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Meredith Vieira -- Leaving 'Today'

4/28/2011 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meredith Vieira is stepping down from her gig as co-host of the "Today" show on NBC ... this according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Meredith Vieira Leaving Today Show

Vieira will reportedly remain on the show until June --- nearly 3 months before the end of her contract.

According to the report, Vieira will be replaced by newsreader Ann Curry ... and correspondent Natalie Morales will be bumped up to Curry's old spot.

As TMZ first reported, Vieira -- who took the gig next to Matt Lauer in 2006 -- wanted off the show for a while because she hated the early hours, has a husband who is ill and she's making plenty of money doing her syndicated game show, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."


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As for the photo - it has been altered. I saw her not too long ago with little make-up on and she did not look anything like this photo. Tacky TMZ.

As for Ann Curry - bad choice. I too will probably change the channel.

1209 days ago


and she can't suck it up three more months?

1209 days ago


Ann Curry, FINALLY! She sould have got the job 5 years ago. Meredith got better over her 5 years on the show but the first year or so, she was nothing but rude and mean to people she interviewed.

1209 days ago


They should just bring Katie Couric back to the Today Show. She was so great on that show.

1209 days ago



1209 days ago


Don't rag on her looks! She's always been natural and said she'd never do plastic surgery. She has the money to leave and concentrate on her family. I think she's great!

1209 days ago


love Meredith
she knew to get out of the View before it became a calamity
she's always made it clear that her family is her life - not her career or any specific job she may have had

whatever her decision
I'm confident in knowing she'll be doing the right thing for herself and that she has given it a lot of thought

1209 days ago



nice to see a famous face that is not botoxed!!

1209 days ago


Ann Curry is awful! As Lisa pointed out, she talks over the person she's interviewing. She's also often overly emotive and is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier!

Like HP Michael I think Meredith's terrific! A hardworking, well prepared newswoman who will be missed immeasurably.

Her husband has battled multiple sclerosis for years--he was diagnosed before they were married, and has also had 2 bouts with cancer. I think we can all empathize with Meredith and Richard (Cohen) on this score! No wonder MV wants to cut back on her workload!

1209 days ago


People really sort themselves out quickly on this site, don't they? (We?)

I mean, first there are the airheads (or maybe really young kids) who, among other things, race to chime it with the first post, screaming, brainlessly, "FIRST!!!". [BTW, I use too many CAPS because there are no italics on this site].

Or there's the larger demographic of overly-defensive cultists, co-dependents, and angry drunks who either flat out LIE or just b*tch-slap EVERYBODY, fiercely admiring people like Charlie Sheen, which is a little entertaining, up to a point, but they're way too predictable in their responses.

And today we have some of the more useless individuals, the "Self-Appointed Fashion and Beauty Police" types, posting snarky cracks about Meredith Viera's relatively aged face in the "Broad-caught-in-broad-daylight-lighting" picture above. OK GET THIS: Meredith Viera is 57 years old and has a VERY nice, natural face for a 57 year-old, and the fact that she's obviously NOT desperately trying to look younger is a problem for YOU because....because? Obviously because most of you are zit-shallow, zit-faced brats who probably aren't old enough to remember her BEFORE the flashy hosting gigs & celebrity-type BS that landed her in TMZ in the first place! Back when she was a well-respected, hard news reporter. No puff-pieces, a real, no-nonsense, serious reporter who impressed me right away with her unusually articulate, deeply thoughtful reporting, starting in the late 70's-mid '80's. I hoped she'd have a long future with the networks, and she has. And face it, you'd be making tacky cracks about her ANYWAY if she HAD had Botox and plastic surgeries, so just shut up, grow up, and deal with it! And BTW, while I'm already trying to herd a gaggle of gossipy morons toward a moment of accurate thought, Meredith's husband, Richard M. Cohen (another serious, award-winning, NON-celebrity journalist),to whom she is evidently VERY devoted, has had colon cancer twice and is living with Multiple Sclerosis (as am I, BTW, but who cares), and she's been working at least two jobs throughout his illnesses and being a hands-on parent of 3 without whining. That's life, kiddies, and it always shows on a natural, normal, whether human or animal. Anyway, I wish her and her family the best in (what looks to ME like) semi-retirement. At the very least, she deserves to sleep late.

1209 days ago


It's about time! She is dry, dull and a huge mistake for The Today Show. NBC never should've let Katie go. She and Matt had the chemistry that made the show work. Ann Curry is a great news reader but does not have the personality to host the show. Ann should take Katie's place on CBS and Katie should come back to The Today Show. Meredith should go back to the trash show, the view.

1209 days ago

Mrs. W    

Ann Curry? UGH! She's the worst interviewer ever. If she's not trying to touch and french kiss a Hollywood star, she's making that nasty scrunchy face so that she might "relate" to the person she's interviewing. But, it's NBC. The same idiots who got rid of Conan.
Good luck and farewell Today Show!

1209 days ago


I'm going to miss Meredith. Although Ann Currie is OK as a second fiddle, I don't want to see her in the co-anchor position. As she became more comfortable in her job over the years, she became less a news woman and more mushy -- touchy/feely. Come on Today -- get a real news woman in that job!

1209 days ago


We live in a world where botox in a thing. All stars use botox.What is wrong with a gracefully aging woman ,wait until you reach her age and then look in the mirror .I think she is a smart ,beauiful woman .I will be sorry to see her go .

1208 days ago


its amazing that people make comments like -she needs botox --My mother always tought me that if you cannot say something nice about a person -you are an idiot and shoud say nothing at all. Otherwise you expose your own stupidity.

1208 days ago
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