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Palin Sued For $100k Over Alleged Traffic Conspiracy

4/29/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin is the mastermind of a dark conspiracy to punish an Alaskan citizen who dared to speak out against her over the traffic situation in Juneau -- this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ. 


A man named Theodore Thoma claims he had a serious issue with traffic in the neighborhood surrounding the Governor's Mansion back in 2009 ... back when Sarah was the Gov. In fact, Thoma claims he proposed state action to solve the problem and even made up signs and fliers to push the issue.

But Palin didn't take kindly to the criticism, says Thoma, and she "undertook a campaign against [Theodore] ... to punish, embarrass, discredit and silence" him.

It's unclear what she did ... but according to Thoma's suit, Palin's actions have caused a "chilling" effect on his ability to exercise his federal constitutional rights.

Thoma wants Palin to fork over more than $100k for all of the harm she's caused.

Calls to the Palin camp have not been returned.


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And thats the truth    

MaryM 7 minutes ago I would be very tempted to pass this off as frivolous had Sarah Palin not fired a man for not firing her brother-in-law who divorced her sister. He is a state policeman. She has demonstrated her ability to stoop to low measures. I think we had enough of this type of personality in the White House with Richard Nixon. It is a low, petty type of person to be so vindictive. Based upon her history, he may have a reasonable case.

Actually the brother in law was also caught doing some things that he was not supposed to be doing, not that family matters did not probably have a little something to do with it, but, the liberal media has a way of slanting things, kind of like this story in which TMZ really does not explain just why he is suing her or that he has a history of suing people.

1273 days ago

And thats the truth    

always 31 minutes ago She is mentally disabled.The kids is way ahead of her.

Do you mean, the kids ARE way ahead of her. The pot calling the kettle black?

1273 days ago


Loser Obama voters! When will you stop with the hate speech?
Pot amoking handout taking fat losers...

1273 days ago

Elizabeth Burke    

"Since no illegalities have been found against Sarah, ever, the plane load of lawyers the democrats send to Alaska to dig up dirt on her are reduced to suing her for traffic. Anything to try to financially break the woman. Beats me why people are so terrified of this little woman but they sure are."

Look, this is a woman so insecure, she has to lash out at anyone who dares criticize anything about her. She does not have the temperament to hold any elected office. I get really tired of her annoying "lamestream" media rants while she actively courts the same media for all her perceived slights, promoting her various reality shows and of course her love for Fox news softball interviews.

OH and she was found to have abused her powers:

No one is terrified of her, she is tiresome, small minded, anti-education (none of her kids have or will attend college) political pretender. Soon she will go away and I won't have to feel sorry for her anymore.

1273 days ago

And thats the truth    

Sonja 4 hours ago Would need to really know more,... sounds like he's done this before so maybe traffic in that area is really something he is concerned about and the governor's mansion area. (WHY do we waste money in every state to pay for a governor to live in a mansion?). Then again I also completely believe that Sarah Palin is a bully and has no problem threaten those who she feels have no right to tell HER what to do. She can't take the most simplest of criticisms so I'm guessing a guy putting up signs about her lack of concern for the traffic issues in the area would piss her right off. Him having a criminal history of DUI's ... I can totally see her sending someone to warn him to cool his jets or else. Not physical stuff but threats that once a drunk driver, you 'could get pulled over and the officer find a bottle of open booze in your car' ... kind of stuff.

The simplest criticism? Do you mean like accusing her of being the reason Gabby Giffords got shot and others died because of the "crosshairs" that were on her website that the shooter never saw, and the same thing that the Democrats use on their maps? Yeah, I would day that is pretty simple.....

1273 days ago


@ Ginger
People are "terrified of this little woman" because she's been close to power, and one look at her cross-eyed inbred face tells you she's not ready for it...and neither are we.

1273 days ago


The left has launched HUNDREDS of ridiculous lawsuits against this "irrelevant" woman (she's defeated all of them), and they have found NOTHING on her to pin her with. Imagine if obama, the guy who crawled out of the most politically corrupt city in America, the chicago "pay to play" machine had undergone such scrutiny..
She's only going to grow more powerful and obama's #'s will continue to tank. hahahahaha

1273 days ago

And thats the truth    

Deanna about an hour ago Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.... She is a liar and a hypocrite, you blind sheep who follow her. WAKE UP! She was pregnant with her criminal loser son Trip when she married, her slut daughter had a baby out of wedlock, they have BOTH been on reality shows.... how much more do I need to say to show you you are worshiping an idiot white trash moron? She spouts "Christian" values yet she is the biggest hypocrite of them all! Why don't people say that having babies after age 40 is the same as drinking while pregnant? Your chances of having a mentally disabled child are about the same, and that's what Sarah did.

She was married Aug 29th, 1988 and TRACK, not TRIP was born April 20th, 1989.


Hmmmm, she must of had a 10 month pregnancy......

He is 22 and he has been in the military for a few years so I am not sure how he could be a criminal.

As far as having babies after 40, there are lots of children born to women with Down Syndrome that are UNDER 40. Age can be a factor. I had a neighbor that had 2 children when she was over 40 and they were both perfectly normal. Sarah has a neice that has it as well.

So basically you do not know what the h*ell you are talking about and you can not count....LMFAO!

1273 days ago


I applaud Mr. Thoma for going after Palin.

The truth is: Mr. Thoma and a number of Juneau residents were complaining about the bus tours to the State and Palin as there was a safety issue for lack of space to turn and no parking for the buses in the area but then instead of doing anything, Palin decided to stick her little rat Piper out on the sidewalk selling lemondate and putting out her coded messages to her flying monkeys that he was trying to shut the lemonade stand down. Truthfully - that was her way of discrediting him and causing him to get the threats, etc. in typical Palin fashion. Why address a real issue when she plays her true vindictive mindless character. There are newspaper articles online in AK that the buses were an issue before Palin played her h.ate card.

Good luck Mr. Thoma. You have support of many AK citizens and far beyond.

1273 days ago


Why is this dildo still getting face time?! Club her like a baby seal and forget about her already!

1273 days ago

Hello Douchebag    

@And thats the truth

"She was married Aug 29th, 1988 and TRACK, not TRIP was born April 20th, 1989. Hmmmm, she must of had a 10 month pregnancy...He is 22 and he has been in the military for a few years so I am not sure how he could be a criminal."

Again --> He is 22 and he has been in the military for a few years so I am not sure how he could be a criminal."

You don't? Really? Do some research on the subject. Until you know the well do***ented facts of the matter you should keep your mouth shut. Go back to and have your tiny orgasm. Then fact check and come back to us here. While you're at all read my user name - hiya.

1273 days ago


This left-wing convicted felon/enviromentalist has pulled many scams.. this being one

1273 days ago


@And thats the truth - I've never known any pregnancy that counts the month you get pregnant as a month of pregnancy. The first month of pregnancy isn't August, it's September... 9 months from then would be May ;) And good point with worshiping this skank of a loser. SAVE A SEAL, CLUB SARA PALIN!

1273 days ago

Shawn's Mom    

Mr. Thoma should be complimented for standing up to Sarah. She has a bad habit of running people over who she doesn't like. Take my family for example. She has cost us our jobs, we filed bankruptcy, and are now loosing our home. All because she couldn't face us and answer questions about why she was having a sexting affair with our then minor son! I don't know about you, but to me, not answering a question is an admission of guilt! So she decides to destroy us and files restraining orders, first against our son, now against his parents as well. Well, guess what, Mr. Thoma is not the only one standing up to her. I just wish more of you yellow bellied sap suckers would get off your asses and to the same!
For more info on what Sarah has done to us, you can become friends on Stand Strong Shawn Christy Facebook page. See you there.

1273 days ago


Shawn's Mom

You are useful idiot of the left- congratulations. Palin cleaned up corruption in the state of AK that was in her OWN party. When has another politician ever done something like that? She had a 90% approval rating and only stepped down because lunatics like this Thoma woman found a loophole in AK's ethics laws allowing the governor to be sued repeatedly without ANY financial assistance from the state. Palin defeated all 20 frivilous lawsuits (and there were another 20 lined up when she stepped down) but not before costing her state almost a million dollars and herself $500,000. Stop believing what obama's friends in the media tell you to. Do your own research.

1273 days ago
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