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Charlie Sheen -- I've Never Done Heroin

4/30/2011 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre must have the wrong monkey (*wink wink, nudge nudge) because Charlie Sheen tells us in no uncertain terms ... he's never done heroin!

Lorre took a not-so-veiled shot at Sheen on his vanity card at the end of "The Big Bang Theory" earlier this week. Lorre made reference to a monkey on the show behaving "increasingly erratic" and being "a heroin addict" -- but we all know who he was really referring to.

But Sheen tells TMZ point blank, "I have never done or tried heroin in my life."

And there you have it, straight from the monkey's mouth.


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LOL! Found your post!
Ok, let me refer to a few points.

Yes, SOME parents DO put their differences aside for the sake of the children, but I disagree that it's MOST. How do you know that this is what Denise has done? Personally I don't think she DISLIKED him all that much. WHY was she having dinner with him and his hooker?? I know it's the same example over and over but it is a very important one. A woman that was actually abused, physically or mentally, by her husband does not socialize with that man. She may ensure that the kids spend time with him, but she does NOT FREAKING SOCIALIZE IN THAT WAY. So again...I have my doubts about all the "nightmare" that Denise was through.
Like I told you somewhere else...So Charlie was partying back then and she allowed him to see Sam and Lola, but she does not allow him to them now, when he is the way he is? Clean, sober, helping people. That doesn't make ANY sense.
Nothing has made ME realize that she was being truthful. What behavior? The fact that he trashed her on stage? Well, gee. After she forbid him from seeing his daughters. After he was accused of killing their dog. He doesn't owe HER an apology. She owes one to HIM for not making a statement about THAT situation and for keeping him away from the girls when he needed his family. His father and his brother were away and not talking to him, Brooke took the boys. What did he have left? And I am not talking about his girlfriends. He needed his children. Every person going through such difficilt time, like recovering from addiction, dealing with vicious press and losing a job, nees that. If she apologizes for that, I'm pretty sure he will apologize for his mistakes and they both should do it IN PRIVATE this time.
He DOES deserve to see ALL his children because he hasn't doen anything to harm them and there is no bigger reason for him to deserve this than this change in his life that he has made.
As for the boys...It wasn't his choice. He started the tour because he needed to do SOMETHING with his life and he needed the MONEY to pay those two HUGE child support and divorce settlemnt for Brooke. And he has obligations to Live Nation and he can't just quit. So being responsible is wrong too?

1233 days ago


Oh Charlie, you make me laugh!! You are truely entertaining, you silly boy!! I still love you though! Kisses, Pia xoxoxox

1231 days ago


People!!!! wake-up!!! Charlie is not on heroin or cocain or any detectable drug! He is on G. H. B. This is why he always has a bottle of water or juice next to him. It will kill him!!! I wish someone would take the time to Out him !! He is the poster boy for this drug!! TMZ look into this....this would be a great story to break. River Phoneix, Mr. America, etc. died from this. Nick Nolte got busted for this. There is a book called G'd up 24/7 written by Trinka Porrata. You need to break this case wide open!!! You have the power to save lives!!!

1229 days ago


What is with Chuch Lorre and his vanity cards anyway ? I think he uses them to insult people from a distance because he doesnt have the guts to insult the people to there face.The fact is I would not give 2 cents for Chuck Lorre and alot of actors who have worked with him have not had alot of good to say about him. He is plannning to do the show next season, without Sheen, and the show is going to flop.Think about it, Lorre has made millions of Sheen's troubles for years.What would possibly he interesting to people about the show now without Sheen.

1229 days ago
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