for the dingleberry that they are! Also, is ANYONE going to tell Lauren Alaina's mother that she is definitely NOT 17 years old and that it is time to look and dress more like the girl's mother than trying desperately to be her "a wee bit older sister."

Personally happy and thrilled to pieces to see Casey (aka Weird Beard by Steven Tyler) go home. Loved the comment by Jimmy Iovine that Casey must have been thinking that family dogs were casting votes for his growling! I was sick of seeing and hearing that freak every week doing his dumb growls and hissing through his teeth at the end of every song line. I would be willing to bet that Casey Abrams never makes it to the Idol tour because he is going to be captured, seized, and returned to the mental ward from which he escaped to audition for Idol.

Speaking of Jimmy Iovine, let's give ol' "Blue Eyes" (with reference to those glasses of his) a pat on the back for being the FIRST on Idol this season to really lay down some heavy criticism of the's about time. So sick of everyone being beautiful, presenting beautiful performances...when clearly, FEW Idol contestants are doing so this season.

And Mr. Tyler, if you think that listening to Haley sing is anything CLOSE to a religious experience, you must have the same daily heavenly encounters when you take a dump in the toilet because Haley's singing and performances are right up there with a pile of slimy turds swishing around in the bowl. Unfortunately for us, we cannot say goodbye to Haley fast enough with a quick flick of the toilet handle. If Steven Tyler saw GOD while Haley was singing last night, that is proof positive the man is definitely NOT clean, sober, or in his right mind!

Who out there was not 110% convinced that Jacob Lusk raped the Easter Bunny for that ridiculous get up he had on Wednesday night? Does this diva not check his look in the mirror or is he really that dumb that he DOES check his appearance and say, "Oh yeah, I look good!" I wish someone would put us all out of our misery and tie him up and rip out his tounge! I'm sure there is some remote nation where Lusk Tongue would be a delicacy!

Scotty McPotty has GOT to get out of this competition NOW! I was glad to see him in the bottom three. I'm sure there were a whole bunch of blue and silver haired grannies out there chompin' on their dentures when Scotty was in the bottom three. How can people keep voting for this weirdo? If he and Lauren Alaina got together and procreated the combined I.Q. of their love child would be 3! I am SICK of his one trick pony voice. No one is going to buy an album off of him unless you are either missing a few marbles or missing a few teeth! I wish there would be a 70's/disco theme night for Idols because it would be pretty funny watching Potty Boy trying to sing something from the BeeGee's with that stupid twang of his.

Every week I see Haley and I wish more and more that she could just be clumped together like soiled cat litter and discarded, while wearing gloves of course! Anyone notice how she REALLY depends on her back up singers to carry her through songs because left on her own, she cannot carry a tune long without going flat, pitchy, or screeching! Is it any wonder that she and Weird Beard got it on with that mutual growling thing? Though frigtening to invision, the two of them between the sheets could sound pretty weird through the walls! I suppose we'll see more of Weird Beard in the audience so long as Haley is still in the competition. What does he have better to do anyway, except go home with his grams and pops...oops, I mean mom and dad. I don't know HOW or WHY in heaven's name anyone could find Haley worthy of not being in the bottom three! She should have been long gone! And to hear Steven Tyler's comments on Haley's heavenly performance made me want to puke! Watching Haley perform and listening to this 2 bit floosy cat around on the stage purring and growling for votes makes me wish that "Jigsaw" wasn't just a movie and that somehow he'd find her and teach Haley a good lesson about subjecting innocent people to the terror of her performances!

And J.Lo saying that Haley has the best voice in the competition?!?!? What in the hell is she even talking about? She is a dillusional pea-brain! J.Lo can't carry a tune if you put handles on it and I've seen pictures of J.Lo not being all glammed up and trust me, her sister is naturally worlds prettier! If she's the world's most beautiful woman or person, that does really not say much about those who nominated and voted for her.

Randy Jackson is getting to be about as annoying as a pimple on my ass! He thinks most of the contestants are "in it to win it" and throws all kinds of compliments out when most of the performances lacked anything noteworthy. He should just go home!


Lastly, James Durbin was WONDERFUL and amazing as always! This guy has so much talent and he is so humble and so down to earth! He's a natural, with God given talent that comes along once in a blue moon! I hope James wins because I believe he will truly make the most of the opportunity!

Wow, wasn't it great to see Crystal Bowersox on the show, too? At least between Crystal and James there were 2 moments of talent and music! Lauren Alaina should get her hand out of the cookie jar and take a few lessons from Mama Sox about how to rock the stage!

1250 days ago


skylift, if anyone here is a "dingaling" or "stupid," it's YOU! First of all, the way you wrote your post makes absolutely NO sense beyond the first two sentences. Secondly, people don't need to SAY what their priority is in order for it to be evident what their priority is. Lauren's friends and family are all upset because people from their homestate won't be able to vote for her now and one of her friends is claiming what a "travesty" it would be if she lost the competition just because of it. The only travesty here is the hundreds of lives that have already been lost and the many more lives that are still in jeopardy, not a girl being kicked off a stupid reality TV show. Besides, if Lauren is going to be the next American Idol, she ought to be good enough to win the competition with or without the votes of her home state--if she can't, then it's only right that she lose and be sent home.

TD, something is seriously wrong with you. Yes, people die every day and c'est la vie, but hundreds of people aren't killed by tornadoes every day! There's a big difference between normal every day deaths and a natural disaster causing devastation to so many people that you're either too stupid or too callous to understand. Furthermore, this girl's career does NOT depend on the show. As many other American Idol contestants have demonstrated, winning the show is no guarantee of a successful musical career, nor does losing on the show prevent you from having a successful career. Therefore, Lauren can have a successful career whether or not she wins the competition. If you don't watch the show and couldn't care less, why are you even commenting on it? Obviously you care more than you'd like to admit, it's just a shame that what you care about is apparently not the hundreds of people whose lives have been destroyed by those tornados! You are a horrible being, so take some of your own advice and just "shut up!"

1249 days ago


She is indeed a great talent, and she obviously does have enough fans across the country because she made the cut. Now, you home town fans get ready to double your voting activities next week to help make up for the voters she had in Ringold.

By the way, the scriptures identify Satan as the "Prince of the power of the air." Eph. 2:2. He is the creator of death and destruction. Our Father is rich in mercy for his great love wherewith he loves us. Eph. 2:4. Pray that your Father(God)in heaven place a hedge of protection around your home, according to his will, in Jesus' name. Job 1:10.

1249 days ago


Hundreds of people are dead, many more injured and missing, thousands without homes......and someone might get voted off American (Idiots) Idol???? Oh the horror of it all!!!

THIS is what is wrong with this country people. NO ONE gives a damn about what is important anymore. Even her (w)holiness Oprah does a show about the the 'Royal Wedding' (a family that sucks its public dry and made pay for the whole thin) instead of getting her fatass on a plane and calling her audience to arms to help the tornado struck areas. She is a reflection of all of us. Soulless, materialistic and selfish.

1249 days ago


Yeah, because THIS is the thing to be worrying about after close to 300 people have been killed in the storms - whether your favorite contestant gets through on Idol. What a shame these people are.

1249 days ago


I can't believe some of the comments that I am reading on here! Seriously! How would you feel if it was someone YOU liked! What if this had happened to scotty or james or even haley! I doubt you would be bitching about people wanting them to be safe. You would probably be concerned and agree that the person shouldn't be voted off because of a tornado or whatever other natural disaster that could hit those areas. Yes, georgia does have bigger problems right now but this is like a ray of sunlight in the middle of a storm. Obviously these people want her to do well despite what is going on in there towns. I am from the town that lee dewyze is from and I know for a fact that people would have been very, very, very upset if he had been eliminated due to something like this. It is perfectly natural for them to want her to be sucessful! As you have probably figured out by this point, yes I am a lauren fan and yes I was worried when I heard about this stuff happening (not just because of american idol, obviously I care about how the people are doing down there and can't believe this happened to them). I seriously think people need to treat lauren with the same amount of respect as you would treat your favorite contestant. I am SOOOOOOOO sick of the haley hype! News Flash: Lauren is more marketable and will sell WAAAAYYYYY moe than haley reinhart EVER will! Seriously, you complain about contestant like lauren alaina getting pimped ONE time and then you don't give one once of crap when your favorite is the one getting pimped. Right now lets just be glad that she is safe, whether or not you like her you cannot deny that lauren deserves to still be there. and yes, it would have been terribly unfair if she got eliminated over something out of anyones control. maybe her friend could have worded it better but she is absolutely right.

1247 days ago


Well, I think this just proves that America knows talent. She made it through to the top 5 and didn't even need her own state to do it. I'm from Oklahoma, and have been voting for her the whole time. (America..don't get caught up in the Haley Hype..she has been in the bottom 3 almost every week...does that not tell you something?) My heart does go out to the families affected by all these tornados, but it was friend who was worried about it. I'm sure Lauren didn't have anything to do with what her friend who cares TMZ??

1246 days ago


All the hype about Haley is the same kind of hype as there was with Taylor Hicks (aka the Dancing Fool) when he beat out Chris Daughtry. What has Taylor even done since winning idol? That's the same thing I'll be asking a few years from now about Haley if she wins.

1245 days ago


Has anyone considered the fact the ALL votes couldn't get cast from this area. I didn't get to cast my vote because of the tornado and I wasn't voting for Lauren! Sooo she alone did not lose votes! My bets on Durbin! Just cuz its her hometown doesn't mean we all think she should be the next American Idol. Personally, I am shocked she got this far!

1244 days ago


"A travesty if Lauran is voted off"? I hardly think so. The real travesty is that she has lasted this long.

1244 days ago


The main concern right now is the people that have lost there lives. Come on people, we need to PRAY. Yes, Lauren is good. Lauren still has her career ahead of her. People need to focus on what the real problems are that are going on.

1244 days ago


Maybe the photos of her with her friends boyfriend will be unearthed from the rubble...

1240 days ago


With all the power outages Lauren and her supporters were worried that all the old men she used to rub around on while she sang at the local beer joint would not be able to vote for her fat ass.

Plus...I hear there that someone has pics...a scandal in the making.

1239 days ago


Her mother looked like an old, fat hooker in that outfit she was wearing, and notice the sudden mole above Alaina's lip. Not to mention she has more chins than a Chinese phone book...

1238 days ago
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