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Chuck Lorre -- Blasting Charlie With Monkey Jokes?

4/29/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre is taking a vicious shot at an actor -- accusing him of being a drug addict who is "impossible to work with" ... but the shocker is he's NOT talking about Charlie Sheen. Maybe.


At the end of last night's "The Big Bang Theory" ... Lorre's vanity card seems to be joking about a monkey that was on the episode -- saying its "behavior became increasingly erratic, to the point of refusing to come out of his trailer to rehearse."

The card continues, "The monkey is a heroin addict. Yes, hard as it may be to believe, the monkey had a monkey on his back." It goes on to say the monkey is in detox and a 12 step program.


But after Lorre's announcement he's retooling "Two and a Half Men" without Charlie -- and Charlie's nuclear response, we gotta ask ...


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Raymond 4 minutes ago

Sorry Nancy.

I don't care at all. Just feeding you, to keep you going. But you don't even crawl.

Get some old age, phat ass moving please? Lorre's waiting !!!


I'm betting that no one's awaiting me as eagerly as your Messiah is you, peach fuzz (do you even need a razor?). Hope those knee pads are really comfy, kiddo! Your adolescence fairly screams through every post made in supposed retaliation - and it still matters not.

You're becoming boring again, little boy, and I think I shall move on to other, more erudite pursuits. Hope you and your Hoover twin have a lovely time with each other when she arises from that box I think she sleeps in. ;)

1276 days ago



I sincerely hope that your assessment is correct. Although, given Lorre's experience, I'm sure he realizes exactly where Sheen's animosity is coming from and has taken all that into account. Yes, it is hurtful when someone lashes out at people who've tried to assist, but I'd be willing to bet that Lorre understands it.

As well, regardless of the past closeness of their relationship, I'm also convinced that Lorre knows that Sheen's blathering really doesn't reflect at all on Lorre's capacity as a father, or anything else. It's just words, and Lorre must consider the source - someone who has been deemed unfit to be a full-time parent to his own children.

1276 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a really ugly person on the inside.

And his exterior is catching up fast!

1276 days ago


I still maintain Lorre's comparison of Chucky Sleeze to monkeys is inhumane and reprehensible. I thought comparison to a roach would be better. But upon reflection I think a tick would be better still.

For Chucky Sleeze has lived a major portion of his career as a tick upon Lorre's ass. Having filled with blood the tick dropped off to what he thought was greener pastures. The tick found out life without his host was not as bountiful as he thought it would be and vainly tried to reattach itself to the previously discarded host. The host recognized this tick for what it really was, a lowly parasite, and prevented its reattachment. The tick struggled as its blood supply ran low. It wasn't until the tick's blood supply ran out completely that the tick recognized the errors of his ways. It was only then the tick realized when living the life of a parasite it's always best to live in harmony with the host. But the tick learned his lesson to late and perished. The host continued and learned to recognize ticks and prevent their attachment. This resulted in a healthy host who no longer reflected upon annoying ticks. The end.....

1276 days ago



You got a point CC!

Chuckles is majorly ticked off!

1276 days ago



You make perfect sense.

Thanks for replying :-)

1276 days ago

the Seeker    

The 911 conspiracy folks should be happy crazy charlie stopped acting as their rep. from hollywood.

That would be crippling for the 911 association if Sheen started all his nutbag rants screaming about a cover up at the world trade center and then onto stories about blowing 7 gram rocks and his heart pumps warlock infused tiger blood and other nonsense...glad he dropped the cause,really thanks CHAZ

1276 days ago

PRO US    

Chuck Lorre seems to think everything he writes on his Vanity Cards is funny, smart and entertaining. He's mistaken. They're self-indulgent, self-righteous, boring, inane and often mean. He's almost as big of a jerk as Charlie Sheen. Maybe bigger. I have zero sympathy for either of them.

1276 days ago



Code Pink is calling!

They need another full blown pansy to wave their flag!

1276 days ago


chuck buddy calling your kids monkeys is very hurtful to them and in the end wont boost their self esteem its really your fault chuck you and your wife have horrible genes and sorry that your daughter looks like a travesti

1276 days ago


I sincerely hope Lindsay Lohan and Charlie both end up in long term rehab or jail. I am sick of seeing these two on TMZ night after night. And if Two and A Half Men continues I would still watch. I love Jon Cryer. He can carry it without Charlie. That show has a great cast. One less won't be noticed! Other shows have done it with success!

1276 days ago


The show is based on charlie sheens life for the most part and the shows main plot is charlie and whats going on with him. I like jon cryer but he's wasnt a very respected actor till he got the role on two and half men plus he's not very good at leading roles he's more of a supporting role. I bet two and half men if they come back they will do great for many one season then tank after two or three seasons maybe he can do a remake of pretty in pink or have a full time job on hannah montana.

1276 days ago


HM 4 hours ago

"The fact that it was Lorre's help that started that man on his way to assisting others is equally thought-provoking. As you said, despite all the venom, it's entirely possible that Lorre does have some empathy with Sheen through this ugliness."


Based on various articles I've read since this feud began between Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen, I do believe that Mr. Lorre's own life experiences have made him compassionate towards those struggling with internal demons, including Mr. Sheen. And I hope that Mr. Lorre doesn't allow this latest spate of hateful words ridiculing his excellence as a father, erode his humanity. It would be a real shame if this ugliness stole that from him.


HAHAHAHA!!!! So in your opinion, saying that "if Charlie Sheen outlives me, I'm gonna be really pissed" is a sign of compassion??? I suggested you read the rest of MR LORRE's vanity cards directed at Charlie.

1275 days ago


And BTW...It's really disgusting what the hatred towards Sheen and his fans has turned some into. Disgusting, creepy and disturbing.

1275 days ago


bbrown 6 hours ago

umm I read reports that have said charlie didnt miss production days but did miss a few rehearsals but that doesnt cost wb money I mean charlie has been doing the show for 8 seasons he doesnt need to be at every rehearsals remember when charlie was using and that vegas trip and hotel room in ny happend two and half men was on its own hiatus for reasons beside charlie sheen


Charlie admitted in front of cameras what days he missed and he said that those were days that didn't cost WB any money. He kept MAKING the money with each episode. When is the last time you saw any of THEM in front of camera giving THEIR version and presenting PROOFS?

1275 days ago
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